The Portal: ‘Cobra’s February Monthly Update, Meditation Videos and Conferences…’ February 27, 2015

You might want to listen to the February monthly update Cobra interview by Rob Potter or read the transcript there:

Or listen to the Youtube version here:

You can send your questions to and many of them will be answered in the next monthly update interview.

Youtube versions of the Weekly Liberation meditation are now also available in:






Chinese (simplified):

And Chinese (traditional):

There is a great need to create a communications hub for all Event Support groups and Sisterhood of the Rose Groups worldwide.

The provisional hub is here:

Many Event Support Groups coordinate through Facebook. Their list is here:

One potential future hub for Event Support / Sisterhood of the Rose groups is here:

Just after total solar eclipse, right on the equinox, we will be having our first European Breakthrough conference. You are more than welcome to join us on March 21st and 22nd in Konstanz, Germany:

Konstanz is a beautiful German town, situated on the edge of Lake Constance, which is one of the biggest Goddess vortexes in Europe.

There are more Breakthrough conferences planned in the near future and they will be announced when all details are finalized.

The Breakthrough is near!

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