The Lie We Live – video

Published january 27, 2015

Exposing the truth about our corrupt world. My name is Spencer Cathcart and this is a short documentary film I made & wrote. NOTE: For unknown reasons Facebook blocked the short link so to share you have to paste the full link: It’s also available on my Facebook page:

In the video I question our freedom, the education system, corporations, money, the American capitalist system, the US government, world collapse, the environment, climate change, genetically modified food, and our treatment of animals.

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Songs used:
1) Iron Dragon – Alliance
2) Dynasty – Initiative – CMX
3) Above All – Petteri Sainio
4) Fringe Authority – Fan Boys – CMX
5) Immediate Music – Overcome Anything
6) Confidential Music – Paradise Lost
7) Heart of the Rebellion – Fan Boys – CMX


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Rainbow Phoenix: ‘Our Negative Inner Programming…’ March 6, 20 15

Rainbow Phoenix: ‘Our Negative Inner Programming…’ March 6, 2015

These negative program templates that exist in the mindset and psyche of humanity are so deep, so ingrained that most humans never ever stop to think that their attitudes are already pre-shaped because of that which is the collective attitude held by humanity, that life is a hard go and that only bad things can really be expected and you are not to believe in positive goals and outcomes.

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That which is Cosmic Awareness is available, please proceed.

Thank you. Today is March 6, 2015.

Thank you for being with us today for the RainbowPhoenix membership session of March 6th. Will Berlinghof is the Voice for your messages,
Joan Mills is the questioner and energizer. The Law of Light, the Law of Love, the Law of Unity and the Law of Gratitude have been invoked. Is there an Opening Message or any
event you would like to discuss please at this time? Thank you.

That this Awareness does have an opening message, a general opening message. That this Awareness has been talking about the programming that humans go through and receive.
This programming commences even before the birth into the physical, into third dimensionality. But it certainly could be said that the programming a human goes through begins at the very beginning, begins at the cradle and goes throughout one’s life, right until the end. Therefore the programming of humans is that which could be said to be cradle-tograve.
It is of such a nature that most never realize that they are programmed to think in a certain way, to respond in a certain way, to energize their lives in a certain way. It is the
programming that constitutes the outline of life on this planet and the expectations one might have as to what will or will not occur, what can or cannot happen.

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March 20th – Melchizedek and the Great White Brotherhood

Sacred Ascension - Key of Life - Secrets of the Universe

pyramidsintheskyGreetings Everyone! Before I begin a channeling that I have received from the Great White Brotherhood, I would like to add a personal note.

I hope you are all doing FANTASTICALLY AWESOME! With the solar eclipse fast approaching I know I have found myself in an insanely turbulent moments. I was plunged back into 3D and had to find my way back, over and over again, and when I finally did, I would realize that yet again I was being showcased what the rest of humanity will soon be going through, and prepared to assist everyone by knowing what it feels like to have “been there”. I know that ALL of you are experiencing this more or less, as we are being taught various “tricks of the trade” so to speak, to assist others to move through these changes with ease.

My computer crashed and decided to stay with the old…

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GaiaPortal’s Message Means New Earthlings Are on Track!

The New Earth Blog ~ Living in the New Energy

News from Gaia Portal gets better and better!  I think it is important to get this message to you right away, so that you won’t misinterpret the news today and the rest of this week, and fall into fear.  I hope you can share with others the Good News of what is really happening beneath the surface news.  It’s the push of all into a very happy New Earth paradise.

My comments are in orange.

Telechronics have activated within Gaia Hue-manity


gaia_energy1Telechronics have activated within Gaia Hue-manity.

The timing of our Transformation is back on track inside Earth’s Hue-manity, according to the Divine project of Earth, planned so very long ago.

Stasis is ended.

Stasis is lack of movement.  Shift’s hitting the fan!  People can’t fail to notice.

Rapidity of hu-being upgrades is noted.

The sleepers are awakening rapidly and are going through the changes the rest of…

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An Update on the Ongoing World Power Shakeup

The New Earth Blog ~ Living in the New Energy

Wealth that EnslavesNo global currency reset YET, that I see, but a lot has been happening during the past two days, toward ending our enslavement.  If you want the important news, which by my definition is what is happening that is affecting the Transformation and New Earth, you can get it on the links on the right side panel of the New Earth blog.  I’m only hitting a few highlights, to call to your attention how big the news is this week.  I want you to have an understanding without negativity, lies and omissions of mainstream news.  Please continue to follow on these or other real news sites that you find.

AIIB France Germany Italy JoinThis was posted on the Guardian 20 hours before the NY Times posted it.  See!

Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank: France, Germany and Italy said to join

The Event Chronicle continues to keep up with the banking saga.  Below, their story tells…

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In Preparation for Vernal Equinox, 2015: Understanding the Illusion of NOW

the celestial team

Judith here. You have heard it all, I’m sure… what a powerful week we are in… that we’re actually planting seeds that will become our future for the next several years… that only after six months or so will they have germinated enough for us to even SEE what we have sown.

Sounds like an enormous responsibility, doesn’t it, having such total sovereign authority over our lives (even if it’s what we thought we wanted, lol)– especially for those who’ve been feeling pretty crappy about some things that are going on in their lives these days. If you, by any chance, might be one of them…

First of all you’re not alone. There are about five billion others who feel pretty crappy about something or other, just like you do. (Some even feel a whole lot crappier than you do, btw.) Second of all, whatever is manifesting NOW…

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