GaiaPortal: Massive Influx of Galactic / Cosmic Higher Light Occurs at this Moment by ÉirePort, May 28, 2013



Massive movement/transport/influx of Galactic/Cosmic Higher Light occurs at this moment. Broad band of Higher Frequency Light sweeps all surface and inner Gaia realms and removes all remaining shadow entities. Transformation of Planetary consciousness to Light-Intent-Only results from this influx.

Seminal Energies are released within this Higher Light matrix, and establish direction of Gaia to Light-Beingness. All accompanying individual Hue-man entities experience rapid upgrade and expansion of consciousness. This also applies to all Hue-man group entities.

Gaia processing has achieved sufficient awareness levels to accept this current Galactic/Cosmic Higher Light influx.





ASHTAR From The Bridge March, 29 – 2013

Ashtar: Easter Message From the Bridge
Ashtar:  “Greetings, Beloved Family!  It is with the greatest of Joy that we come to celebrate with you the special energies of this Easter season!  For indeed it is true that never has Planet Earth been in such High Vibration, not since the very beginning!  This is because you have awakened to your ordained destiny, for without your calling this forth, it simply would not be so!
“It is also true that we are able to be here in accompaniment, support and facilitation of your magnificent Journey Home because, you, Beloved Family, have called us forth and given us your permission to be with you!  And so it is that we celebrate our Partnership and indeed, our successful accomplishment of our Mission with you, for we can see your Ascensions as done!
“The energies which have been coming to you for the purpose of further facilitating your progress have also been successful, even if they have caused a bit of shaking up, as it were, in your energy fields.  This has been, and will continue to be, instrumental in the accomplishment of your transformations into your crystalline bodies.  However, we see that your discomforts are lessening even now, and we only advise that you welcome these energies to continue to assist you.  It is for you to set the pace, and you are fully empowered to command that everything in your lives be with grace and ease!!!
Thus it is that in this moment, we suggest that you savor your triumphs and renew your commitments to proceed even further.  You are all accompanied by a most loving group of Higher Dimensional Beings, and it is their Joy to be in guidance service to you, even as you are with them as Lights unto the World!  Even if your own Paths seem a bit dim at times, know that you are blessing all of Planet Earth with your radiance, and know that you are Masters only needing to light up your connections within your own Divinities!
This, indeed, is your most sacred of Missions, Beloved Ones, and I and The Mentors are most especially honored and blessed to be in service to you in this!  So, let us together celebrate your Ascensions this far into the Golden Age, and be joyful in knowing that your journeys are continuing to move you into even Higher Dimensional levels!!!  There is no need for you to be bearing any burdensome crosses, and we bring you infinite loving energies to lighten them so that they may be released.  Just walk with us and allow our Love to enter in through your Hearts, so that you will rise and fly with the Peace and Freedom which it brings!  And let the Blessings of this Eastertime remain with you always, in all your thoughts, words and deeds, and throughout the totality of your Divine Beings!!!  Salut!”
Given through Susan Leland, March 29, 2013.
© Ashtar On The Road Publications 2004-2013.  All Rights Reserved.

© Ashtar on the Road Publications 2004-2013.  All rights reserved.