Karen Dover: ‘Changes and updates to the human life experience in TRUTH…’ February 28, 2014

Karen Dover: ‘Changes and updates to the human life experience in TRUTH…’ February 28, 2014

As many of you can now FEEL the New Earth reality is now birthing into the physical outer waking reality. ALL is frequency and it must be noted and worked with that access to various dimensional realities is by FREQUENCY, the old 3d earth created reality will at all times try to teach you that you must “do”, this is deliberate to trigger the seeds of fear that you have been TAUGHT to anchor within said old 3d earth created reality. In order to change your OUTER waking reality you must change the frequency that you run WITHIN your human vehicle, attempts to continually change the outer waking reality and ignore this galactic TRUTH will simply see more chaos and anxiety unfold around you, through you and within you.

I have talked recently on the BEYOND THE LOOKING GLASS radio show of INTER dimensionality, this is not the same as multi dimensionality and this is now anchoring within and upon planet earth. The universe is by DESIGN, the natural “state” of your BEing is both multi dimensionaland inter dimensional at SOURCE/SOUL. When you incarnated into a human form upon this planet you were then restricted as to what you could experience THROUGH the human vehicle as the human vehicle has been kept at a very low resonance for eons. The human vehicle is akin to your antennae, you exist in a band of frequency that is interpreted by your human vehicle and presented to you as your outer waking reality. However the old 3d earth created reality has TAUGHT you to accept that your outer waking reality is in fact solid and static, this is a teaching that you have been presented with and TAUGHT for eons and one which the human logical brain ACCEPTS FULLY.

The challenge over the coming linear days and perhaps weeks is to allow this teaching to fully dissolve. It may be that already in your outer waking life your SOUL is presenting you with scenarios and experiences that are beginning to challenge your human logical mind, I have numerous experiences relayed to me by many different people who all state “but that is insane and its impossible but I experienced it”. NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE, this was a limit placed upon your human vehicle by the teachings within the old 3d earth created reality as a frequency, thus creating a vibrational prison that is invisible to the human naked eye but registers within your human vehicle at a sub and unconscious level. It is this “unseen” prison that prevents you from fully experiencing life upon planet earth.

In order to experience the New Earth in its entirety you are now asked to let go of the containment of the old 3d earth created reality and be open to new experiences. Multi dimensionality is the ability to experience ALL in the NOW, to have an experience of human life on various levels all at the same time. It is not possible to experience multi dimensionality whilst holding tightly to the CONCEPT of a linear life and your SOUL will be working closely with you to break this down in order to dissolve it. Many of you already are experiencing time elongating or shortening, with days FEELing like weeks or moments, this is the first stage in the process that seeks to dissolve the linear concept fully from within your human vehicle. This is a personal experience and one that not all will interact with, it is entirely possible for you to have “no time” and those around you to still remain within the confines of the linear concept.

INTER dimensionality is the process where you can FEEL the inter connectedness of ALL within the experience of multi dimensionality. In plain english it is the experience of UNITY and ONENESS that is often discussed but has never been able to be experienced out with the meditative or dreamtime state. The human race now move into this experience as part of the human WAKING conscious life experience. This negates the need to enter “altered” states which were TAUGHT to the human race as “spirituality” and although appearing to support worked to contain. ALL is flow and ALL JUST IS, you stop flow if you have to take a break from what you are experiencing in order to meditate. AL IS ONE and ALL JUST IS.

The ability to experience communication from all realms/races and live your daily life as a human on this planet is what is now unfolding, they are ONE, they are not something that you have to take “time out” to work on or something you have to learn, it is the NATURAL state of BEing that you have been TAUGHT to filter out under the teachings of the old 3d earth created reality.

Obviously as the frequencies begin to heighten the flow will expand and increase and deepen, if you attempt to hold back these frequencies that are working at all moments to help you loosen the grip of the old 3d earth created reality, you may experience some very unpleasant symptoms. The human vehicle CANNOT run frequencies that are opposed to each other and the old 3d earth created reality frequencies are very low indeed. You will begin to see-saw between both realities and this will bring up various physical symptoms that may include (this list is not exhaustive):

palpitations – the HEART space is trying to open fully and this may cause much anxiety as you instinctively try to close it down (old 3 earth teaches you to close down the HEART at all times).

Pain/stiffness in muscles – the human vehicle is gaining in LIGHT and this is anchored within the cellular structure of your human vehicle, the change in frequency affects the gravity experienced at human conscious waking mind level. You may feel heavy or light in various limbs/parts of your body.

Light headedness/dizziness – again the gravity experienced is altering as you physical change the human vehicle from cellular level outwards. Dizziness is the altering of realities, this is especially so if you move realities whilst in a waking state. You may lose your focus for up to a few moments unable to see anything but a fuzzy outer waking reality. Lying down and relaxing should allow this to pass.

Auditory disturbance – you may have increased buzzing/ringing in your ears. You may be able to hear sounds much more clearly over wider distances than before.

Sensory disturbance – this is slightly different to the dizziness, you may see colours at the edge of your vision, sparkles of light, coloured wavy lines, you may experience downloading of number sequences at the edge of your vision. Relaxing and allowing for some rest will see this pass.

Increased need for sleep – this is to help anchor the frequencies and to upgrade your human vehicle, remember frequency is not seen by the naked human eye, just because you are not running a marathon does not mean you will not tire, you are at this moment using vast amounts of energy as you go through the transition process. It is not unusual to sleep for up to 18 hours out of a 24 hour linear period.

All of the above if you are at all worried should be checked out by a health professional. If they cannot find “anything” wrong then please understand that it is energetic. Attempting to “treat” these symptoms when nothing physical is found will work AGAINST your energy signature by throwing your body further out of balance. These “symptoms” are your human vehicle attempting to come back INTO BALANCE, under the old 3d earth created reality you are TAUGHT that the medical profession knows more than you do about your human vehicle and I would guide you to see this teaching for the distortion that it is. YOU live within your human vehicle 24/7 therefore you are the master of your own human vehicle.

More podcasts and further information will be placed on the websites over the coming linear days as the human race now move fully into expansion of their energy signatures and begin to live and experience what is termed HEAVEN UPON EARTH. ALL races/realms support this movement and connections to ALL, within ALL and through ALL now begin to strengthen in preparation for the EVENT in TRUTH.


Source: http://truthcodes.wordpress.com/2014/02/28/changes-and-updates-to-the-human-life-experience-in-truth/