Matthew’s Messages April 11, 2013



About North Korea; Pope Francis; the Vatican; visualization; homosexuality 


With loving greetings from all souls at this station,   this is Matthew. First we want to quell any anxieties about North Korea’s   missile activity. Reared to expect the same adulation and subservience North   Koreans gave his father, Kim Jong Un is bereft of common sense and more so, a   sense of security in his leadership position. It is not that his rhetoric is   bluff, but without knowing how to govern his country, he shows to its   citizens and the world the military might at his command.


Depending on other national leaders’ reactions to his   questionable motives in positioning the missiles as he has, he may decide to   launch one or more of them. If so, he will be embarrassed by their failure to   function, thanks to the intervention of your space family’s technology. If   that is the outcome, it’s an unknown as to how he would save face, so we say   that it would be in everyone’s best interests to replace sanctions with   discussions.


Many have asked us to comment on Pope Francis, who   is in millions of thoughts around the world, and we are happy to do this. No,   his humility is not “an act” and he cannot be the “salvation of the Catholic   church.”  He has not been cloned, and he won’t be—the Illuminati’s   cloning centers have been shut down by volunteers from other civilizations   who are living among you.


Like his colleagues in the Vatican and some individuals   outside, Pope Francis knows of situations hidden from public view, and he has   the innate goodness to feel compelled to end the most ungodly—the international   headquarters of Satanism in the bowels of the Vatican.  As the   light keeps intensifying, that end will indeed come, but it remains to be   seen if the Pope has the ability to defy those who are dead set against   letting the world know that this diabolical situation ever existed within the   Vatican walls.


Other information they do not want revealed is that they   have kept hidden the ancient records that show the crucifixion and   resurrection and other parts of the Bible are fabricated and other sections   of the records were strategically omitted. They don’t want the world to know   that “God’s rules” were devised by early church leaders to control the masses   and acquire personal wealth, and later other dogma were added to serve the   opulent style in which residents of the Vatican have lived. They also want to   keep hidden their massive fortune in art treasures stolen during World War   II.


Pope Francis has the moral courage to try to disclose   that information, but again, given the strong opposition, it remains to be   seen if he can manage to do so. When those truths emerge, we fervently hope   that the religiously devout will have absorbed enough light to realize that   churches’ multitude of good works are based in spirituality, not religious   dogma.


A reader recently wrote to my mother about something in   our last message, and her comments in summary are: You said that   negative thoughts and feelings about an abhorrent situation keep it going.   How is it even possible to have any positive thoughts about   this? She was writing about human trafficking, but our reply   pertains to all abhorrent situations in your world.


The several issues we spoke about in our last message are   of controversial nature—there is no controversy   whatsoever about situations like human trafficking, sex slavery!  Although   soul contracts and karma are involved, the point we wish to address is the   writer’s question.


Prior messages have included our recommendation to   visualize Earth in golden white light because it literally “brings to light”   terribly disturbing conditions that formerly were hidden from public   knowledge.  Only when they are exposed can action be taken to end   them and start healing the traumas they have caused.


You cannot “unknow” your knowledge of despicable   conditions, and never would we suggest that you try to bury it—ultimately   that would adversely affect body, mind and spirit. Rather, we urge you to   visualize Earth immersed in golden white light, then see it start to slowly   rotate with happy faces appearing, and send forth feelings of love.  The   energy of your image, loving sensations and intention will go out into the   world.


God’s energy distribution system, you could call it,   assures that light-love energy from all sources off- and on-planet reaches   the souls who most need it, those who are oppressed and their oppressors.  Your   energy along with light from myriad other sources is what will end all kinds   of oppression in your society.


Now then, we wish to address a   statement in a recent message: Eventually everyone will know that   homosexuality is an advanced stage of spiritual growth wherein feminine and   masculine energies are more balanced than in heterosexual persons.


A complex situation stated in   such brevity begs explanation—especially since homosexuality is one of the   divisive issues plaguing your world—and I have asked my mother to copy the   part in a book that is relevant. Although it also includes information that   pertains to residents of Nirvana, Earth’s spirit world, we think you will   find all of it enlightening.


[The following excerpt from   the chapter “Relationships” in Matthew, Tell Me about Heaven was   transmitted early in 1994.]



      Matthew,   can homosexual partners here continue their unions in Nirvana if they want   to?


Yes.  Mother,   homosexuality is not understood on Earth, and this is a good context in which   to explain it.  Homosexuality is an evolutionary stage of the   spirit even more than an aspect of the physical being, and it is not to be   condemned or honored any more than any other physical or spiritual stage of   development.


Remember,   we are dealing with cumulative souls here, not single   personages.  Within each cumulative soul are perhaps as many as   thousands of lifetimes of experiencing as male, female and androgynous beings   in both incarnate and discarnate bodies.  However, it is theimmediate past   life that most emphatically affects the beginning growth state here.


If   that Earth lifetime was homosexual in orientation, it will enter here the   same way.  Since our bodies aren’t designed for sexual activity,   only the mental aspect of the orientation accompanies the arriving   soul.


The   immediate past Earth lifetime has another impact upon this issue.  The   people there who most vehemently denounce homosexuality are those whose souls   experienced an immediate past lifetime as a personage with that   orientation.


      Matthew,   that doesn’t make sense to me.  I’d think understanding and   acceptance would be much more likely.


It’s   a complex and confusing psychic situation, Mother.  The energy of   the personages is still fractured from their immediate previous life   experiences.  At the extreme, homosexuals have been physically   tortured and even killed, and at the least they have been maligned, often   even by their families, to such extent that their psyches were severely   damaged.  Maybe they lived with the pain of denial or shame or the   guilt of deception.


Whatever   their experience, their energy has not healed enough for them to see the very   same sorts of traumatic situations they themselves experienced and thus feel   empathy.  Rather, they see revenge opportunities.


The   cycle of experiencing happens so quickly that the pain of memories most   recently known, but hidden from consciousness, is with them too closely for   the healing that will come in subsequent lifetimes.


The   lingering pain in the suppressed memories of those souls who in this lifetime   chose heterosexual nature causes their extremely antagonistic attitudes   toward homosexuals.  Those painful feelings will not surface in the   form of memories of their homosexual lifetime experiences, but in attitudes to   stifle the memories.


This   is the universal like-attracts-like principle.  When the feelings   resulting from harsh or unjust treatment in any situation   are recent and intense, similar feelings are attracted to that soul.  Suppressed   memories subconsciously know the source and recall it, thus attracting   “like.”      However, the current   lifetime psyche cannot consciously know that the attraction is of shared feelings,   and the painful sensations of the suppressed memories take over.


Moving   forward from that point in the psychic labyrinth comes in the process of   lifeprint review, identification of karmic lessons still to be learned,   choosing the next lifetime, and progress in spiritual awareness.


      Do   people who were homosexual in their immediate past lifetime always go through   what you described, which would seem just to perpetuate things, or is there   some leveling out point where all of us will accept each other just as we   are? 


The   “leveling out” most assuredly is part of the divine plan, because   feelings of prejudice and hatred and the infliction of emotional and physical   cruelty are impediments to spiritual growth.  However, even with   the acceleration of light being beamed at your planet to dispel the   negativity abounding in humankind, please do not expect this change to be   completed within the next generation.


      Is   homosexuality more prevalent now than previously in Earth history?


No,   but there are more people now than previously in your recorded history, so   the same percentage creates the greater numbers. Throughout your   recorded history well known and highly respected masters in one field or   another have been homosexual, and many produced their brilliant and inspiring   creations because of their tormented minds regarding this aspect of their   nature.


You   could say that without this element of their personage, they may not have   been driven to create in the magnitude and splendor they   did.


     Why   is homosexuality a necessary experience? 


How   better to learn balance in the two extremes of male and female sexual energy   than on an integrated basis?  The ideal is androgyny, which has   nothing whatsoever to do with human sexual nature, but rather with the two   opposites of human sexual energy attributes. Androgynous   souls are far more spiritually advanced because of the male and female sexual   energy balance they have achieved.


Just   as male energy is not the province of only male humans, female energy is not   confined to female humans.  Male energy is harsh, often productive   by ruthless means, always needing to prove a point or achieve success in a   venture.  Female energy is gentle, yet with greater, quiet strength   as its foundation.  Interconnectedness, which is the ultimate in   conscious achievement, is female energy.


In   relationships wherein one partner has only male energy traits and the other   has only female energy traits, the female energy partner cannot withstand the   imbalance lifelong or the life will not be long.  In my awareness   of such relationships, those which remained in that imbalance ended in early   transition of the female energy soul.  The survivor often has no   frame of reference of his or her involvement in the partner’s death.


You   say “That person’—or ‘you’— will be the death of me.”  Like   many other common expressions you use, that can be an accurate statement, but   few understand the truth of their words.  No blame is attributed   here to either partner in such a relationship, as in many instances this is   no more than karma being fulfilled according to pre-birth agreements.  The   dissolution of those partnerships by divorce also may be in accordance with   the chosen lessons of their agreements.


Any   balance within a lifetime is desirable.  However, since sexual   energy is one of the most essential aspects of the human psyche, the balance   of male and female energies is probably the most desirable.  In   this realm there is that blending of male and female energies insofar as   tendencies, sensibilities and sensitivities.  That ideal state of   balanced reality once existed on Earth, but it was corrupted.


Behaviors   stemming from the perversion of the sexual energy stream have proliferated   negativity on Earth in such proportions as to be almost unimaginable.  By no means   is sexual energy confined to what you commonly call “wanting sex”   or “having sex.”


Although   extending beyond the original intent of the sex drive, which was procreation,   a satisfying sexual relationship brings harmony into the lives of loving   mates, and I definitely am NOT speaking against a mutually pleasurable,   beneficial sexual union.


Furthermore,   it is possible to transmute sexual energy into other productive avenues, and   many who have lost or never had loving mates, do so.  But I am not   addressing the positive use of this energy, only the rampant negativity   created by perversion of the entire sexual energy stream.


This   has been the root cause of all that you think of as evil attributes in human   nature.  There is no crime by your civil, religious or   philosophical standards that is not committed from a root cause of sexual   energy perversion.


As   an example, Satanic worship involving the torture and sacrifice of human and   animal lives and brutal sexual activities prevails on a scale that would beg   disbelief, but is real.  This is cloaked under the guise of   “religion,” and your government officially recognizes it as   such!  You do not connect either those ungodly practices or their   religion status with the perverted use of sexual energy that it actually   is.


It   shouldn’t surprise you that often murder is sexual energy directed into gross   deviance, or that rape and incest are other examples. Promiscuous sexual   encounters or obsession with either having sex or rigidly refraining from   natural urges are more benign, but still destructive to the psyche.


The   dark forces are behind all these behaviors resulting from perverted sexual   energy.  It is not uncommon for the most corrupted activities to   lead to the basest of dense energy, and no other aspect of human nature has   been so pivotal in alienating a person from God.


At   soul level there is inseparability, but in physical life, the more corrupt   and deviant the sexual energy, the more the people engaging in those   activities are distancing themselves from God.  Sadly for you and   Earth, these free will choices are rampant in your civilization and far from   the chosen missions in most of the souls’ pre-birth agreements.


Mother,   however viewed by many on Earth, a loving homosexual partnership is NOT a   perversion of sexual energy, and that brings us back to your question about   homosexual unions in this realm.


Since   there is no condemnation here of people’s former sexual orientation, clearly   there is no judgment regarding which souls are attracted to each other as   mates.  Experiencing here on every level is designed for the souls’   spiritual evolvement, and that includes all unions.  Whether   heterosexual or homosexual in nature, the soul level energy and bonding   commitment of all couples is totally respected.



Thank you, Mother.  As   you continue your journey toward increasing spiritual and conscious   awareness, know that you are being assisted by the planet’s highest   vibrations in many millennia. And you have the unconditional love, respect   and admiration of all lighted beings in this universe.





Suzanne Ward


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Ashtar Tells of The Changes Needed On The Ground Before Disclosure, April 1, 2013

Kathryn E. May

by Kathryn E. May, PsyD on 04/01/13

It is I, Ashtar.  I have breaking news, and I have chosen this channel because I know the good people will pass it on and assure great distribution to the many readers you serve.
First, I will inform you of the state of the Disclosure plans.  Barack Obama is fully aware of the growing impatience on the part of Lightworkers, and also aware of the slanderous comments about his dear Michelle being the reason for the hold-up.  This is absolutely not true.  He has not been dragging his feet.  He has been following orders from the Council which oversees the Ascension process of Planet Earth, which we are all pledged to abide by.  This process is difficult enough without having rumors flying around which insult the integrity of our Ascended Masters.
Next, let me update you on the progress.  As you might have suspected, this is a multi-pronged effort, including not only the spectacular celebration of welcoming your Brother and Sisters.  It is far more complex than that.  It involved the complete overhaul of your financial, legal and social systems.  That cannot be done without complete chaos unless the work has been done by our representatives on the ground to have the following things in place:
An alternate financial system through which everyone can access funds to continue their lives in an orderly fashion, including being able to access food and basic necessities for the interim.
Systems of distribution for food, medical care and other necessities outside the usual profiteering channels which have held poor countries and their people hostage.
Organizations which are capable of identifying, pursuing and prosecuting the Dark Ones who have created hardship for all of you over the eons.  This is an especially important and difficult part of the procedure, since the present systems of courts and prisons are completely riddled with corruption and greed.  We cannot permit the criminals who have misused their power so viciously to continue, or to disappear into the population to begin their destructive work again, as they have done in the past.
New social organizations which can provide shelter for those who need it and emotional support during the massive changes.  Many who have not been reading these messages as you have will be frightened and confused by the sudden Shift to the Light.
Educational structures to help explain and teach The True Way, and to help usher in the New Golden Age by teaching the children the glorious ways of the New Era. This is made much easier by the internet – this wonderful resource which allows you to talk across the planet with no time lapse.  It will be used extensively to keep all of you ACCURATELY informed.  Deceptive information and misinformation will no longer be permitted within this medium.
Media.  Your television stations will be removed from the control of profit-oriented companies and returned to the people.  You will no longer see violence, mind-twisting “entertainment” or bogus news reports from the Powers That Be who have used these outlets for the purpose of mind-control and massive theft of the planet’s resources.
Spiritual resources for people who have relied on the traditional Church settings for their sense of community, solace and connection with God.  You will all be called upon to help replace the rigid doctrinaire practices of the present religions with the kind and loving teachings of The True Way.  This will be an ongoing process.  As you have seen, our dear St. Germain has been doing an admirable job as “the Pope,”  gently modeling new behaviors and attitudes which will fairly quickly be shifted to teaching The True Way.  Of course, we ask that you keep this information “under your hats.”  For the time being it will just be thought of as an unfounded and impossible rumor, but we did want you to be in on the wonderful joke so that you can watch carefully and smile with us each time he presents a new and radical break with tradition, smiling sweetly as he dismantles thousands of years of enslavement of the poor and women.
Technological advancements, which we will be introducing quickly and efficiently to take the place of your current primitive sources of power.  We do not wish for millions of people to freeze or swelter as we make the shift to efficient sources.  We are making every effort to provide an orderly transition.
So you see, it is a massively complex undertaking.  Every one of these elements are nearing the stage of completion – that is, they are organizing organically to the point where they will be in place and viable when they are needed.
Those of you who are asking what you path is – come forward to join one of these categories of transition work.  Rather than ask when it will all be done, join in the work to make it happen.  Set up groups so that you have contact and frequent communication with your neighbors and friends.  Be a resource for information in your community by letting people know you are available to help out whenever needed.  Your assignments will come thick and fast, and you will be instrumental in making the Ascension plans come to fruition.
Many of you have heard of the Transition Movement which was begun in the UK and has spread around the world.  Contact these folks to become part of their network.  They are already organizing to help one another for the Change.  You can begin with, and go on from there to contact people in your area.  They are good people who are already philosophically and emotionally aligned with the coming Shift.
I absolutely will not give you a fixed date for the Disclosure Moment.  It will depend upon how many of you mobilize to take positive action.  Follow the guidelines I have given you here.  Reach out to offer yourself as a resource and you will find fulfilling work which will lift you spiritually, which is the goal of all this to begin with, isn’t it?  Lifting yourself spiritually does not involve being given something from On High.  It is an individual process of learning to breathe, think and feel in the Light.  Concentrate on learning to be in complete command of your every thought, feeling and action so that you never do anything you will regret, and so that you are always acting as a Beacon of Light.
You are all apostles, Dear Children, as we are.  You are the bearers of the good news and the Light of the Central Sun, which you have known as the Godhead.  It is you who will usher in the New Golden Age of Gaia.  We will be there with you, celebrating and offering our gifts just as you offer yours.  This is a joint project, as you have been told.  Be yourself – our brilliant, radiant Self.  Do not be afraid to speak out, to tell what you know, what you have read in these pages.  Anyone who scoffs and refuses to believe you will learn soon enough that you are a leader of the New Age and will come to you for answers when the time comes.
Announce yourselves.  Declare your intention to be of service.  Tell your Guides and Helpers.  Tell Mother/Father God to place your name on the roster of Lightworkers who can be counted on to work for the Ascension cause.  Then begin.  You know what your talents and abilities are.  You can look around you and see what others are in need of.  Begin your Ascension now, by dedicating yourself to the fulfillment of the Great Dream of Gaia and her people.
We are here with you, at the ready.  We have developed a plan for the Disclosure process which is dramatic, flexible, and fast-moving.  We are, literally, on our toes, in high anticipation of the Great Unfolding.  What a glorious time it is to be here with you.
And now I leave you to get on with your Ascension work.
I am Ashtar.  Salut.
Via Kathryn May, April 1, 2013.