Wes Annac: This is Reality, June 27, 2013

I find myself exponentially motivated and completely sure of what I’m here to do, and the resulting metaphysical perception I’ve been able to unlock has been nothing short of amazing.

I surfaced doubts surrounding my mission and sought guidance about them in a channeled interview with the Pleiadians a couple of months back, and since that surfacing, my faith and concrete knowing of the reality of what I’m doing has remained unbridled.

I’ve even been blessed already with my first bold ship-sighting of the summer.

Last summer, I’d routinely look at the sky and would receive gentle and brazen sightings at times, and some of what I experienced and saw came about as a result of telepathic requests to witness sightings.

Thinking back to those sightings alone completely reaffirms my knowledge of the reality of everything that’s been discussed in spiritual circles, which, to an “ordinary” person, would seem bizarre or unreal.

Part of the reason I felt the doubt I did (which has long faded) is because I recognize the seemingly-bizarre nature of much that’s discussed surrounding the Galactics, channeling, etc. to a person who hasn’t been opened-up to the actual reality of these things.

I recognize that to somebody who hasn’t or won’t open up to these concepts and consider them as reality for even a moment, much of what’s discussed could seem near-fantasy. The problem is that we’ve been conditioned to believe-in and accept a certain version of reality.

With the various Earthly things around us, we’re conditioned to accept that what we and billions of others experience must be the only existence, simply because it’s so prevalent and established.

Some people don’t stop to think that humanity, as we function right now, could be heading in a spiritually and physically wrong direction with our disbelief in and near mocking of any concept we perceive as too far outside our current perception.

Perhaps in general, humanity isn’t heading in the best direction as we currently function.

Perhaps our “every man for himself” mindset should give way to one of working in harmony with every fellow citizen of this Earth, and building a society that works for everyone. Perhaps we can work together, rather than the few staying ahead by deceiving and enslaving all the others.

Even to just humor the possibility that what we experience and feel could be a true distortion in the face of what we can experience and build together – maybe we should open ourselves up, collectively, to much of what would seem pure fiction.

If even half of the people on this world individually opened themselves up to the idea and possibility of brimming realms beyond our conscious understanding, and equally-brimming evolved beings who wish to actively assist us in our evolution, perhaps they too could have the experiences I’ve been blessed with having.

As I’ve said before, I recognize that I’ve been given the experiences I have so I can work to help humanity evolve.

I recognize that I’m likely the only person in my town and in the few towns around me who’s actually witnessed a UFO sighting as a seeming response to a request for me to witness one (which has happened multiple times).

Nevertheless, I remain unwavering in my belief.

I recognize that liberal or conservative pundits (there’s corruption on every side) could laugh away the majority of what I believe all day long on television, and have their audiences agree and yet they haven’t experienced what I have.

They haven’t felt the deep states of consciousness a pure meditation provides.

They haven’t felt the equally-deep and brimming states of consciousness a good, long and pure channeling session will provide for the channeler. They haven’t felt the things I’ve felt, which are much, much more real than anything I’ve ever felt or experienced on this Earth.

They just haven’t had the affirming experiences I have, or felt the deep states of consciousness of Heaven enough to believe or know much of what I do, in a concrete manner. I see that this sets me apart from the vast majority of the rest of the collective, and honestly, I don’t see that as a bad thing.

I’m happy to go against the established means to think and live by.

I’m happy to recognize myself as a Divine being in the midst of billions of equally-Divine yet unawakened people, who accept what’s in front of them more than what cannot yet be seen or felt without real effort and belief.

My ego would perhaps panic over the thought of isolation from much of the rest of the world because of what I feel and know, but my heart recognizes that I’m here to uplift this world. I’m here to help everybody who doesn’t and just can’t believe in what so many of you reading this know to be true in your heart, to open themselves up to the truth and reality of their existence.

If I take flack for my stance, so be it. I remain a strong warrior for the Light, and I remain an embodiment of the strength of the Lion-spirit.

I stand strong in my personal Light, and do not falter in the face of a ridiculing or rejecting collective. Rather, I seek to awaken these dear children, or at the very least, to help open them up to something beyond what they see and experience currently.

Like so many others, I see that this is my ultimate mission for being here on this Earth. As such, I remain steadfast and strong in my absolute knowing of the reality of what I believe in, and I continue to receive brazen sightings and genuine affirmations of this very reality.

In short – I think I’ve found heaven on Earth.

Wes Annac – Growing and evolving into greater understandings of the reality of our existence, and seeking to spread the resulting Love and knowledge.


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The Galactic Federation Manuscript with SanJAsKa – by Wes Annac – Part 1, March 27, 2013


Written by Wes Annac

I would now like to present, analyze and discuss material concerning the Galactic Federation, sometimes referred to as the Galactic Federation of Light (some hold the belief that the two are different Organizations).

Who is the Galactic Federation?

The Galactic Federation is essentially an Organization comprised of a myriad of races of extraterrestrial and higher dimensional beings who have come together and united in the common goal of serving others, as we will learn below. These beings have found and evolved to the higher states of consciousness we are currently growing toward as a planet, and the Councils from the Pleiades who will be informing us about their Federation and a plethora of other things in this series are comprised mostly of fifth dimensional evolved humans or spirits.

The information we will discuss has been channeled from a Pleiadian Representative of the Galactic Federation and specifically, of the Pleiadian Councils of this Federation, who goes by the label of SanJAsKa. This soul is also a fifth dimensional aspect of my higher self, and could be called a “future self” as some may refer to it.

I have connected with SanJAsKa fruitfully in the past and to this day, this soul has given a plethora of communications and has given much information about the Pleiadians, their Councils and their overall Federation. Quite frankly, I requested as much information from SanJAsKa about the Galactic Federation as I could possibly receive, and the resulting discussion covered many facets of their Organization.

Here, we are going to discuss this information as it is given from dearest SanJAsKa. During this discussion, I hope to be able to provide my perspective on as many things said by SanJAsKa as possible, in an effort to produce a lucrative body of information for you the readers to hopefully benefit from.

Introducing the Galactic Federation

SanJAsKa begins the communication by giving a general introduction to the Galactic Federation, and explaining why it has been established and how the ascension of the Universe fits into the assistance the extra-dimensional souls comprising this Federation are giving.

“The Galactic Federation has been formed as a part of the overall effort to help every lower dimensional planet, collective and individual to see the Light and evolve back into the higher states of consciousness of our Mother/Father Creator. We work based on the ideal of service-to-others and to that extent, we have so very many different races and Councils working “around the clock” as you would term it, to help see-out the ascension of this Universe which has included the ascension of so many lower dimensional planets whose civilizations are ready to see the Light.

The ascension of the Earth is to be a very big, welcomed and added boost to the overall ascension of this entire Universe and we of the Galactic Federation stand ready and willing to offer our assistance to every soul who can begin to open up to our energies and impressions.”

The “ascension of the Earth” SanJAsKa is referring to could be better understood as a collective evolution that humanity is undergoing along with our planet. This evolution is physical and spiritual in nature and with it, we will find deeper and heightened states of consciousness and resulting abilities that we have been taught to believe are only possible in science-fiction works.

The ascended souls who are a part of the Galactic Federation and who are assisting us from “beyond the veil” with our collective evolution have found the states of consciousness and resulting abilities that have garnered a higher dimensional experience for them. It’s been said that the “service-to-others” ideal becomes a primary creed to Live by when reaching higher states of consciousness, because the drive to help as many souls as possible to evolve is very strong.

Training with the Galactic Federation

SanJAsKa goes on to explain that misinformation has been spread surrounding the Galactic Federation, and that they are of pure, higher dimensional vibrations and can experience or feed absolutely no negativity. We are also told of the “training process” potential members of the Galactic Federation undergo before joining the Organization.

“There has been much misinformation spread about our Federation, and we hope for it to go without saying that we do not act on any lower vibratory, mind-based or exclusionary ideals. We do not want any soul to feel as if they will not be welcomed into our Organization if they wish to offer their assistance but as has been said before, there is a process to undergo that involves training you to understand the tasks and responsibilities that would be set out for you were you to join our efforts.

So many souls on your Earth are already members of the Galactic Federation and have purposefully incarnated, walked-into or found another means of inhabiting the Earth, as an aspect of serving Her and helping Her and each one of you to ascend.

Beyond the souls within our Federation who are stationed on the ground, we as well as a plethora of other Lighted Organizations assisting in the ascension of your dearest world have thousands of our ships cloaked and stationed invisibly in the skies of your dear world.”

“Starseed” and “wanderer” are terms that describe souls from the higher dimensions we are growing toward as a planet, who have come to the Earth from their various planets and realms of consciousness to assist in the Earth and its collective’s evolution. Many forces working for the Light and for the Galactic Federation specifically have been able to make their way to the surface of this Earth, and the “Ground Crew” as it has been called is comprised of members of the Galactic Federation stationed on the Earth who have awakened to their greater mission and have activated their greater potential.

Just as SanJAsKa says, even beyond this very direct assistance the Galactic Federation are stationed in our skies in massive numbers and we as a planet can begin to recognize the assistance we are being given and welcome the off-world helpers offering their service.

Why Aren’t They Here With Us Now?

SanJAsKa tells us of the contacts that have been made by the Galactic Federation (and other extraterrestrial and extra-dimensional Organizations) in our ancient history, and the reason that the thousands of ships in our sky are not clearly on our ground is explained as well.

“Previously, we have been able to make contact with various civilizations in your Earthly history and help them to see the Light and when revelations concerning those contacts begin to surface, you will see that we have been very actively involved in your history; both recent and ancient.

Some souls wonder why we would not simply land and make contact with you if we are stationed in your skies, and we ask you to see the military state much of your world has become in relation to unidentified flying objects and the procedures that are taken in response to our craft by your militaries.

Because of pervading interests who have kept a strong grip on so very many aspects of your society, we have been targeted and fired at when making our presence blatantly known and even in other time periods of your history wherein such warfare was not attempted, we still had to be careful with the personal contacts that we made.”

This is one out of many reasons why we as a sovereign humanity should stand up to the pervading interests that have kept much of our history, including the extraterrestrial contacts that have been made, hidden from us. There is much information concerning contacts with Galactic humans that needs to get out, and we cannot continue to remain pacified or complacent when our future is staring us right in the eyes.

Preventing an Overwhelmed Humanity

SanJAsKa goes on to further discuss the care that must be taken when the various souls apart of the Galactic Federation make themselves known; not because of being targeted by militaries, but because they do not want to overwhelm those they are making the contacts with or showing themselves or their ships to.

We are then told that while care must be taken, the Galactics are here to blatantly make themselves known to us and will be taking actions to that extent.

“Thousands of fleets of the Galactic Federation will be made known on your dearest world in the time ahead and in this interim period, we must still be careful with how much we show ourselves as we do not and have not wished to overwhelm you dear souls or give you something that you could not handle.

However, we are also on your world to increasingly make ourselves known, and increasingly make ourselves known we will. We have planned brazen flyovers before, over individual souls with cameras so they could film what they were seeing and help the very ideas of our presence spread in earnest, and we can plan mass flyovers as well that simply could not be ignored by your media because the nature of which we would make such showings of us and our craft.

Again, we must be as careful as possible so as not to overwhelm you dearest souls, as much fear concerning us and our existence has been spread and we do not want any soul to go into state of fear or shock over our existence when important revelations concerning us begin to surface.”

Multitudes of movies have displayed the Galactics as nasty, monstrous aliens, bent on nothing more than the complete destruction of humanity and the Earth. This practice dates back to the 1930s and 40s when coincidentally, a culture began to flourish surrounding extraterrestrials and more specifically, their craft and personal contacts with them.

The response on the part of the individuals who have suppressed our history and kept us feeding fear and the resulting limitation as a collective, was to spread as much fear and misinformation as possible in a propagandist attempt to shape and mold the collective’s perception and opinion about this subject.

Surely, one or two people who consider themselves discerning and rational will laugh off this entire writing and the accompanying channeled material. Perhaps my seriousness about this subject can be seen as a further means to laugh it off and if one looks around, one will see that what would otherwise be an incredibly crucial and important subject for the overall evolution of humanity has been minimized, ridiculed and given a “science fiction” mindset, and any soul who attempts to bring this subject up with seriousness is met with a wall of disbelief.

Our culture and our collective beliefs have been crafted quite specifically to hold us back and so far, the souls who did this have been generally successful and would continue to be were it not for the widespread awakening taking place.

Positively & Negatively Inclined Off-World Forces

We are told of the very real difference between enlightened Galactics and the negatively-inclined extraterrestrials they are portrayed as, and we’re told of the desire of the Galactic souls assisting us to help us realize our nature as spiritual beings. We are also asked to embrace these very concepts that plenty of people still would not.

“There is a very real difference between we Galactic souls who are a part of various ascended Organizations and Federations, and the negatively-programmed “off world forces” as you would refer to them, who are stuck temporarily in service-to-self based mindsets and ways of Living and being.

No negative intents or races are a part of our sacred Federation, as we allow only Light and harmony into our circles and the collective energies surrounding each race of our Federation who will make themselves known to you will alone help you to understand and feel this.

We have so very much to tell you and share with you about your evolution and about the true infinity you can find, feel and access within yourselves, and we ask for you to open up to the very concepts that have been labeled silly or unacceptable on your world, because there is so very much you haven’t been told and there will be so very much that will surprise and astonish you alike.”

It’s been said that nearly all of our true history has been either hidden from us or rewritten. We have been collectively conditioned to exist within a certain frame of perception and as a result, we tend to fear or ridicule anything and everything that is too far outside of our perceptions, because of how truly different it is or would be to what we have been used to calling reality.

We Earth humans have been very focused upon a fixed, set and labeled environment and reality, and this paradigm would and will be broken when learning about the existence of not just a few planets’ worth of evolved humans wishing to assist us in our evolution, but entire Federations and ascended Organizations with that very goal in mind and in heart.

(Continued in Part 2 tomorrow.)

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Channeled Interview with the Pleiadians: Galactic Bases, Interpreting Higher Dimensional Impressions and Humanity’s Creative Responsibility – trough Wes Annac, March 25, 2013



The following is an automatic writing-based “interview” with the Pleiadian High Council.

Wes Annac: Greetings on this beautiful day, dear friends. Per your suggestion at the end of our last communication, I would like to ask you about the underground bases of yours we have heard so much about. Are they associated with the Galactic Federation and/or your Councils?

The Pleiadian High Council: With warm greetings and Love to each of you absorbing this communication and to you, our dear scribe, we welcome you to our collective energies, or our “energetic abode”, as you may call it. Indeed, our bases are a part of our Federation and we act from these bases on a plethora of different missions we have set out for ourselves related to the ascension of your Earth and specifically, to the rising of the colony of Atlantis unto the surface of your beautiful planet.

Benevolent Studying & Taking Care with Sightings

We perform many actions from our underground bases and worry not, dear souls; we do not serve a malevolent purpose or agenda from within these bases and we will happily be showing them to you in the time ahead so that you can explore them and further understand exactly what we are doing. As has been said, many of us are scientists who are studying various parts of your world, and we take bases underground, within large cavernous mountains and under your oceans and even some rivers.

We cannot make ourselves known too boldly when exiting such places however, as we would not want to startle any dear human or animal soul who would not understand our presence or what our craft is, as they see us exiting our bases and in some cases literally coming up out of the water to do so.

We are very careful and cautious of course, with any facet of showing ourselves but an initial aspect of our contact with you will be for us to show you these bases and for us to explain how we have been stealthily entering and exiting them so that your militaries or any unaware soul who would be too overwhelmed by witnessing us does not know of our presence.

Observing & Mitigating “Earth Changes”

Wes: I see, thank you dear friends. So what specifically do you do in these underground bases?

PHC: We study; we explore; we make observations of the ongoing physical happenings presenting themselves that are related to the “Earth changes” many of you have heard of, which we are working to mitigate and heal altogether in the instances that we can. We work from our underground bases to make sure that no event, on your world or outside of it, can impact Life in a negative way or in one that is not in alignment with the future you are heading into.

At present, you are still dealing with a weakening force of individuals who would and have tried to orchestrate natural disasters, as well as the falling down and crashing to the Earth of obscure yet heavy “space junk”, and we have been (largely) instrumental in stopping such things. We monitor every facet of your Earth with the monitors we have in place, which we view from our Motherships, our starships and of course, from the bases we have been discussing with you.

We have also held meetings with your cabal heads, to negotiate the bringing-about of peace and abundance for every soul on your world to find a happy and easy experience of their Lives from, and the meetings that are held amongst the entirety of our Federation are at times, held in our specific underground bases.

Wes: By “your specific underground bases” do you mean bases that are specifically Pleiadian-designated?

PHC: Indeed dear soul, but we do not want it to seem as if other races are not allotted to be in our space as well! (Laughter).

Positions Constantly Changing

Yes, each race has a base under the surface of your dearest Earth and at times, we will convene amongst each other from our respective bases. Though, the “station” we are at upon communicating changes in every moment, and at times we could be speaking from a Mothership while other times we will speak from our bases.

Our positions are constantly reverberating as our mission changes or expands to include something different, and if we see the necessity to travel to a different “station” than where we would currently be, we are able to travel there instantaneously through the enhanced powers of the fifth dimensional mind and heart.

While we do use our craft to travel, we do not always use it to get where we are going and we can travel anywhere with the natural abilities that you will all discover upon ascending.

These abilities are waiting to be made known within you and while we can feel that so many of you will indeed be so very excited to explore our underground bases and the bases we have established within some of your mountains, what you will see will be easily understandable by the time you have evolved to the states of consciousness wherein you will be able to handle witnessing such things.

Our underground bases are very, what you would call, higher dimensional and just as is so with our craft sightings, we cannot overwhelm you dear souls with the pure awesomeness that is many of our bases but in the time ahead when you will have expanded and found your higher states of consciousness again, you will be able to explore and understand our bases, our ships and so many other things you will enjoy and remember exponentially.

Effects of Channeling the Higher Realms

Wes: Thank you for that, dear friends. I have to say that as I’m channeling you, I feel such a state of purity in myself; a state of bliss. Can you offer any comments as to the effect channeling has on the mind and heart of the channeler?

PHC: We would be so very happy to, dear Wesley, and you have already begun to discover what channeling the higher realms can bring forth for you, perspective-wise and feeling-wise. Yes, bliss and joy can permeate the minds and hearts of any soul who becomes opened to the higher realms and the brimming energies and communications we of the higher realms have to offer, and what you are feeling specifically dearest Wesley is the after-effect of our energies having descended down upon you and our communications having come through.

Of course, we do not wish to promote ourselves as being “holier than thou”; it is simply that we have grown into fifth dimensional states of consciousness and as such, the energies and impressions we have been able to find in ourselves are continually radiated out to every soul we come in contact with. We are in contact with you at present dearest Wesley, though you must know that there is a time “flub” between our giving and your receiving of our communications.

Working with the Distortion of Time

What we mean is that we exist outside of your concept of time and as such, are delivering our communications to realms with different and more distorted concepts and temporarily-fixed means of experiencing your Lives, which we work within the perimeters of when delivering our communications.

Wesley, you could see this communication as having already been brought forth and what you are feeling now are the impressions of our collective, having been expressed through dear SanJAsKa and through our technology that is funneling our energies through for you to absorb and pass on to your fellow awakening souls.

Wes: I see, that is very interesting dear friends. So what about when I stop channeling you? Eventually the impressions become even more “lingering” and fade away.

PHC: Indeed, because the impressions of our collective as they are brought through are very strong, and you will continue to feel the after-effects of our communications long after they have been given.

The Heart Receives, the Mind Interprets

You can and will still feel the blissful and harmonious vibrations far after the heart has received our energies, as your mind will spend the extra time decoding them and actually performing the act you would call channeling. Wesley, can you imagine that this entire communication has already been brought forth? Every question you are to ask us and every response we will give has already been given and received by your heart, and your mind is now decoding the entire communication and bringing it forth for others to absorb.

Wes: But what about the question-answer exchange? Has my heart already received the idea of the question I will ask, or is that spontaneous?

PHC: In a deeper sense dear Wesley, your heart already knows exactly what you are going to ask. So yes, your heart has already received the questions you are to ask us; not from us, but from deeper aspects of your Self who wish for you and those who will absorb this communication to know specific things about us, our activities and our technologies that are meant to garner and raise awareness as well as assist you along your processes.

A deeper part of you already knows what you are going to ask and even say to others, before you do. This is because you are all deeply-rooted and multidimensional beings, and you exist in multiple spheres of perception in this very moment.

Wes: Thank you so much for such an understandable answer, dear friends. I recognize that we were getting into complex and potentially mental territory, but I wanted a bit more information about the whole exchange. Thank you for providing it!

PHC: As you know, we are so very happy to assist and to help you reach those “aha!” moments that we know you so enjoy reaching.

The Rapidity & Progress of Free Energy’s Introduction

Wes: Thank you so very much. During our last “interview”, you said that disclosure is being given in small doses at present and that that will continue until the most brazen of manifestations commence. Are there any updates on that front?

PHC: Events are moving along at a fine pace indeed, and you will still continue to notice small and soft pieces of disclosure concerning us as well as other Earth-like planets coming out. Your organization NASA has been established as a front to hide the space activities of the cabals, and that organization has not achieved as much in decades as you are to achieve in such a small amount of time when the technologies that are on your world in this very moment are fully made known.

We wish to stress the fact that (information concerning) free energy and the devices it powers will be a strong aspect of the initial announcements and already, you are seeing many things about free energy and such devices that are showing that humanity is ready for the miracles they will provide and are not slowing down in the production of such things.

While the advances in your most recent society have largely been cabal-controlled and much of the technology you have been given is based off of our technologies and those of the Zeta race, you will notice that in just a few short decades humanity has entered a technological age of proportions perhaps unexpected in your forties and fifties. We ask you to imagine such a technological evolution magnified exponentially and brought about in a much, much smaller timeframe.

Earth’s Restoration will be Continual

By this, we mean that the most brazen and initial manifestations and technologies you will be given will not take decades upon decades to be developed. However, it is important to remember that the full restoration and repair of your world will be an ongoing process and as such, centuries will be spent on the (full) repair of the surface of Gaia but we remind you all that you will be doing the bulk of work from higher states of consciousness, with advanced technology and as a collective. (1)

Whereas Earth’s future does not seem very strong from a point of view of not understanding our presence and the assistance we are here to offer you, the future you are entering into is indeed much more wonderful and advanced than you could possibly expect, and we expect for humanity to be delighted with what you will turn your world into after the initial manifestations are brought forth and some of the harder truths to digest are given and collectively digested.

Crystal-Planet Revelations & Native Home-Planet Bases

More revelations about planets made of diamond and crystal will begin to surface in your mainstream media, and science and spirituality will merge dramatically as more and more revelations are exposed and while some of you feel as if nothing is happening on the surface of your beautiful world at present, nothing could be farther from the truth and this truth is becoming apparent to anyone who looks at how events on the world stage are progressing.

Wes: Thank you so much, dear friends. I think I’ll ask one more question before having you wrap this up: do you have underground bases on your respective home planets too?

PHC: Indeed we do; we have underground bases and bases clearly on the surface of our worlds, and the bases we have established on, in and around your dear planet are connected via a stargate with the bases and ships of our respective races and planets.

We maintain a constant connection with each other, and in the bases on our home planets we perform many of the same or similar tasks we are performing for your world, for our planets.

Indeed, in the fifth dimension (and beyond) we do still monitor things, as nothing will ever shift out of control and no negative potentials exist as they do on your Earth, but we still keep an eye on every facet of our worlds via our bases and via the natural connection you will all discover with every facet of the Life around you whenever you open up to the states of consciousness we are delightfully speaking to you from.

If only, dear scribe, we could launch into a full explanation of our home planets and the various structures and bases on our planets and their purposes, but we will express that many of you who are a part of our Ground Crew and who are absorbing this communication have been exposed to and worked in our bases; both on your Earth and on our (worlds).

Taking Responsibility for your Creations

Wes: Many thanks for the answer, dear friends. I’ll go ahead and let you speak uninterrupted for a while before wrapping this up.

PHC: You have our full appreciation and gratitude, dear Wesley. Beautiful awakening souls, we ask you to open yourselves up to the possibility of truly anything happening for you, because you have entered a time in your evolution where you have been given full Creative control of absolutely everything that manifests in your realities.

Previously, more control of your manifestations was given to subconscious or ascended aspects of your Selves who helped you to steer your Creations in certain ways, but you have been initiated into much purer states of consciousness and this has begun to become evident for so very many of you who are finding harmoniously pure and vibrant states of consciousness permeating every aspect of your being and every cell in your beautiful, evolving bodies.

As you have reached this stage in your evolution, you are truly able to Create and do anything you wish and while for some this may seem as a scary notion, we say that your Creation powers are truly anything but scary as you are casting aside old shackles and illusory limitations that have attempted to teach you that you could not Create your realities and that control of them must be relinquished to those aspects of your Selves who have been happily assisting you for so very long.

Now, you are realizing the illusion that has been cast over you and you are asking for the responsibility of your own Creations back, and with a full responsibility for what you Create will come near-instant manifestation. Absolutely everything you put your energy into or sew for yourselves to experience will come back at you, and we ask for you to aim your positive and Lighted vibrations to any facet of your world or your personal Lives that you feel needs improvement.

Collectively Convening & Frequency-Based Technology

We have and will continue to discuss your power as a collective body, and we will forever encourage your collective mediating and meditating upon so very many issues facing your world at present that too many souls do not understand will be easily solvable with the technology waiting in the wings to be utilized.

This technology we speak of has been shelved and used only for the benefit of the souls who have shelved it, and higher frequency technology with a plethora of benefits has been distorted into lower frequency technology that is used to initiate natural disasters, among dong so many other things that are out of resonation with the peaceful new paradigm you are entering and building in every moment.

Our perspective of events playing out on your world breeds a natural understanding of how quickly events are to manifest once the initial disclosures and revelations are brought about, and this is in part why we are so easily able to continually encourage you and let you know that things on your world truly are changing for the better based upon your collective and individual actions, thoughts and intents in any and every moment.

Enjoy your Experience

Enjoy the experience playing out before you, dear souls, for it is unique and absolutely unlike any other lower dimensional experience that can be had.

Those of you who have accessed and found the Light within have done an enormous and amazing thing indeed, and you are welcomed to enjoy the new perspective you are breeding for yourselves as you see so many aspects of your Earth that reflect the natural, uplifted and harmonious vibrations of the fifth dimension, which is descending upon your current third and fourth dimensional realities as you all grow further and further toward it.

Oh dear souls, so much beauty, harmony and joy await you and while the experiences you’re currently having can indeed be difficult and painful, your transmutation of every last bit of pain, anger and fear will see you Living a Life of joy and bliss unlike anything you have expected to Live.

No lower dimensionality will exist in your minds or hearts any longer, and what were previously clogged-up chakras will brim with the higher dimensional energy so many of you are just beginning to re-familiarize yourselves with. We leave you with our Love and our sincere appreciation for your attunement to our frequencies and impressions during this communication.

You will see us on your surface, when the collective vibrations are sufficiently lightened for us to be able to make ourselves and our technology known. Until then, continue to raise and refine your own personal vibrations, for doing so is affecting the collective much more than you would expect or realize.

Thank you to the Pleiadian High Council.  



(1)-We should remember that upon growing into higher states of consciousness, we will no longer run along the distortion of time and will do all of the work we will do from such states of consciousness, in the never-ending moment of Now. I think that the PHC were using the term “centuries” to describe just how ongoing the repairing of the Earth is to be, and not as a literal marker or as a means to suggest that we will still exist under the distortion of time for centuries. I am of the belief that we will not.

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