Gaia Confederation: Planetary Liberation Networks United

The official page of the ‘Gaia Confederation’…
This is the official page of the Gaia Confederation, a worldwide network based on intentions of co-operation and unity between various genuine groups and individuals who are all working for the same goals of Liberation and Peace, despite their apparent differences.
What is a confederation ? It is, by definition, a loose structure that holds no authority (contrary to a federation), in which all members always maintain authority on themselves, and in which their differences are respected. The purpose of the structure is mutual support and harmony in action. The Gaia Confederation is based simply on an energetic intention, there is no quota, no duty of co-operation required, it is all dependent on each member’s free will case by case.
The members of the Gaia Confederation are connected through our foundation statement :
We, as members of the Gaia Confederation, recognize that, despite any apparent difference, we are all working for the same goal of liberation and peace for planet Earth and all its inhabitants, respect of universal law and full connection with the One Source/Creator for every living being.
We understand that this confederation is not a higher-archical construct, it is a loose constructive structure that can never be centered on some of its members. All members of the confederation are equal.
We recognize all of our individualities, that we all have our own path, and therefore we are not bound by dogma and our different opinions are respected.
We also understand our unity and this is where this confederation stems from : as we are all working for the same goal, we recognize the need to support each other as much as we can, as the way of all natural life is to support each other.
We recognize that we all have a role, a piece of the puzzle, a unique purpose and a place inside the mandala that we form together.
We understand that a lot of changes are happening on Earth, and much more are coming, and therefore our union and co-operation are necessary for a harmonious and stable transition.
We understand that this confederation can never bind us to any duty not in accordance with our free will. It is simply an energetic intention to create harmony and unity among the planetary liberation and peace network.

~Gaia Confederation
This Confederation has no vocation to create content. All the content and opinions created by its members involve only themselves. The Confederation has no official representative, not even its members.
Co-ordinated actions may be organized when the time is right, only if all members agree on them unanimously. Therefore all actions and messages that are not published on this official page can not be considered as being done in the name of the Confederation.

Our symbol is the sunflower, which is a nice symbol in itself, and its seed area is a beautiful vortex based on phi, the golden number.
We offer various other designs and pictures for members to use and share (click here to find them), you can also create you own and send it to us), and we invite those who resonate to use that symbol widely as a symbol of our unity and worldwide harmony.

Below is the list of all members to this date, in alphabetical order, and by language (not by nationality). We only add the websites who have been in contact with us directly and who decided to join. If you would like to join, please send an e-mail at We are also translating this page into every language. If you do not see yours, you can translate this page and send it to us.

Note : It is not possible for us to add all the individuals who want to join on the website. We can only add other websites. Anybody can join as an individual without contacting us, simply by deciding it. You can then use our symbol to show your connection with the Confederation.

When you go to you will see a list of all the members of the Gaia Confederation at this moment…