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Selacia’s Article: Be Calm in October’s Eclipse Storm

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Be Calm in October’s Eclipse Storm
by Selacia
A sailor on a long voyage naturally would pay attention to a threatening red sky at sunrise, knowing bad weather might be developing. Being far from shore, he would know to call upon his training and intuitive smarts to effectively meet the storm. Like the sailor, you are on a very long journey – it is your life unfolding as you have a multitude of experiences over time. There will be storms, there will be happy times, and there will be moments when you feel like you are in limbo and waiting for something. With awareness and honed skills, you can learn to master navigation of all three types. Sometimes you can be in an unsettling storm cycle that has more to do with energy than the weather. Those energy storms can be so encompassing, they impact you and everyone on the planet. In fact, you will experience lots of those during these years of massive revolutionary changes on the Earth.

10/8 and 10/23 Eclipses

To shift global consciousness so dramatically with this many people living here establishes a seemingly relentless underlying tone of uncertainty and angst. Against that background is the added intensity catalyzed during an eclipse season like October’s. This month we have two – a full moon lunar eclipse 10/8 and a new moon solar eclipse 10/23.

As I wrote about last week, October’s energies will involve a lot of fire and volatility. Some of the intensity you will feel relates to the eclipse cycle, felt across the planet as it’s a global phenomenon. If you are one of those people who become more sensitive or emotional at the full moon, having an eclipse that same day can amplify those responses.

Knowing in advance about these energies, including the specific peak dates they occur, can help you to be mindful as you respond to everyday situations. Find and come back to a sense of calm by regularly centering yourself and asking for a higher view of situations. Use whatever tools you have – like the sailor on a choppy sea would – and remember your common sense.

Don’t get too attached to dates, either. Any significant planetary energy event will have reverberations in advance and beyond the peak date. Energies can build for a number of weeks before an eclipse. That’s why some people have been feeling restless, agitated, anxious for the next new thing to unfold, or perhaps an impending sense of doom.

A Push for Big Change

Eclipses are not bad, evil, or negative. However, they are moments in time when energetic forces push us to change things, often in a big way! It really can feel like a hurricane is barreling through – fueling your inner urges for transformation.

Since there’s a lot in your life you likely want to change, why not use the energies of these two eclipses as beneficial fuel to rethink how you live? Take a deep look, too, at your identity – update it to reflect who you are now and include qualities you are honing to be an even better you.

Do not let the world define you. Allow your inner divine spark to continually push you into being more of your true authentic self. As you consciously respond to that push, you can become free.

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