An Update on the Ongoing World Power Shakeup

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Wealth that EnslavesNo global currency reset YET, that I see, but a lot has been happening during the past two days, toward ending our enslavement.  If you want the important news, which by my definition is what is happening that is affecting the Transformation and New Earth, you can get it on the links on the right side panel of the New Earth blog.  I’m only hitting a few highlights, to call to your attention how big the news is this week.  I want you to have an understanding without negativity, lies and omissions of mainstream news.  Please continue to follow on these or other real news sites that you find.

AIIB France Germany Italy JoinThis was posted on the Guardian 20 hours before the NY Times posted it.  See!

Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank: France, Germany and Italy said to join

The Event Chronicle continues to keep up with the banking saga.  Below, their story tells…

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