Unlocking Your Blocked Heart Chakra = Emotional Freedom Video



I have something important to share with you…

You Are About To Discover How Unlocking Your Blocked Heart Chakra Is The Hidden DOORWAY To Manifesting What You Truly Desire And Transforming Your Life…

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Did you know that research in the past two decades has shown that the heart is an information processing center that can learn, remember, and act independently of the cranial brain and actually connect and send signals to key brain areas such as the amygdala, thalamus, and hypothalamus, which regulate our perceptions and emotions.

It seems we have a second “brain” in our chest.

Far more than a simple pump, as was once believed, the heart is now recognized by scientists as a highly complex system with its own functional “brain.”

With the seven keys that I give you, you will come to know exactly how to open one of your seven main chakra points in your body—the heart chakra.

The heart chakra is the center in which we feel emotions like love, generosity, self-awareness, joy, pain and even happiness.

When this chakra point is blocked, not only do you close off your feelings, you feel completely neutral about the things you should love and feel connected with.

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