Golden Age of Gaia Update: ‘Witness or Lightworker? and more…’, June 23, 2014

In This Update..

Witness or Lightworker?

Posted by Steve Beckow

Sun 234Are we all here on mission or only some? Does the fact that we reincarnated today mean we must be on mission?

The question came up recently in an offline conversation. I haven’t been able to shake the subject since.

I think that everyone here today chose to incarnate because they were convinced that something special was going to happen in this lifetime.

Some may have seen it as Redemeption, others as the end times, others as Jesus coming in the clouds. The form the vision takes or took is purely secondary. The fact that it anticipates Ascension is primary. I think people at some level knew something was happening. I think they are here to bear witness to these times.

I also think that they’re the largest group on Earth today. Let me call them “witnesses.”

I further think that a much smaller group is also here today and is actually “on mission.” I call them “lightworkers.” What’s the difference between the two?

I call “lightworkers” people who volunteered for such “heavy-lifting” assignments as opposing the cabal who brought us 9/11, fostering Disclosure, managing the flow of abundance, building Nova Earth, ushering in the tsunami of love, preparing for Ascension, etc.

I also call “lightworkers” those who chose to stay apprized of events and hold the space, light, and love for them to occur.

I further call “lightworkers” those who provided other services to those on mission because they were holding down their own fort. Someone has to raise the kids.

We lightworkers are here and, in partnership with the Company of Heaven, we’re on the brink of success.

But I have a relative who’s allegedly holding on so as to witness Ascension, though on dialysis and suffering from multiple conditions. At soul level, he wants to see the glad day, Archangel Michael told me. But on an everyday level of consciousness, I don’t think he’s aware of very much and he’s managing a great deal of pain.

I don’t see my relative as actively being “on mission” in regards to these goals (yes, he may be clearing for the collective) but I do accept and honour the fact that he wanted to be here to bear witness to these times. And evidently he will, I’m told. And I’m thrilled for him!

Perhaps it’s only wish fulfilment and perhaps it’s only the vision I’m holding. But I see us on Earth today as running the gamut from those who are aware of Ascension to some degree on some level to those who are actually working on Ascension. And yay to us all! I am so thrilled and grateful to be here at this time.

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Soul Contracts and Life Reviews – Part 2/4

Posted by Steve Beckow

Soul Messages(Continued from Part 1.)

Family Roles

SaLuSa tells us that “other souls that take an important role in your life are chosen for you, and you meet them as ‘arranged’ although it may well appear to be a random event.”

“Be assured that whoever enters your life where it has any strong and lasting effect is part of your life plan. …

“Nothing happens by chance although you are often convinced that it is the case. Without planning it would be impossible to ensure you experienced exactly what you needed to evolve.” (1)

A family agreement,” he reveals, “is made with all souls’ unconditional love for each other.”

“Because the agreement is designed to benefit every participant, some are the ‘heavies’ for their own balancing, which enables the others to experience what they need to achieve balance, and all can move forward in soul growth.” (2)

Matthew reminds us that, conscious or not of their role, all family members are responsible for their actions.

“None of the participants consciously knows the role he or she chose and all are responsible only for their personal decisions and actions. You cannot control the actions of the family members you feel are in darkness, but you can control your reactions – reacting within the light lets lightheartedness flow within and radiate outward to all around you.” (3)

The fact that “families often stick together through many incarnations playing out different roles each time … can explain why some families are so close together and have a very strong bond,” SaLuSa reveals.

“If for example you choose to have a close relationship with a soul that is not part of your life plan, it will not develop into anything more serious. In such circumstances you have two souls involved and beyond a friendly relationship, neither can go beyond that level of relationship. Naturally in the course of your lifetime you have many friends that come and go, but they may not have any specific influence.” (4)

Role of the Ego and Free Will

“We hear some question where freewill comes in,” SaLuSa tells us. (5) Whenever the subject of a planned life comes up, the question of freewill seems to come up soon after it.

“Certainly you have freewill, but at the same time you have undertaken a certain life plan that is your path for any one incarnation. It is to ensure that you progress in a sensible manner as quickly as possible.” (6)

We wouldn’t have a plan if we had not exercised our freewill to create it before incarnating, he points out. “But the final word is with you.” (7)

Archangel Uriel through Jennifer Hoffman explains how cooperation between the soul and the ego or personality works.

“The soul and ego create an agreement for each lifetime in which the soul provides the opportunities for learning and healing that the ego agrees to complete. There is no final agreement as to the outcome for that is within the realm of the ego and free will.

“There is an opportunity to express the soul’s intention for the highest and best outcome but the ego must be able to release its attachment to the energies that it has created and willing to raise its vibration for this to occur. Often this agreement becomes a battle of the ego and free will against the soul and the life journey becomes challenging. …

“When the ego forgets its soul agreement its journey becomes ‘soul-less’, without the soul’s partnership. It tries to battle the darkness with its own darkness instead of connecting to the light within. Then life becomes a journey of fear, lack and confusion.” (8)

What’s missing when life becomes a fearful journey “is the light of the soul, which is available to the ego when it is willing to share the journey and to be open to the possibility of life beyond fear, because by itself it is not aware of that as a potential.”

“The ego must be convinced that beyond this trial and part of the journey is a new beginning because it does not know that… What you can become is the promise of the soul when you allow it to participate on your journey and co-create your healing journey.” (9)

How We Work with Our Soul Contract

Matthew Ward reveals that, while “every soul incarnates light-filled and with specific missions that it chose prior to birth,” it then forgets.

“The infant knows its godself and the missions in its lifetime soul contract, but all memory of that knowledge is forgotten as the baby adjusts to a dense body and adapts to parental expectations; as the child grows older, it encounters influences from other authority figures, too, and peers.” (10)

The forgetfulness, which is at conscious level only, Matthew says, “is part of the grand design that offers the person learning experiences; and all along the way, the soul sends messages to the consciousness in the form of conscience, intuition, instinct and other types of guidance in accordance with contract choices.” (11)

He advises us that our “instincts and intuition, your soul’s guidance to your consciousness … nudge you into avenues that … you chose to experience during this lifetime.” (12) And so he recommends that we listen to and make decisions on the basis of them.

“Persons who heed those messages live true to their lifetime purpose and retain their light. The light starts to dim in those who ignore their souls’ messages, and if they continue to pay no heed to that guidance, they stray farther and farther from their chosen missions and their light keeps diminishing until only the spark that is their life force remains.” (13)

We’re always attended by guides, but they cannot always interfere, he tells us.

“Remember that you always have your helpers around you, and they are ready to assist you when help is needed. However, it is not their place to impose themselves upon you, and you need to ask for help to get a response. It may not always be exactly as you desire and remember that there is always your life plan to consider.” (14)

Life plans do change when circumstances arise that were not foreseen that have become part of our experiences, SaLuSa advises. Sometimes the changes are not beneficial, but “on other occasions they may take you forward quicker than anticipated.” (15)

And, Matthew relates, we can petition to amend our soul contract.

“A petition to amend one’s soul contract is done at soul level, because only at that level can it be known if the person’s life circumstances are harsher than the experiencing chosen prior to birth. It is on the basis of excessive suffering that the petitions are granted.” (16)

We may face the same challenge repeatedly until we learn the lesson it contains and progress spiritually. Further experiences, SaLuSa explains, “can cover any area of your life plan that has not been successful.” (17)

What we agree to manage in any one lifetime, SaLuSa tells us, is usually “only as much as [we] can handle.” (18)

Thus the sacred journey from God to God forms an arc, but it also has a secondary characteristic as a spiral in that we repeatedly return to the same circumstances until we’ve learned the lesson they contain.

Finally, higher development allows us more say in our future soul contracts, he explains: “Life is all about experiences, and once you rise up out of the lower dimensions you will have more say in where your future incarnations take you.” (19)

Thus, while we orchestrated our lives prior to incarnating, how we respond to the situations we wrote into our script remains our choice. We wrote in relationships with all the important actors in our lives. We receive soul promptings as to wise choices and so long as we respond to them the light in our lives increases; when we ignore them, it decreases. While we can change our life plan, we’ll keep returning to the same lessons over and over again until we learn them successfully.

Tomorrow we’ll look at what karma really is: not punishment for mistakes but further opportunities to learn valuable spiritual lessons and progress.


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Hilarion via Marlene Swetlishoff: Intend That the Changes Must Be For the Good of All

Posted by Andrea Scully

hilarion2Hilarion, channeled by Marlene Swetlishoff, June 22-29, 2014,

Beloved Ones,

There has been a great influx of the energy of love and compassion which has been directed from the hearts of many light-workers around the world as they joined together in unity to bring about beneficent changes in the monetary systems of the Earth and within the hearts of humanity. And this energy has been magnified by the ascended realms as requested by many.

As mentioned before, the changes occurring on Earth are wrought in peaceful ways that carry the higher vibrational impact in a vision which include the intent that the changes must be for the highest good of all.

The impetus of this activity will now filter down to effect changes within the hearts of those who have long controlled the world’s systems in a self-serving way. When many are gathered together with focused intent for the highest good of all, there is nothing that can long delay the desired outcome.

The creation of a new world is being intended by those who carry the spark of the Creator strongly within their hearts. These ones are remembering that this is a part of the mission they came to implement in voluntary service to the Divine Plan. They are realizing that change begins with their input, and that they must take peaceful and loving action personally in order to bring these changes into manifestation.

They understand that appearances as they play out are not what really is, and they maintain their higher vision. The qualities of faith, hope and determination can move mountains, and this will become more noticeable as the events envisioned come into manifestation in the every day life of humanity. We of the ascended realms bow to all who work together in unity in these ways and encourage more efforts such as these to take place with regularity.

The Goddess energy is permeating the atmosphere of Earth and all her inhabitants, and this will affect humanity in surprising ways that will uplift the hearts of the majority of people on the planet. As greater balance of the divine feminine and masculine energies takes place within each soul, there will be balance in their outer world as well.

The intent and desire to live in a peaceful and prosperous world will come into fruition for humanity. This vision is required to be maintained and affirmed each day by all who understand the power that they wield by such activity. Let them also understand that they do not stand alone in this effort; that many unseen forces are assisting and encouraging this work to continue.

It is the inner thought processes of humanity that meld together to create their reality, and when more people realize this, the changes to their world will be phenomenal. It is most important to join minds to recreate a new type of civilization that will serve all upon the planet.

As more people become governed by spirit, they begin to release and let go of all that has been holding them back from pursuing their dreams with passion. Their desires will be in alignment with their soul’s natural inclinations, and they will begin to move into their best role in the new world that is being created.

Each person will live each day by following their natural passions and that which brings them joy, and this will help in creating a synchronistic and harmonious lifestyle for each. There are as many paths to the new world as there are souls upon it, and all are needed in their communities as these come into manifestation. They must be open to sharing with others and helping each other share their particular gifts, as each is needed to contribute in the best way for all.

As people in the new world are unfolding their inner capabilities, they are beginning to have a greater ability to discern the intentions of others, and are able to more easily deflect these frequencies and energies from interfering with the direction they have set for themselves and their world.

Keeping focus on their higher aspirations will ensure that only those who are in tune with their intentions can influence them, and many there are who are awakening to the knowledge that they do not need governance by any external force as long as they follow their own soul’s path.

Each person is being guided to the highest contribution they can give to the collective of humanity to create a new and rewarding life for all humankind. The possibility of creating something beyond what has been dreamed of is now upon the people of Earth. It is a most exciting time to be a part of and here you are, poised for take-off!

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion

©2014 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and Scribe’s credit, copyright and websites are included., Thank you for including the above website links when posting this message.

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Russell Brand Calls for ‘Joyful Revolution’ as Tens of Thousands March in London Against Government’s Austerity Measures

Posted by Stephen Cook
Russell Brand told the marchers there will be a 'peaceful, effortless, joyful revolution' against austerity in the UK. Photograph: Rex Features

Russell Brand told the marchers there will be a ‘peaceful, effortless, joyful revolution’ against austerity in the UK. Photograph: Rex Features

By Kevin Rawlinson, The Guardian – June 22, 2014-

Tens of thousands of people marched through central London on Saturday afternoon in protest at austerity measures introduced by the coalition government.

The demonstrators gathered before the Houses of Parliament, where they were addressed by speakers, including comedians Russell Brand and Mark Steel.

An estimated 50,000 people marched from the BBC’s New Broadcasting House in central London to Westminster.

“The people of this building [the House of Commons] generally speaking do not represent us, they represent their friends in big business. It’s time for us to take back our power,” said Brand.

“This will be a peaceful, effortless, joyful revolution and I’m very grateful to be involved in the People’s Assembly.”

“Power isn’t there, it is here, within us,” he added. “The revolution that’s required isn’t a revolution of radical ideas, but the implementation of ideas we already have.”

A spokesman for the People’s Assembly, which organised the march, said the turnout was “testament to the level of anger there is at the moment”.

He said that Saturday’s action was “just the start”, with a second march planned for October in conjunction with the Trades Union Congress, as well as strike action expected next month.

People’s Assembly spokesman Clare Solomon said: “It is essential for the welfare of millions of people that we stop austerity and halt this coalition government dead in its tracks before it does lasting damage to people’s lives and our public services.”

Sam Fairburn, the group’s national secretary, added: “Cuts are killing people and destroying cherished public services which have served generations.”

Activists from the Stop The War Coalition and CND also joined the demonstration.

The protest outside the UK Houses of Parliament.

The protest outside the UK Houses of Parliament.

The crowds heard speeches at Parliament Square from People’s Assembly supporters, including Caroline Lucas MP and journalist Owen Jones. Addressing the marchers, Jones said: “Who is really responsible for the mess this country is in? Is it the Polish fruit pickers or the Nigerian nurses? Or is it the bankers who plunged it into economic disaster – or the tax avoiders? It is selective anger.”

He added: “The Conservatives are using the crisis to push policies they have always supported. For example, the sell-off of the NHS. They have built a country in which most people who are in poverty are also in work.”

The People’s Assembly was set up with an open letter to the Guardian in February 2013. Signatories to letter included Tony Benn, who died in March this year, journalist John Pilger and filmmaker Ken Loach.

In the letter, they wrote: “This is a call to all those millions of people in Britain who face an impoverished and uncertain year as their wages, jobs, conditions and welfare provision come under renewed attack by the government.

“The assembly will provide a national forum for anti-austerity views which, while increasingly popular, are barely represented in parliament.”

The Metropolitan police refused to provide an estimate. A police spokesman said the force had received no reports of arrests.

A spokesman for the prime minister declined to comment.

Russell Brand and fellow anti-austerity speaker, Caroline Lucas

Russell Brand and fellow anti-austerity speaker, Caroline Lucas

Russell Brand Calls On 50,000 Protesters To Stage ‘Joyful Revolution’

Thanks to Jo.

From The Huffington Post, UK – June 22, 2014 –

Russell Brand has called on thousands of protesters to be part of a “peaceful, effortless, joyful revolution” that seizes power back from Westminster.

The former Big Brother’s Big Mouth presenter, who this year implored readers of the New Statesman magazine to abandon the current political system, told crowds gathered in London’s Parliament Square that MPs no longer represented the people.

Speaking in the shadow of the Houses of Parliament at the end of a march marking the one-year anniversary of the People’s Assembly being formed, Brand stripped off his T-shirt and replaced it with one carrying the message “Firefighters rescue people not bankers”.

He said: “The people of this building (the House of Commons) generally speaking do not represent us, they represent their friends in big business. It’s time for us to take back our power.

“This will be a peaceful, effortless, joyful revolution and I’m very grateful to be involved in the People’s Assembly.”

An estimated 50,000 people took part in the march, which started at the BBC in Portland Place where protesters accused the broadcaster of ignoring the plight of impoverished Britons.

Brand, one of several speakers who also included comedian and commentator Mark Steel, MP Caroline Lucas and journalist Owen Jones, said: “I obviously face accusations of being part of the 1% (of the country’s wealthy elite) myself but I wasn’t designed in a laboratory with Jimmy Carr and Adele, I’m from Grays in Essex.”

Referencing his previous drug addiction, of which he has spoken frequently, Brand joked: “I signed on for eight years, I lived on benefits. If it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t have been able to work on my quite severe crack and heroin addiction.

“Where I grew up I felt there were low expectations.”

In the run-up to the march, Brand talked of the “toxic swindle” of austerity.

He added today: “Power isn’t there (in the House of Commons), it is here, within us.

“The revolution that’s required isn’t a revolution of radical ideas, but the implementation of ideas we already have.”

Bowing to calls from members of the crowd to replace his T-shirt with the pro-firefighter garment, Brand replied: “See, I’ve given you even my vanity.”

Brand has enjoyed an increased standing on social commentary in recent years, penning an article in the New Statesman two months ago entitled “We no longer have the luxury of tradition”.

In it, he also called for a “total revolution”, encouraging young people to abstain from voting, adding: “I will never vote and I don’t think you should, either.” It was a message he was to repeat on BBC Newsnight.

Sam Fairbairn, national secretary of the People’s Assembly, said: “Make no mistake, these cuts are killing people and destroying cherished public services which have served generations.

“Alongside May Day demonstrations in memory of the legendary Bob Crow, who helped launch the People’s Assembly, and Tony Benn, who was Assembly president when he died, we are now turning up the heat on Cameron and Clegg.

“Later this autumn, we will unite with the trade union and labour movement when it holds another monster march against austerity and the ConDems.

“Soon we will reach a size and influence where neither the BBC nor this austerity Government will be able to ignore us.”

He said the group will aim to hold the biggest protest in British history later this year.

Video of some of the protest:

Click here to view the embedded video.

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African Diary of Love – Part 3

Posted by Kathleen W

AfricaAfrican Diary of Love – Part 3

CA, enrolee in Linda Dillon’s webinar series, The New You, continues to riding the Tsunami of Love in Africa.

Linda Dillon’s June 8th Tsunami of Love Livestream was broadcast on Sunday night in Africa where I live. What a beautiful, literally-breathtaking experience!

I was tucked up in my office, fire on, my little dog at my feet whilst experiencing something I can’t really find words for………. but I will. I always seem to find words, so my husband keeps telling me!

During the Tsunami meditation, I felt the strength and power of the Mother like never before. The more I let her in, the more I began to let go, and the deeper I went.

There was this sudden rush of trust that washed over me just like when I was 5 years old and my mother took the training wheels off my bike. I remember looking at my bike thinking, “Hell, no! There’s no chance that I’m going to place my little self on that bike, with no training wheels! Are you mad?” Then my mother looked me in my eyes and tenderly said, “Go on. You can do it.”

Why is it when these words are spoken from this very special person in your life, you instantly trust, you know it’s going to be ok? Yes, you’re a little uncertain but if this mother of mine thinks I can, well, you know what? She knows EVERYTHING. Clearly I’m going to be fine!

So I hop on, my little legs going ten-to-the-dozen. I wobble. She catches me. I wobble a bit more. Again she catches me. Hmmm, I think to myself, this chick’s pretty good at saving me from a fall………. when I allow her to.

And isn’t it just that, “allowing”? Allowing your mother’s love to flow in and support you, catch you, guide you. All of a sudden this allowing “thing” is helping me ride my bike……… pretty well, too, if I don’t mind saying. Maybe, just maybe, this person, so loving and caring, might just know what she’s talking about???!

Riding a bike, riding a wave, it’s no different. The way the human mind operates always gives me a laugh. We hold on so tightly to our “stuff.”

We refuse to hand it over, so who are we not handing it over to? Obviously your Divine Mother and Heavenly Father, right?

We cling so tightly through fear. So what is the fear? The fear is, that if we hand it over to our Divine Parents, they might just get it wrong. They could mess it all up and then where we would be?

What?!!!!!! Get it wrong!? Our “Parents” have been responsible AND successful in creating Gaia and all who walk upon it. How could They get it wrong? I think it goes to show that They are more than capable of taking care of our heartache and traumas, don’t you think?

So this takes me back to the Livestream meditation, we all came together, we were still, we opened, we trusted and ALLOWED Mother Mary to enter our hearts. This was not a struggle. It was not difficult. It was not hard. It was so easy. I felt so safe and held in the most beautiful, loving space.

Monday I awoke, after dreaming all night of the Wave. People in my dreams were talking to me and I kept saying, “Don’t worry, the Wave will sort you out!”The people in the dream could have been asking me what time it was and I would have responded, “Don’t worry, the wave will make you feel better!” Talk about being saturated by the wave all night!

Monday was fabulous. I felt peaceful, happy, joyous and very, very different. That afternoon my last class was a fitness class comprised of businessman who are also friends. They all had faces like smacked bottoms! They walked in my door and their energy hit me like a sloppy, cold, custard pie!! Horrible. All they did was complain. They were tired and grumpy and as the class continued I felt a Tsunami hangover kick in.

Hmmmmm, I’m not feeling very well. I feel heavy and even sad. What are these feelings? I am now starting to lose the will to live. I said to one of the guys, “Hey don’t worry, this is all to do with the new energy of the Tsunami.” His response, “Whatever – I don’t believe in all that rubbish!!”

Taking matters into my own hands, I finished the class twenty minutes early and retreated to my lounge to do some damage control. Oh dear, I’m starting to come apart. I can feel that I’m sliding down into an abyss of darkness.

Oh no! Not again, where have my waves gone?? Feeling a little bit like a broken spring, I took myself off to my bed with the thoughts of ending this day as it was not improving. No amount of cheesecake or doughnuts was going to fix this one!!!

Tuesday I awoke, gingerly opening one eye. I do that often. I have like a “happy” sensor in my eye. I think that, through my one eyeball, I can feel if the day is a good one or a bad one. I can tell if I should get up or stay in bed!!

My eye “sensor” says NOPE! Today’s going to be a shocker. With no option of staying in bed, a full schedule of back-to-back clients, I begrudgingly drag myself out of bed. Gees, my mixed bag of emotions is back again. The best way to describe my feelings is in list form, due to the fact that there were so many: anxiety, wanting to burst into tears, despair, fear, impending doom, nausea, hopelessness, extreme tiredness, depression, irritation.

Oh and as if that wasn’t enough, they just chucked in the weight gain of five large elephants!!! As I waddled around my house like a pregnant hippo, my husband called me to sit down and explain myself. I couldn’t. Every time I spoke, it didn’t really have any purpose. I just kept saying, “I dunno,” as the hot tears rolled down my cheeks, “I just dunno.” I couldn’t put into words what I was feeling. All I kept saying is that it must be the Tsunami. T, that’s all I knew.

After babbling like a drunken fool, my darling and most very patient husband, gave me a hug and dried my tears. I go quickly into meditation ask the Council of Love, “Is this a false grid, must I clear myself?” Feeling a little frantic at holding all this negativity I thought that I should be doing something.

A bellowing message comes through, “You are to clear nothing, and ALLOW these emotions and feelings to flow through you. Don’t attach, just let them be, they will be gone by the morning. Be like the water, just let it wash through you.”

So that word was there again ALLOW and the forever familiar loving Mother. She’s here again telling me to trust, allow, and as before, looking deep into the depths of my eyes, lovingly saying, “Go on, you can do it.” Like the experience on the bike, yes, I can do it, relax, be still and just open. So, I did.

I awoke this morning, opening that one eye again, the information feedback was of a positive one. Yay! I jump out of bed, feeling as my daughter would say “AMAZEBALLS!”

Wow, what a feeling! I felt like I had endured the largest detox for humanity yesterday. Now I have a clear mind, I look back to yesterday at what I was integrating and clearing. This was the energy of the Collective. I have NEVER felt something so powerful in my life even if it was negative.

We have done something so massive and powerful that I don’t think we realize it yet. As the famous quote of Neil Armstrong goes: “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”.

Part 1
Part 2


If you missed Linda Dillon’s June 8th Livestream with Mother Mary & Gaia you can Register here! to watch and receive the atunements and downloads as often as you wish.

Maybe you have you had an experience that you would like to share? Add to this gathering of feedback from our community by going here:

For more experiences, see the Council of Love website, the Tsunami experiences page:

The Tsunami of Love meditation link is .

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Lighting the Path – On the Brilliance Within, June 23, 2014

Posted by Graham Dewyea

Sonyaheadhot-4x5.5-04My guest this week is Sonya Haramis. Sonya is an award winning author and show host of the radio program, Keeping the Path Lit. We’ll talk about the shift in consciousness that’s happening on the planet, trust, faith, the importance of stillness, writing and re-writing our personal stories, the power we have as individuals on the planet, how we all have unique and important gifts that are so needed at this time, minimizing fear and expanding love, and more.