Prepare For Change: ‘A Cobra Interview…’ October 18, 2015

Prepare For Change: ‘A Cobra Interview at 10-13-15…’ October 18, 2015

10-18-15 Cobra: The Disclosure Chronicles – The Creation – Part 1

An Interview by Prepare for Change
October 18, 2015 by Dane Arr


Cobra is a Pleiadian contactee and has been in contact with the underground for over 35 years. He has been told to remain anonymous by The Resistance and has ongoing communications with beings from Planet X that assist The Resistance Movement. As an earthly representative of the Agarthan network and the light forces, he strives to prepare humanity for the up and coming event horizon.

In Part 1, we will go back to the beginning of humanity and ask Cobra basic questions about our REAL history: Just what is a soul, spirit, enlightenment, laws of creation, evil, sin, chakras, galaxy, universe, higher beings, spirit connection and much more. These rapid fire questions to Cobra come back with as much speed as the questions are given. Clearly these answers are well known to Cobra.

In Part 2 we will invite questions you have about The Creation from our listening audience. Go to the “Cobra Questions” page.

Interview Transcript:

Cobra: The Disclosure Chronicles – The Creation-Part 1
An Interview by Prepare for Change
October 13, 2015

Lynn – Welcome ladies and gentlemen to another episode of radio show.  I’m your host Lynn, chair of the healing group at  Today my co-host is Richard a long time member and contributor to  If you appreciate our shows that are on carrying subjects to support your health, well being, spirituality, environment, governmental and society subjects, please  go to and use the donate button in the right hand column to help support our worthwhile organization.

To begin with, I would like to recognize the members of this media team that make this show a success.  DaNell for her transcription of the show, Rique Seraphico for his skill at editing and voice modulation, my brother Aaron for his technical ability with the audio recording and Dov for his beautiful contribution of our theme song; Voices of the world. Today’s special guest is Cobra (

If you’re not familiar with Cobra, please go to and listen to the archives of the first show of this series, introduction to the disclosure chronicles.  Today we will start with some current event questions and then move into our series entitled;  The disclosure chronicles, In the beginning.


Welcome Cobra to our show #2 in this series.  OK, so we’ll will start with our current event questions, Cobra. (OK)

Lynn – Yesterday on Monday Oct 12th Benjamin Fulford reported that the U.S. military took over the Federal Reserve Board? Can you verify that this is a true report?

COBRA –  I can not confirm that information

Lynn – OK.  If it is correct.  I’m happy about that.

COBRA – I would not say this is correct at this point.

Lynn – Many changes in the middle east this month.  It seems that the main terrorist sponsoring countries of the planet such as Israel, Saudi Arabia and Turkey are being isolated.  The entire American Military might is retreating from the Middle East and the Russians seem to be taking over the entire area and crushing ISIL with force, killing their leader within 2 weeks of bombing them.  Why has all of this shift occurred in such a dramatic way?

COBRA – It has been planned in secrecy for quite some time.  And it had to be done in the right moment and the right moment came and Putin was able to delivery his speech to the U.N. to prepare the international . . . silent support for his mission.  The long planning of the Eastern alliance to make this happen.

Lynn – So this really wasn’t all of a sudden, it was planned out.

COBRA – It was not all of a sudden, it was a part of the long term plan.

Lynn – OK.  Great.  Can you tell us what the purpose of the White dragons are related to the liberation of the planet.

COBRA – The White dragons is an umbrella term that actually describes  various dragon factions.  And each of the dragon factions have their own role in the liberation process.  Some of them are more political, some of them are concerned with the creation of the alternative

financial system and some of them are doing more spiritual work in the transformation itself.

Lynn – I have a second question about the Dragons and it’s on the Gold dragons and the Blue dragons.  Can you define their differences and their specific roles?

COBRA – I would say that the Blue Dragons are the spiritual side.  They are the ones who have been contacted by the Agarthan network many hundreds of years ago and their spiritual power comes from that connection with the Agarthan network. The Gold Dragons or I would say the Yellow dragons are the ones trying to bring positive change in the political structure in the East and gradually with their connection for the Templars also in the West.

Lynn – Thank you.  Is it true that government employees that have moved over to helping the light forces, are they being replaced by A.I. to keep the cabal agenda going?

COBRA – No, no.

Lynn – So none of that is correct.

COBRA – No it is not correct.

Lynn – Wonderful.  OK.  How would you define Cloning?

COBRA – Cloning is a process where you can create an exact genetic copy of a certain living being by reproducing DNA and also manipulating DNA in a way that can create improved version of the old original.  So it’s both, it’s a exact copying and improved copying of the original.

Lynn – Do clones have  normal ‘feelings’ like ‘curiosity’ and ‘concerns’ like ‘normal’ humans do?

COBRA – Clones are not much different from regular humans because in a cloned body you need to put a soul, so cloned body without a soul is just a piece of bad meat.  You have to ensoul the clone by putting the soul, a living being into that body.

Lynn – Is cloning negative or positive.

COBRA – Depending on the purpose behind it.  It can be both…

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