FTW Answers All Your Questions About The QEG

FTW Answers All Your Questions About The QEG…

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FAQsFrequently Asked Questions Regarding the QEG

After answering so many questions over the course of the QEG Project, we thought it was time to put together an FAQ page on our website. Below is a compilation of answers to the most common questions we receive.  What is the QEG Project? How much does a QEG cost? Where can I buy a QEG? Is the QEG a scam (hoax)? How much money have you spent on the QEG project? Does the QEG work? What is the relationship between FTW, WITTS and the QEG? Does the QEG violate the laws of physics and why does my university instructor tell me this technology is impossible? Why is it taking so long? What is the specific problem that you are having to reach self running on the QEG? Can you Answer a technical question regarding the QEG? Where can I see your reports on…

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