Massive Operation Underway & State of Emergency for All Forces of the Light, January 6th, 2018

 by Christine Preston,

Christine: My I Am Presence and André, my ascended twin flame, have informed me, yesterday, January 5, that a Massive Operation is Underway. Archangel Michael and Andre also have communicated to me that a world State of Emergency is in position for the forces of Heaven, or all working for, or with, the forces of the Light [it’s not a Galactic state of emergency but one to do with the earthly system].
The other day after I received a dictation from Saint Germain, I posted a message as he communicated with me again [I will copy repeat that message here at the end of this message]. In the evening, Archangel Michael told me that we are in a State of Emergency, and that my ascended twin flame, André, would not be communicating because he is involved with this, with Ashtar Command, the Andromedans’ activities etc. Then yesterday, he did communicate with me a little but just to confirm that there is a general State of Emergency for the whole world.
Also I am booked with the ascended Lady Master Clare de Lys who was Elizabeth Clare Prophet, on Sunday, for a dictation. David C. Lewis, who channels her, has given the correct spelling for her name and I shall check later on the HeartsCentre website. It’s either LIS or LYS. It was January 5, yesterday, and the night before I heard a voice asking me if I could be given dictation on Sunday. I asked who it was and if it was Elizabeth C Prophet because I had felt the information that it was her, and only asked to get it confirmed. She said ‘Not exactly as I now go by the name of Clare de Lys’. I was stunned with the fact it was her, and was not answering, so she asked if I could answer the question.

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