Disclosure of the ‘Unique pictures from UFO above the Amstel River in Amsterdam…!’

Disclosure of the unique pictures from UFO above the Amstel River in Amsterdam…!
Yes, it is light we see above the river, but only the reflection of the roomlight in the cityhall…





The article on http://www.hewat.nl :
“Is this the prove of the existence of extraterrestrials? Maybe these are  the best and clearest pictures of an UFO until now. It seems the pictures are not photoshopped…”

This article was published March 14 on www.hewat.nl

More searching on the net learns us that the UFO seems to be more a reflection from the light in the window of the councilhall in the  Amsterdam Stoperabuilding.

It seems that the pictures are made in the town hall from the inside to the outside, and the reflection of the lights on the glass of the windows were taken on the picture too. So the pictures are not fake.

It seems also that these pictures are made in January 2012.

These picture below of the innerside of the council chamber of the town hall was taken during the ‘Open Innovation Festival 2010’.


Raadzaal Amsterdam tijdens ‘Open Innovation Festival 2010’


And this picture was made in 2013.

Kroonluchter raadzaal Amsterdam

Kroonluchter raadzaal Amsterdam


Kroonluchter raadszaal stadhuis Gemeente Amsterdam

Kroonluchter raadzaal stadhuis Gemeente Amsterdam