Several Cities of Light Will Manifest in the Coming Days

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City of Light 3

Breaking News!!! The Agarthan High Council of Light Came to Us Today

byGeorgi StankovPosted on

The Inner Earth Agartha Has Merged with the Surface Earth Today.

The Agarthans Have Arrived on The Surface Earth Now.

Today They Announced Officially Their Imminent Appearance in Front of Humanity to Carla and Myself.

Several Cities of Light will Manifest in the Coming Days on Selected Places of This Earth.

by Georgi Stankov, December 5, 2014


We’ve already seen (Something for Which to Be Especially Thankful) that unexplained Light shows are being seen around the world, over various places.  Recent energetic upticks and shifts have brought more Light into Earth’s energetic grid and into ourselves.  The energies feel almost like a drum beat, marching us forward, approaching hard-core New Earth.

City of Light 2The energetic clearing and build-up of November is continuing.  Various facets of Light…

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