Be the Master You Came to be ~ in Your Life and in Your World…


Step into Your Mastery

Be the Master You Came to be ~ in Your Life and in Your World


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Be Initiated into Claiming Your Mastery to Walk the Earth as a Living Master

Ascended Master Kuthumi:
“In order to Be the Change, you must be a Master living as your Presence”

This is an invitation to step into your mastery and truly walk the Earth as a living Master. Then positive change will unfold everywhere you go and with everything you touch. This is your ultimate destiny on Earth. Are you ready to walk as a Master and truly Be the Change you want to see in the world?

You are invited to a Reunion of Awakened Souls at the time of the Spring Equinox to Be The Change. The Masters tell us we must step into being a Master to Be the Change we want to see in the world. In our four days together you will be initiated by the Masters to claim your mastery. This is the only way you can be the change. We invite you to participate.

Master Kuthumi and Lady Claire:
“Within the core of your being, you are here to be the change. That is your reason for being. You are here to be the active expression and creativity of the Presence of God on the Earth plane. You came to be the change.

“It is time to stop making excuses for not being all that you are and all that you came to be and all that you came to manifest on the physical plane. Why else are you here? Why else would those of us that are seen as the Ascended Masters be spending this time with you except to inspire you to remember you are here to be the change and to create those changes in co-creation with us and with others. That is why you are here. That is what you have come to do.

“We have been waiting for you to awaken and say:
‘I want to be who I came to be. I want to do what I came to do. I don’t want to waste this lifetime. I want it to be meaningful. I want it to be a demonstration of my part in the Divine Blueprint for humanity and for the Earth herself. And that’s only going to happen when I am willing to be that change and that demonstration for humanity.’

“This is what wayshowers do. This is what the Christ within each of you is being invited to do. To awaken to that place within you that knows you have a part to play in the grand scheme of things, to know you are that Light in the darkness, that candle that allows others to see they too can be the Light of the world. The Light of the world is lit one candle at a time. And when that candle is lit, you will see through the darkness of time why you are here and how you have come to be the change. Know, beloveds, you have all that it takes to make a true difference in the world.”

It is time for you to come on stage with your wand of Light and to demonstrate the gifts of your Presence that you have come to bring into the world. This is your appointed time to manifest your mastery and to make your spiritual dreams come true on the physical plane.

It is not life as usual; it is now life in the accelerated fast lane. Each person must come into their own power, their own blueprint, their own reason for not only wanting to be the change, but Being The Change!

The year 2015 is a turning point for humanity as there is great urgency for the planet and humanity to make a shift into unity consciousness and the 5th dimension.

It’s as though a train has stopped in your town and it is saying “all aboard”. You have a ticket, but now you must step upon the platform, you must take your place on this train, so you can live as your Presence and manifest as your Presence to Be the Change You Would Like to See in yourself, in your relationships, in your community and in your world.

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