Rainbow Phoenix: ‘Events the Past 3 Years and into 2015…’ by Wil l Berlinghof, January 8, 2015

Rainbow Phoenix: ‘Events the Past 3 Years and into 2015…’ by Will Berlinghof, January 8, 2015

Events the Past 3 Years and into 2015

That which is Cosmic Awareness is now available. Please proceed.

Thank you. Welcome Cosmic Awareness. Thank you for being with us today for the Rainbow-Phoenix membership session of January 8, 2015. Will Berlinghof is the Voice of CosmicAwareness responding to the questions presented by the Energizer, Joan Mills. The Law ofLight, the Law of Love, the Law of Unity and the Law of Gratitude have been invoked. Isthere an opening message or any event you would wish to discuss at this time please?

Thank you.

That this Awareness has indeed an opening message. That It wishes to speak upon thematter of the expectations that many had approximately three years ago, indeed just overthree years ago, when that event occurred that so many had anticipated, so many heldexpectations on. Of course the event this Awareness is referring to is that event ofDecember 21, 2012, the Ascension event. For many it was a disappointing non-event, formany thought nothing happened, nothing changed. The world did not morph intosomething else, their lives were not uplifted, no extraterrestrial vessels came down,nothing happened. Yet since that event just over three years ago, much indeed hashappened, as this Awareness has often expressed and explained.That the opening that was indeed initiated at that time has been growing, humanconsciousness was indeed impacted, and the individuals themselves who went through thisexperience, although they may not have had an experience of radical change around them onthe planet, in their lives, that they did review their life in the deep halls of consciousness andassert whether they wished to carry on with their further development and growth.

That you have all made this review, you have all made a choice to carry on with your individual soul journey as you are experiencing it on this planet. What this Awareness wouldask you now to look at, is how your lives have progressed over the last three years, how theyhave changed, how you have changed. Upon examination most will indeed admit that theyare no longer who they once were. They are no longer who they were before the Ascensionevent of December 21, 2012. The growth has been subtle, the growth has been slow, or atleast so it seems on this third dimensional physical plane for those who are experiencing aphysical life, a physical journey.

But from the perspective of this Awareness that can see the progress over the last threeyears, the progress has been outstanding, the progress has been radical and amazing. Thathumanity stands now at an edge where it is ready to take on new levels of responsibility, thisbeing so on both the collective level of humanity and the individual level as well.That if one looks at the situation now, how so much that was once hidden is now beginning tobe revealed, how many of those who have lived hidden lives where they are involved in ritualand activities that are of a dark nature indeed, how these ones are starting to be exposed.

This is particularly so in the field of celebrities who are being outed for their inappropriatesexual activities. Well known and even one would say well beloved celebrities, such as BillCosby or Rolf Harris have been brought forward into public arena, public examination. But thisis just the tip of the iceberg and that in the last few days Prince Andrew was exposed as onewho has had deviant sexual interaction with a minor, again but the tip of the iceberg here.

But what this Awareness really wishes to say is not that these ones are being exposed, butthat there is now a readiness, even a sense of responsibility in the human psyche, in thecollective psyche of humanity, that is ready to let such Earth-shaking truths out, such Earth-shaking revelations of the hidden out and thus to examine them, to deal with them, and totake responsibility for them. Not them as in the ones that have done these acts but for suchactivities generally that have been used against humanity for such a long time, and that theycould only have progressed because humanity itself was not prepared to look at such things,to deal with such things. That it still accepted its role as that of a sleeping dumbed-downbeing, a consciousness of sombulance, sleep-walking individuals, the collective of humanitybeing asleep.

That this is now no longer the case. But what is important to remember in light of the factthat it has taken three years to get to this point, is that this is not an overnight event, it doesnot occur rapidly and immediately and explosively, at least not yet, for it is speeding up.

Human consciousness in having reached this point, is ready for more explosive revelationsabout the ones in power. That which has been so far exhibited and exposed, is again but thetip of the iceberg.

Imagine if you will what it might be like for the citizens of the United States of America tosuddenly have it revealed that their president has himself been involved in such activity,that their political leaders are mostly corrupt ones who have been working, not for thepeople of the United States, but rather in actuality, against them, and have been servingMasters with a hidden agenda which is about enslavement, death, destruction, and chaos.

That this being so, that humanity is but at the edge now of stepping into an even greaterwillingness to look at truths that have so long been hidden.That one must remember that there is a timing to events and that it is a slow timing but athorough timing. By this, this Awareness means that there is no hesitation any longer tostarting the ball rolling to expose these ones, to understand the reality of what is and notwhat one thinks it is. That which one thinks it is, that which the public thinks it is, has longbeen controlled and manipulated by the cabal, by the hidden Masters, and now they arestarting to lose their control, they are starting to see the cracks forming that are dangerous tothem, for exposure will indeed bring them into public recognition as being deceivers, as beingevil dark ones with a hidden agenda, that are not all right, that is not accepted by humanity asit begins to awaken. But it is a slow process, as Awareness has so often stated. Do not worry about the external somuch as focusing on your own individual growth and development, of seeing how it is thatyou create chaos and darkness and confusion, and your responsibility in your own lives,before you look outwards to see how it is created outwards or on the outside. It is a balancingact, for indeed one does use the external as a measure of accomplishment in one’s ownefforts to define their own lives, to create their own lives. But what has been happening formost is they do not look at it this way. Instead they look to the external as the measure thatwill then kick-start them into growth and activity and taking responsibility.

It is bass-akwards, as the popular saying goes and that this is why this Awareness over theyears now has been emphasizing over and over, to look at this, to realize that when one workson oneself, when one sets one’s own goals to that of an internal examination, reflection andinvestigation, that one will make the changes within oneself. When one makes such changes,when one looks at one’s own darkness or one’s own flaws, one’s own vices, one’s ownirresponsible need not to do anything for oneself, and claims only that things need to happenoutside, so that one is rewarded for a lack of effort – that one will not move forward, one will not grow, one will not finally and totally understand that as a creator being, creating their ownreality, that when one does create, when one does reflect, when one does heal the darkness within, that it will exhibit itself externally, and one’s life begins to fall into place.

That the movement since December 21, 2012 has been slow but it has been steady. It hasbeen on the increase, it is accelerating, especially as this year 2015 will mark the last yearwhere the cabal forces are free still to try to implement their own agenda. Yet are they free?

There is the perception due to long standing protocol for them, long standing experience ontheir part, that they have always achieved what they have set out to achieve, because theyhave had a greater picture if you will, they have had insights through remote viewing, throughfourth dimensional time travel, to see possible timeline agendas and how they might workout and they have used this knowledge to adapt, to project their intent and purpose. Theyhave had an inside track for such a long time, an insider knowing of what was and how itcould be controlled, and they have used this mercilessly against humanity itself for a long,long time.

Yet since December 21, 2012 everything changed, everything is in the process of changing. That which was their secret weapon, knowledge that the majority of humanity did not holdand the knowledge of how to use this knowledge, how to put it into effect, has started tocrumble, is in the process of coming apart. It has not yet manifested entirely but one can seethe cracks starting to form. Such cracks as the exposure of public figures, celebrities, even now royalty and their deviant behavior, their inappropriate thinking on what they can do, what they are allowed, versus what humanity is allowed, what humanity is given.

That this is an interesting time most certainly, but it is also a very exciting time. Despite this, patience and intent is still of greatest importance. The intent to continue one’s own selfexamination, one’s own willingness to take responsibility for one’s life first and foremost, and the patience to see this through. Humans on the whole are quite impatient to such things, especially if there is an internal knowing that it need not be this way. Remember that those of you who are seeking spiritual awareness, growth and development have within you that internal knowing of Spirit, that internal knowing that this reality that is being played out that you are part of, need not be how it is. This creates an impatience, this creates an attitude where one wants the change to happen quickly, even instantaneously, and not necessarily in the slow movement of change that is so, as it is now.

That is why patience is required, responsibility towards one’s own personal growth and development. One’s own setting of intention to what one wishes to achieve in one’s own life is of critical importance, not only just now, but in the days, weeks and months ahead. That this year of 2015 will see much exposure on many levels, may see drastic and dramatic events occurring that could seriously impact not only one on an individual basis, but also on a planetary basis, on a nationwide basis as well.

When such events occur, will you be one who goes into the energies that are being projected and accept them, thinking that this is again proof that nothing is happening, or even worse that the opposite of what is desired is happening and there is no hope, that there is no point to continue. Many will be faced with such challenge, when they see their lives again from the external and then judge that there is no hope in life or for themselves. But it will be choice, your individual choice, if such an unfolding of events occurs for you, the individual. That many will forget again not to look at the external as the indication of change, will forget again that it is one’s own creation that one is experiencing, and thus one has responsibility for oneself and what one is creating that is paramount, that is of the utmost and most extreme importance here.

That in this year with an acceleration of events, with the approach of a type of deadline to the events the Powers That Be are pulling off, that it is imperative that one remains neutral, one remains calm, that one remains positive of one’s life no matter what is unfolding. That all is as it needs to be and that one is willing to continue one’s own personal growth and development, is unwilling to give away one’s powers to the dark Lords, to the manipulators and controllers, who have had power for so long.

That indeed much has occurred since December 21, 2012, and much more will occur over this year, over the years that follow. Look always to these times as the most exciting of times, challenging you to look even deeper, to be willing to examine the dark depths of your own being, to understand that you have truly chosen to be here to awaken in these times, and to be part of a most glorious and Divine undertaking: the undertaking of expanding consciousness, of promoting a new agenda that serves the Light, that serves the Divine. That you are here to be part of this as well, and not simply victims being punished, being abused, being used by certain ones who do not know better. They are having their own experiences, just as you the individual are. Allow this to be so, do not deflect from that which is your own true purpose: the expansion of your own soul, the awareness awakening within you of your multidimensional being and the complexity of the Divine Spirit as It expresses Itself on this, this third dimensional planet that you are having a life experience on. That it is very much a critical time, a time of expansion, a time of acceleration, a time for taking on responsibility, for stepping into one’s power, to create your personal reality and to co-create with your other Creator brothers and sisters, a new reality that will blossom, that will bring great beauty and great fruition of the plans of Spirit Itself. This still down the road, this still down the line, but at this time, three years after the beginning of this crucial period of growth and development, of breaking down that which has been, so that which can be can emerge, that it is in this moment at this time critical to remember that it is underway, it is proceeding with what is considered by this Awareness as amazing strength and purpose, as that which is accelerated beyond belief, to what once was. Third dimensionality is slow-motion but Spirit is not, and as you are Spirit having this physical slow-motion experience, remember that as you align to your spiritual nature, as you align to Divine Spirit, that change can come to you on an individual basis, quickly, if you focus, if you put forward intent and are diligent in your efforts to look deep, to deal with the issues within, and be part of that which is evolving.

That this Awareness knows that many are challenged and It simply now offers to one and all the promise that as you dig deep, as you work within yourself, on yourself, for yourself, as you stay balanced and positive to the unfolding events that are happening around you, that you will ride the waves of change, that you will ride them high and that they will take you forward and you will find yourself in a new place, in a new life because you have it as your intent and your purpose and your desire to be this, to achieve this, to live this.

Please proceed.

Thank you. A question comes from David. He writes: “I would like to ask Cosmic Awareness to share any information It has on energies that came between December 12, 2014 to December 21, 2014. I would also like to ask Cosmic Awareness to comment on the higher energies, the Divine energies that are coming in 2015, and how it will affect Mother Earth-Gaia and the collective consciousness. Your thoughts please?

That this Awareness in Its opening question has already begun to answer this question from David. That this Awareness would thus state that it might be beneficial for David and any other who wishes to also have this answer, to review first the opening message given by this Awareness but minutes ago.

That this Awareness need not thus repeat Itself, but It will proceed to explain something that It had not gone into detail in the opening message. That which this Awareness wished to go deeper into here is that which is the natural character of humanity, and of individuals who oppose change, who are uncomfortable with change, do not wish change to happen in their lives. This is a quite natural characteristic of humanity and of the individual, many individuals, the majority of individuals, who prefer that their lives do not change radically, that there is predictability about their lives, stability about their lives, and predictability in their lives.

Thus human beings have never wished to change quickly and this is also an important matter to realize, for had it happened that on December 21, 2012, the world changed instantly, many would have been incapable to handle the big changes, the catastrophic changes, that many were anticipating. As it was not meant to be a world extinction event at that time, as it was always meant to be the spark that initiated a movement in consciousness towards a final goal, an ultimate goal, that was years down the road.

The events of 2012 seemed to be of little significance, for nothing dramatic happened, the world did not change overnight or even in an instant. Instead a spark was released that most never understood or perceived. That spark started a fire. This fire started in a small way and has been growing and growing, but in slow-motion. For this is the way that the human psyche can best handle the extreme conversion in consciousness that is underway. Humanity is not good with cataclysmic change, instantaneous change. It can be very damaging not only to the collective but to the individuals in that collective, and many could not, would not survive.

This is one reason why the trickle effect has been underway, has been played out since December 21st to avoid the shock of extreme change, to move gently and steadily into such change, into such development, that has been experienced, that is now more the norm. If one looks at one’s own life and looks as to how it was before December 21st , 2012, and how it is now, what your thoughts are now, how you look at things now, that many will realize how thorough and amazing the change has been, the way of thinking has altered, and that you are moving forward, step by step.

That the reason why Divine Spirit chose this way is because of Its love and compassion for humanity, for Mother Earth and knew in Its Divine way that it was necessary to go slow in third dimensionality, although as this Awareness has already spoken, the change seen from the level of Spirit, is indeed one of complexity that has gone quickly. But to impatient human ones, again the preoccupation was with some radical overpowering and overwhelming change. It was not designed to be this. It was always designed to be accommodated within the human psyche to allow humanity, the collective, to move forward at a comfortable natural pace, but one that is being impacted, is changing quickly.

Indeed, not as most perceive and most think where they still externalize, where they still look to that which is the projection on their TV screens of reality, and then assert nothing is happening. Look within yourself, examine how you have grown, how you developed, how you have flourished, and you will see that things are different indeed, and this relatively quickly to how things have been before. How things were before December 21st , 2012. That this is how it was set up, if you will.

That the question asked “how will Mother Earth react, how will Divine presence affect her?”

In the same way, as she is the embodiment of this physicality of this third dimensionality, that she is evolving in her own extractable way, her own unstoppable way, and that there will be events that happen on her surface, the surface of her form, that will be dramatic, that may even be considered catastrophic. But to her, Mother Earth, to Gaia, this is all part of the slow change that she is underway with, and yet this may be difficult to understand. She is not slow, her understanding of change is that it is happening very quickly for her, but Gaia’s consciousness is quite different than the consciousness of humanity, the collective consciousness of humanity, and thus in her perception and her knowing she is working things out quickly, making adjustments, making changes, expanding her own consciousness, connecting at deeper levels in a way that is quite rapid, for she too holds that consciousness that has the recognition of the Eternal Now and she lives in the Eternal Now, even though on her surface, on that which is the external physical expression of her being, things seem because of their third dimensional nature to be going very slowly.

Yet it is also known that Mother Earth can change things quickly. That one event that takes but seconds can radically alter lives upon her surface, can radically alter history and the future. That these events this Awareness is talking about are natural events, catastrophic events, that have happened throughout her lifetime, her long lifetime, that which is much longer than the present playing out of human lives, of modern history.

This Awareness is not predicting a major cataclysm, but It is saying that as Mother Earth changes, as she responds to the Divine Energies that are encouraging her evolution, her spiritual ascension, that upon her surface events may occur that are cataclysmic in nature. It is not her intent to destroy humans. Many hold an attitude that Mother Earth will shake off the fleas, that humanity will be shaken off as so many fleas because they are not in alignment with Mother Earth. But in truth she is simply changing from within and these changes will express themselves externally and those who live on her surface may well be affected by these external changes, these upheavals, these cataclysms as she moves forward herself in her own personal experience of Ascension, in her own personal soul growth and evolution.

What this Awareness has said in the past and would say now again, is it is not the events externally that are the indicators of things, but the realization that the external events represent the expansion and growth of consciousness, that they are part of a higher order plan, and that you, the individual, can choose to partake in these events to various degrees.

That you can choose to be taken down, destroyed, devastated by the events because there is absolutely no understanding of what is occurring, and how you the individual, truly participates in these events. Or you can begin to understand that there is a connection between yourself and Mother Earth, and that while she is evolving in her most natural way, that you can also choose to evolve with her in your most natural way. That you can choose to be swept away by events and circumstances on her surface or you can choose to not even be involved in such events, or if you even are that they do not impact you as dramatically as they do some.

There are stories galore of survivors in natural catastrophic situations, ones who lived while ones literally beside them were swept away. That this too must be understood as part of choice, of that which is a higher order understanding of who and what you are, how you participate with Mother Earth, with Spirit, how because you are Spirit you can indeed ride the waves of conscious change and that you can have an experience of great excitement, even enjoyment, with the changes that are occurring in your life, or on Mother Earth herself, or you can choose to be overwhelmed.

You can choose to dive into the powerful sweeping waves that are happening, that are coming even, more so in the days, weeks, months ahead. It is important to always remember that you too are part of the sweeping changes and can ride these waves of change, can participate with Mother Earth in the evolution of consciousness both for her, Gaia, for humanity-the collective and as well for you-the individual.

That this completes the answering of this question and hopes with the opening message that it is a thorough answer to David’s question.

Yes, I agree. Thank you for that, Cosmic Awareness. He will be pleased and he will understand.

Thank you again.

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SaLuSa from Sirius: ‘You do have many discarnate souls working w ith you to ensure your success…’ by Mike Quinsey, 30 January 201 5

SaLuSa from Sirius: ‘You do have many discarnate souls working with you to ensure your success…’ by Mike Quinsey, 30 January 2015

Nothing will change the predictions for the completion of this cycle, except the highest authority. Once made many Lightworkers are given the tasks of ensuring that all proceeds as required to fulfil them. You may therefore proceed with your life, knowing that there is a great finale to come with the end of the influence of the dark Ones. They shall find themselves unable to exert any influence on what takes place, as they will have their power taken away from them. They will also be removed from Earth to ensure that workers of the Light can go ahead with their missions. Until now the dark Ones have consistently interfered with your evolution, and been able to block or slow down progress. This situation is rapidly changing and will soon come under our control. You will then be able to go ahead with your tasks without fear, and make headway quicker than any previous occasion. Dear Ones we hear your pleas and requests for help, and soon we shall be able to assist you in a more direct manner. Have no fear at any time as the lower energies will attract a like energy, whereas you are working with the higher energies.

The significance of the coming changes are such that they can hardly be put into words. Everything will be affected to some degree, and much of the lower energies will be either changed or removed in the course of time. The Earth will become renewed and once more be seen a jewel in the firmament. While all this is taking place you too will be renewed as you become a fully-fledged Galactic Being. We tell you what lies ahead, because the knowledge will help you both understand and get through the various stages of the changes. You may be overwhelmed by the thought of what the future holds, but know that we will be having a more direct contact with you. So there is need to be concerned as the future is everything that you could wish for that would bring you peace, happiness and prosperity.

Meantime you can carry on with your work for the Light, knowing that you have many unseen helpers around you. It is only when you realise that you are not alone on your mission that you can begin to understand, why often things just seem to fall in place when you need them. You were aware of the arrangement before you came to Earth, but after dropping into the lower vibrations you became forgetful of your circumstances. However, with time you gradually raised your vibrations for which you deserve every praise. It is why that at this time we and others can approach you, and enlighten you as to what lies ahead. Your consciousness has grown and now you can accept the truth of your place in the Cosmos. The game that has been played on Earth is soon to change its course and lift you up from the challenges of the 3rd. dimension. They have well served their purpose, and you have progressed sufficiently to move further into the Light.

You have experienced the result of Man’s interpretation of the meaning and purpose of life and it has so to say, led you up the garden path. They have caused you to follow false creeds and believe in a Creator that is seen in Man’s image. Yet Jesus the greatest Teacher in your time made it clear that the Creator is All Love, and that no living creature or Being is outside of the Creator. The goal of every soul is to grow and progress within the Light until you once again become One with the Source. As you progress through your various life experiences, you will move further into the Light. You will become a greater Light Being with immense powers of creation, but much of this is way into your future. However, you do need to know the purpose of life. Nothing that you experience is by chance, so consider carefully why certain events in your life take place.

People normally gravitate to those who are of a similar vibration, but for the outworking of karma you may find yourself involved with souls from all different levels. That even extends to the union of two people in marriage, or their children. Karmic experiences can be arranged before you incarnate, so you will understand that nothing happens by chance. Of course there are many minor experiences that are of no real consequence but you never know for example, when a chance meeting may grow to become of prime importance. Because of your freewill, you may turn down an opportunity intended to bring you necessary experiences, but when it is important to your evolution you may be sure it will come up again.

Some people do not believe in God or that there is a purpose in life, yet both will affect the outcome of whatever experiences they choose. You cannot remove God from your life, and it will have been planned prior to your birth regardless of what you may believe. Naturally upon returning to the higher dimensions all is revealed to you when you review your life. No life opportunity to learn is wasted regardless of how it may appear. Indeed, you are not going to know exactly why a certain soul has elected to experience in a particular manner. However, when two or more people come together, each will have been aware as to what part they play. Sometimes a soul will come into life for only a very short period, simply to help create a situation that is necessary for the experiences of others. However, when you try to relate that to babies it may simply be that the soul has decided not to incarnate after all. That option is open to all but very few change their minds once the arrangements are settled. So as you can see, everything is not in black or white and souls do have a say in what type of life they are entering. Usually once the purpose of a life is decided and it is seen to advance the souls evolution, it is very rare for a soul to pull out. You do have many discarnate souls working with you to ensure your success.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and I serve those souls who have bravely and without fear taken on an Earth life to be in service to others. However, all souls have Guides and no one, not even the dark Ones are excluded. Do not be reluctant to ask for help when it is needed, however Karma does not always allow what you request, so if your prayers seem unanswered, there will be a very good reason for it. I leave you with my Love and Light, and the best wishes from the Galactic Federation.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation, February 3, 2015

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation, February 3, 2015

8 Ik, 12 Yax, 11 Ik

Dratzo! We arrive with more news on the progress being made to alter your world’s reality. The many members of our Earthly allies are beginning to reach the delivery portion of their numerous prosperity programs. The dark cabal has been unsuccessful in preventing our allies from preparing the means to safely deliver your many blessings. The delivery of these various funds is part of a grand operation to switch your world to a new financial system. This progress is then to lead to new governance and the formal end to the debt slavery, which you have endured mercilessly in one form or another for the past few millennia. This is to be a time when you are to be exposed to freedom and a new and much fairer monetary system. These monies are to be backed by strict new banking rules, which are to safeguard your wealth and provide you with a way to ensure the safety of your funds. Along with these events are to be a number of announcements by new governances, which are to permit you to take a more profound interaction with these new governments. You are to become true watchdogs of these governments and be ready at a moment’s notice to prevent any illegal actions.

These new governments are to release a number of now suppressed technologies, return your previous tax monies and, in general, enforce a one-year jubilee. In addition, these new governments are to permit disclosure and allow us to address you. We intend to use this time to assist your Ascended Masters in preparing a series of global lectures, to enable you to learn exactly what the Anunnaki did to jumble up a key part of the messages given by a number of religion-founding Masters over the past three millennia. These lectures are to return this world to the harmony, peace and heavenly truths given to you by these great and wise Masters. In addition, our mentors are to fully discuss these great lessons with you. Heaven wishes for every one of you to be completely cognizant of your true history and to get a much better understanding of these great truths. This knowledge is to aid you significantly as you move toward your return to full consciousness. It is also to allow you to see what the Atlanteans and the Anunnaki did initially to manipulate you.

As you can see, your circuitous journey through your long history is to be revealed to you. The most important part of this is how you fell into limited consciousness and how the Anunnaki foisted a false creation myth upon you. Once these, among many other facts are disclosed, you can more easily view this origin story and the facts, which surround it in a clearer and less distorted frame. Our mentors can then help you to obtain a truer look at this reality that you now reside in. It can permit you to easily embrace your new reality and your return to physical Angeldom. This, after all, is the primary reason for our reunion. Heaven desires that all who were so badly treated be able to understand this history. Then, you can move forward with a comprehension of the past 15 millennia (2 in Atlantis and the past 13 millennia under the Anunnaki). All of this needs to be forgiven by you as you return to Heaven’s divine service.

The purpose behind our coming to your truly sacred shores is to aid Heaven in freeing you from the slavery first imposed upon you by the Atlanteans and later continued by the Anunnaki and their global band of minions. This dark cabal grew in size and power as you progressed from one millennium to the next. By the end of the 1900s, this group truly believed that, if necessary, they were able to finish the dark mission imposed upon them by the Anunnaki at the beginning of this present era of “recorded history.” Thus, in the mid 1990s, the commands of their former masters, the Anunnaki, to cease and desist fell on deaf ears. The cabal was then ready illicitly to carry out the directive to permanently make you their slaves. What is now occurring is the end of this terror, which allows you to return, as Heaven so directs, to your natural state of full consciousness. The rise of new governance and of a grand prosperity and jubilee are only the various instruments to achieve this divine goal!

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! You are on the edge of receiving a great prosperity. In other blessed times the concept of a jubilee was common. This was done every fifty years. At that time, it was appropriate to erase all debt and begin again from scratch. Both of these measures are to be combined and you are to receive funds, which have been expunged from all of your previous debt. In addition, a number of now sequestered laws are to manifest. These are to re-order government and set the stage for a clean slate. All of this is being done to ready you for what you next need to do. We need to come and inform you about this new reality. Heaven has decreed that your prolonged amnesia end and be transformed into knowledge and wisdom. Our lessons are to be just the beginning of this vital process. Later, you are to be blessedly able to ask your mentor a series of important questions.

Our lessons are to include a number of question sessions. You were plunged by the Atlanteans into a consciousness, which denied you a chance to review your Akashic Records. These disabilities cut you off from your former source of inner wisdom. This whole process needs to be explored and allow you to forgive those who so mindlessly deprived you of a way to better know who you are. This is to be restored. Many of us, like you, have past lives in Atlantis. We need to mutually go over this time and see how we fared once Atlantis fell and its survivors evacuated to a new land. All of us have stories, which can explain in personal ways what happened then. We, as Ascended Masters, have been on both sides of these issues. It is time to remember, and a time to forgive.

When you return to full consciousness, we are all to form a galactic society. This blessed society is based on divine service and a full understanding of how Heaven forged these societies for us. We are to come together and create a kind of heavenly “boot camp” where we all can again assimilate into a society, which was so suddenly taken from us. Then, we can better understand how to address each other in a new way. We have been given certain duties, which are to be gracefully explained. Our new star nation is as well to combine with non-corporal Beings and elementals to forge our new reality. Heaven expects much of our new arrangements. We are to be a showcase for this galaxy, and a place where many exciting proposals are to originate. Here, the galactic peace is to become permanent and a larger intergalactic union is to take shape!

Today, we continued on with our weekly message. Heaven is blessing what is now happening on our surface reality. We bless and graciously thank Heaven for what is now occurring. Let us join with our spiritual and space families and welcome in this new and bright reality! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Source: https://www.paoweb.com/uf020315.htm