Portal 2012: Cobra’s Update ‘Moon of the Light…’ June 6, 2014

Our Moon is one of the most important strongholds of the Light forces in our solar system. It is not an artificial satellite nor is it full of reptilians. All reptilians and other negative races and their lunar bases have already been cleared from the Moon by the Light forces.

The main lunar base of the Galactic Light forces is inside the Tycho crater. Tycho crater is a very bright crater on the southern part of the Earth-facing side of the Moon.

Moon is a portal which transmits Goddess energies towards the surface of the Earth. If you wish to connect with the feminine side, with the Goddess herself, connect with the Moon.

Source: http://2012portal.blogspot.nl/2014/06/moon-of-light.html


Audio of last channelling – Blossom and the Galactic Federation of Light, June 13, 2014

Sorry folks … Forgot all about the audio until yesterday.

So many seem to be getting so much from listening as well as reading … It seems to help in the understanding of it.

Many thanks to Joe Pena for reading the FOL conversation with me so beautifully from across the seas.

Here it is http://youtu.be/bpFSvaM2BW8

Another channell coming up within the next couple of days . ( Hopefully! )

Meanwhile … I send you heaps and heaps of

Love Light Laughter and Golden Rays.

Blossom G. xxx

Blossom and the Galactic Federation of Light, June 13, 2014

Blossom and the Galactic Federation of Light, June 13, 2014

Hi Everyone.

Here is today’s channeling:

Blossom: My friends, at last I am home and able to once again link up with you. What a tremendous journey my soul has been on over the last three months. Are you home?

GFL: We, dearest one, are always home. For we live within our Peace … and this therefore, would be what we know as home. For many, they FEEL that they are walking the path homewards and yet … we would say one is already home. It is a question of sitting by the hearth and gazing through the flames of Love … in order to KNOW where one is.

Blossom: So … would you say … we never left?

GFL: It would be a matter of interpretation. For how could one leave the self? We might say that one may lose the self … but one can never … ever … leave.

Your soul … your presence of Love within the self of LOVE … is ALL THAT IS.

That which you have ‘chosen’ to experience within the confines of the human form … may at times, make you FEEL that you are far from that which you KNOW to be correct in THAT WHICH YOU ARE. Yet we say … you are merely ‘choosing’ to experiment … to experience … that which you are not … in order for contrast to be KNOWN unto you.

Blossom: Yet, you have said that we are here to see and assist Mother Earth and ourselves into the new Golden Age …

GFL: And you are fulfilling this purpose with great gusto. Even though at times it may ‘appear’ otherwise.

Let us refresh. The soulself cannot remain still. It is an ever expanding LIGHT OF ONE that is experienced through individuality whilst upon Earth. Yes, you agreed to assist in the Ascending of your planet Earth … yet, it is also, that you are able to enhance your soul’s level of Love greatly … by doing so.

Blossom: You have said that we come from the Purest Highest Divine Love. That is who we are. So, can you explain about enhancing that? If we originate from the Highest of it … does that make sense?

GFL: We fully understand that which you inquire of. In order to become in fullness the Light of the Highest Divine … ONCE AGAIN … there is much that is to be recognised IN/AS/THROUGH TRUTH. Indeed YOU ARE OF THE HIGHEST … yet, that is not to say that the density that ‘sits’ within the planet you reside upon … is certainly capable of changing that energy THAT IS YOU … into a lower vibration of the SAME LOVE.

This is what you are experiencing … when you are down,… when you are sad … when you are angry. You are BEING THE LOVE THAT YOU ARE … yet, on a different vibration of ITSELF.

Blossom: I get that. My question would be … for how much longer must we reside within this lower level? I appreciate ALL that you have said and explained over the years … TRULY I DO … and I KNOW it is not about ‘when’ you are going to introduce yourselves globally etc. From what you have said … it is about ‘US’ … enough of ‘US’ waking up … in order to be of a vibration that will allow you to ‘appear’ and be accepted. I get that too. Yet … from what I see these days … this ‘aint exactly the ‘Express train’ outta here … It FEELS more like the ‘milk train’.


Blossom: Tell me about it!

GFL: That which you FEEL is failing … that which you FEEL is falling apart … that which you KNOW to be weak … that which is of a lesser Light … All these things that are presented to you … are merely one side of the coin.

Blossom: Yet, it seems to be the side that is continually on display. With all Love … please don’t say …’That is because I choose to look at it’ … because I DO SO TRY to walk on the sunny side of the street … yet the clouds keep on blocking the sun … from so many aspects of just having to live within the system.

GFL: Does the system RULE your heart?

Blossom: No.

GFL: Then … to which place has your heart walked into over these last years of KNOWING US?

Blossom: Oh, into a much brighter place!

GFL: And with all respect … so have the hearts of so many.


We have said many times … how brightly your LIGHT shines. Oh, how we desire that you could see things from our perspective … for this indeed would give you great encouragement. You are exactly where you need to be at any one time of your breath. You are experiencing ALL that is needed to be experienced in every given moment of that breath … It is your choice as to HOW you FEEL within that given moment … within EVERY BREATH YOU TAKE.



That next thought, will bring about how you are choosing to FEEL.

BE WISE dearest Enlightened Beings.


Blossom: Nicely put!!! Yet … it is very tricky, having to conform to the system … to not be affected by it. It seems to have us over a barrel. I understand another’s behaviour is none of our business … yet it can … in Truth … sometimes really affect one’s soul when one has to be around it. The same with the system … we have to pay this and that or we get fined even more etc … we seem trapped on so many levels.

GFL: Again we ask … is your heart trapped?

Blossom: No, yet it can FEEL very down trodden and sad at times.

GFL: Then take control over it and make it FEEL happy! Only YOU can do that!


This can be done … no matter what … even in a war zone!

The more vigilant you become in choosing happiness … the Higher your vibration becomes.

The Higher your vibration becomes … THE QUICKER YOU BEAT THE SYSTEM!

Blossom: How does that beat the system? Whether we are happy or downcast … we still have to conform.

GFL: Yet, those who wish you to conform do not desire your happiness. By defeating ‘their’ object … YOU ARE WINNING!



Your world is sadly experiencing a system which ‘thinks’ it can ‘rule the world’.





Therefore … the more you DECIDE TO BE THAT WHICH YOU ARE … NO MATTER WHAT … the more that which chooses the lesser Light … shall be overshadowed by that which is of TRUTH … That which is of the BRIGHTEST LIGHT OF LOVE.


Blossom: Don’t get me wrong … I totally see what you are saying … yet I STILL have to bring up the fact that … for me … for many … IT IS TAKING SO LONG! We are not cowards … we are not backing down … yet I think we are all well aware that ‘the system’ and those who ‘run it’ are far more powerful than one ever expected them to be. My question once again therefore is … what HARM would it/could it do … for a MASSIVE SHOW of YOUR LIGHT to present itself to our planet. Surely … this could only … in the long term … assist in many waking up and recognising/FEELING the TRUTH and speeding things up a bit?

GFL: Dearest soul … we are aware that the place from which this question arises is due to that which most of you are having to experience upon Earth and it is difficult for your heart to resonate with it.




GFL: Because … in our eyes … it is on our way*. You say you wait and wait …

Blossom: And still wait …

GFL: Yet WE do not look at it this way. WE KNOW that the day shall come when your skies are filled with our vessels of Light. When trumpets shall sound and a LIGHT that is of the GREATEST RADIANCE shall fill the air.

When a LOVE vibration, so much as you have never felt possible within your human form … shall pour into your hearts and YOU SHALL KNOW … ONE/GOD/SOURCE /LOVE … (which ever word resonates for the individual.)

There shall be no question … no doubt …


Blossom: Yet … you are saying … not yet? Is that right?

GFL: This is correct.

Blossom: Then … as I suggested in THE INVOCATION … if this GREAT EVENT is not to be for a while … Why, Oh Why … can we not be given a sign to … a) keep us going, b) uplift the soul’s vibration (which has to assist the cause ), c) awaken many who are asleep, d)… e) … f) … etc.?

Hello? Come in FOL? Are you reading me???

GFL: We are here.

Blossom: Oh Phew!! You seemed to go ‘blank’ on me … I thought you’d done a runner. Am I being too much of a pest on this matter?

GFL: We seek to give Truth. We have learned along the way … through our conversation with you dearest Blossom … that ‘things … matters,’ can be misinterpreted due to ‘time structures’ etc. We desire to uplift not to bring you down.

Blossom: Yep … that’s cool. So, why are you unable to tell us ‘WHY’ a sign wouldn’t work from your point of view?

GFL: We are giving large amounts of signs all around your globe … on a smaller scale. More and more of you are acknowledging our existence … Slowly, yet surely …

We desire to introduce ourselves in a fashion that will not cause anxiety and/or disruption. Sometimes … we have definitely considered … just ‘doing it’. For we have become aware of the difficulties your soul’s are encountering. Yet … this would not be wise. For it is our responsibility to BE OF SERVICE … NOT OF ANYTHING OTHER.

Blossom: I totally respect your point of view … as much as you probably respect mine. And YOU … being the wiser … must listen to your TRUTH. I have no doubt at all, that you desire only the Highest good for us all … and when YOU see it fit to pop down for a cuppa … believe me … many of us will have the kettle on … yet there shall be no cake! For as the song goes … ‘If I knew you were coming … I’d have baked a cake’… and I don’t know when you are coming!!! I THANK YOU for your words of encouragement and wisdom and for remaining HIGH in vibrational content … for indeed … this is much needed.

When we eventually UNITE and see things AS THEY ACTUALLY ARE … I give you permission to slap me round the head , in a friendly fashion of course … and say ‘Do you get it now?’ … To which I shall reply … ‘I DO MY FRIENDS … INDEED I DO!’

In Love and thanks to ALL THAT IS.

Note. *. I realise that the correct English would be either ‘It is on its way’ or ‘We are on our way’. Yet, this is how it came through ‘I think’ … I only discovered the sentence was not correct on the read back.

Source: http://www.blossomgoodchild.com/index.html?page=BG210june13.html



So … I have completed my tour of Calender Girls. Travelled over 16,000k’s by road and played to around 15,000 people. This in itself, for me, was monumental! Yet, the journey of my soul travelled so much further. Being with 12 other souls 24/7 was the greatest challenge of all and I have learned much!!

NOW, I am home safe and sound … yet sadly not for too long. I have to travel to England in a weeks’ time to visit my ageing, ailing mother. I am hoping to get one more channelling in before I go. I shall be gone for another three weeks. HOWEVER … ON MY RETURN … TO MY KNOWLEDGE … I SHALL BE STAYING PUT AND RESUMING WEEKLY CHANNELLINGS ONCE AGAIN! Bring it on! ( My treasured hubby Goody, deserves a mention here, for his patience and understanding throughout! )

Take a look if you will at this amazing 8yr old and his explanation of the crystal grid he made to disperse darkness … Let those children flow in.


Many thanks for your kindness and understanding. SO GOOD TO BE HOME!

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Blossom G xxx

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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation, June 10, 2014

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation, June 10, 2014

4 Cib, 19 Pax, 10 Caban

Dratzo! We arrive! Your world continues in a silent struggle between the forces of the dark and the Light. This struggle is all about the inevitable defeat of the dark and its many human minions. Our associates are continuing to build alliances and to force what are clearly the elements of their victory. The key essentials in this victory are the vast amounts of precious metals possessed, and especially a broad spiritual element, which includes the rising levels of consciousness and the growing need to be free and spiritually sovereign from the dark and its hideous centuries of slavery, greed and arrogance. A global coalition has formed whose main concerns include an end to debt slavery, true national and personnel sovereignty as well as a worldwide jubilee. This group embraced the Light and is working diligently to give your realm clean, transparent governance and a new monetary system. This system encourages the rise of a permanent prosperity, free of the income taxes used for so long to prevent such reform. In this reality, humanity is to shine and prepare itself for our arrival. This we welcome and know how deeply you are ready for your return to full consciousness.

This growing level of consciousness is partly responsible for the numerous alliances that are forming across your globe. Humanity is becoming aware that a different way of doing its many tasks is indeed possible. This is why there is a great need to end governmental corruption and tie it into a new currency reset and a precious metal-based financial system. This system requires a high degree of transparency in order to succeed. Given these parameters, the new financial system is to encourage a redistribution of wealth and a means to transform poverty, homelessness and unjust taxations. This immense shift is to provide a way for each human to watch their respective levels of governance and help it truly represent them. The most encouraging item in this is the end to a global cover-up, which prevents us from making a meaningful preliminary contact with you. We have watched as each decade has brought into being individuals who accept the fact that they are not alone and dearly wish to make contact with us. This fact makes first contact inevitable.

In this light, we have forged alliances with your secret sacred societies and introduced them to our brethren in Inner Earth. Your Ascended Masters have also embraced us and now realize how we are to assist in preparing humanity for its jump into full consciousness. This alliance is making it possible for us to mutually plan a massive first contact with you. Heaven continues to ready each of you for full consciousness. This shift in reality is why the dark’s influence is fading and why a great panic has set in among them. This rising desperation is why the present dark reality seems at times to be one in which the dark’s grip is tightening. It is a mere bluff designed to make the weary lose sight of their ever-closing victory. We know in fact that you sense this victory and understand just how close it is! In turn, we have stepped up our daytime reconnaissance and installed “accidental” meetings in which we encourage many to inform others of what we say to them. Thus, a network of contactees is growing and preparing the way for our coming announcements.

These announcements are to come after formal recognition by the new governments of your world. Our liaisons and accompanied diplomatic corps assure us that this actual date is quite close to fruition. Many who are selected to become the transition teams for your new governance understand what Heaven is doing. This shift in consciousness brings with it the ability to cast off the core lies and gross manipulation long favored by the dark and its minions. This new time is to be one where your great inner powers are manifested and where you are ready to accept a whole host of new realities. This process of transformation enables you to clearly see how the dark worked. The critical element is to override their nefarious programming and take on new more spiritual course corrections. These are to be the beginnings of new truths that ready you in essence for full consciousness. They also prepare you to accept new duties and new ideas regarding your place as the prime stewards for your most beautiful world. They also ready you for your interactions with Agartha and your own cetacean nation.

Namaste, we are your Ascended Masters! We come with some more news about what is now happening on your world. The ancient families that have long been in charge of a vast secret depository of gold, silver and precious stones are ready to take your prosperity to the next step. They have arranged with us to bring your abundance to the delivery stage. In accordance with their wishes, we are making much-needed arrangements, which can safely move this prosperity ever closer to you. Moreover, we bless those in a number of governments who are assisting us with the necessary new governance mandates needed to help you actually receive your blessings. This operation is in preparation for a massive transition that can permit these blessings to manifest. Our Inner Earth companions are likewise readying a process that is to allow this massive transition to happen as smoothly as possible. These things are in accordance with Heaven’s divine plan to return you to full consciousness.

The dark cabal realizes just how futile its continued resistance is. Nevertheless, their fears create in them a need to resist to the very last possible moment. These fears are to be alleviated by what is now planned by Heaven. It is necessary first to forge a reality that gives them only one option ­ an unconditional surrender to the Light. These elements are reaching a crescendo that is to push these defiant ones from power and permit a firm redistribution of this planet’s immense wealth. These policies do not leave them entirely destitute. In fact, they permit them the opportunity to become a part of a vast group that is moving blessed humanity toward full consciousness. In this state, a new “etat de vie” can exist that is the precursor to your final journey to the Light Chambers and full consciousness. This sacred journey is for all to follow. We do this in divine grace and in complete joy!

What is taking place on your world is a sacred change in how this global society works. You are being exposed to new ideas and concepts that are only possible because the Light has blessedly come and started a way for all of you to be free. It is a time to let everything occur within the divine grace given us by the Creator. This dispensation permits everyone to let go of the karmic interactions of this realm and breathe freely. All the guilt, worry and misplaced fears are to melt and be gone as we all reconnect with each other. This divine time is set off by the prosperity and amazing events that are set to happen. Be ever ready to heal and forgive your fellows’ transgressions. You are all physical Angels in training. You are all being prepared to truly learn about Love and to capture in fullness the divine Light that daily pours into this reality. Know in your heart that the frustrations in your life are ready to dissipate. A new golden way awaits!

Today, we carried on with our news of what is occurring around you. A new realm is being born. New ways are starting to manifest. In this, there is a means for success, prosperity and joy! Be ready to see this manifest and to feel in reality the wonders that are appearing around you! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Source: http://paoweb.com/uf061014.htm

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation, June 3, 2014

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation, June 3, 2014

12 Pax, 10 Muluc, 10 Caban

Dratzo! We come again with much to discuss with you! Our Earth allies are now busily completing the numerous tasks that are required of them. These necessary projects are part of a larger picture. Mother Earth is transforming gradually into a true 5-D realm. This procedure is tied to a number of vital factors. The most crucial is, of course, your transformation into fully conscious Beings of Light. The dark cabal realizes that its current positions of power are quite fragile. A number of conditions are threatening to redirect vital economic realities. These economic and political conditions kept the dark in a position of dominance for the last thirteen millennia. The Anunnaki know that numerous depositories of ancient Atlantean records are on the verge of being publicly disclosed. These histories, along with an upcoming inevitable economic collapse involving their core assets, threaten their power. This has led to a recent series of countermeasures that are temporarily maintaining the illusion that “nothing has changed.” In reality, our allies are ready to demolish their ill-gotten assets and force them from power. The time for your freedom and prosperity rapidly approaches.

The present time is really the final standoff between the dark ones and their minions, and the many forces of the Light. The Light is winning this struggle as the dark’s resources are swiftly dwindling. This forces them to apply guile in an attempt to ensure that their power remains untarnished, but their “normal” methods are failing. The key to this is simply the fact that the world’s economies no longer wish to be dominated by fiat money stemming mostly from the fiat reserves of the U.S Federal Reserve Bank. This rising insurrection is leading to the bankruptcy of Western banking and the rise of a precious metal backed reset of the world’s currencies. This is also paving the way for the death of old “special interest” governance and the onset of new global realities. This reset is accelerating and is applying pressure to force the dark’s minions from power. The Light is also opening up networks for common law justice and for the arrest and conviction of a number of prominent dark government and banking participants.

These various events are only the start of programs to liberate you from your present condition of debt bondage. Our allies recognize what each of you has gone through since birth. You are wrapped in debt from your birth and serve the dark merely as collateral for their immense wealth. They spend imprudently and further maintain this system by careful use of war, hatred and divisions proclaimed by their bought politicians and bribed general military staffs. This corrupt system is to be stopped, transformed and reduced to a point where they are truly your servants. This “whittling-down” is taking precious time. Nonetheless, the dark, like the ancient Hydra, possesses many heads. New ones pop up when it is thought there are none left. The secret sacred societies and the enlightened ancient families created a means to truly decapitate these endless “heads” from its vile body! Thus, the final preparations to manifest a new reality continue to move forward. Our liaisons report that the dark’s institutions are in reality a fragile house of cards.

It is this one truth, which explains why the end of this game is finally at hand. The dark is now scurrying to find the last of the resources needed to keep these shenanigans up. Their global expeditions are failing. Meanwhile we have procured a series of agreements, which promise to end the dreadful tactics of the dark’s last minions. These processes are currently in force. We have contacted our Agarthan cousins and retained them as the prime guardians of these various procedures. Simultaneously, we have addressed these situations with the ancient families and your Ascended Masters. Programs are underway to complete, as swiftly as provided, steps that permit us to release, under the administration of the Ascended Masters, items intended to achieve peace, prosperity and new governance. We are being told that special parts of the military are fully cooperating with us. These, along with a number of legal elements, can restore common law as well as constitutional legalities for the new governance. The instrument for this initially is called NESARA!

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We come to give you a brief report. At present, our associates are finishing a set of operations which are designed to force out the dark’s minions and prepare the way for victory. The Light has spent the last millennia waiting patiently for this blessed moment. The dark is reaching a point where it needs to surrender and ask for divine mercy. Over the centuries, we have watched as the dark either devised ways to diminish what we do or else denied to all that we have done anything to bring our blessings unto you. Now the tables are to be turned. We do not wish to deny them blessings, nor do we desire to let their malevolence continue. Instead they are to be isolated until measures can be taken to prevent any further trickery from succeeding. The time has come to bring in a new reality, and with it a new freedom for all. Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna!

We deliver unto you divine blessings and a decree that the grand jubilee commences! Long ago, when Lemuria was above the waves, humanity was conscious, free and a steward to all on this world. A great firmament was in the Heavens. The land was prosperous in all things. Tales of this were famous. Indeed, such tales still permeate the campfires of much of Polynesia, Australia, Africa and the Americas. These tales tell of the time before the rise of darkness in this realm, and it is time to return to that reality. It is time to renew the Earth, her ecosystems and even yourselves. Our service is to guide, to heal and to bless humanity. It is also a time to teach and update you. It is time to take you away from the falseness of the dark so you can learn in depth the truths of the Light! It is a time to reunite with your spiritual and space families. It is time for you to visit Agartha and learn about the inner joys of Life.

The Spirit of the Light descends in glory upon the Earth. This Light cleanses you from the hold of the dark and brings you into contact with the wonderment that is in each of you. We have an army filled with Light that resides in each of us. We have the ability to take this army and use it to cast out the dark. Use this, dear Ones, to bring this much-deserved realm into reality. Envision in your heart what you truly desire to change. Empower it and give it in Love and Joy to Heaven! Let this mighty energy forge it and quickly give it life. Bring this vision forth daily. Let its joys and energies manifest. Realize the power within you. Flow within this energy and give it in full willingness to Heaven. Each day, this vision becomes even more powerful. It is in this light that your collective energies can bolster what we do. Victory is assured. Let us together bring it in and manifest it. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Today, we carried on with our message. The moment for your triumph approaches. It also heralds the mass landings and the final moves toward full consciousness. We rejoice in what is happening. We are ready to assist all in welcoming the fleet and in discovering the wonders that is Agartha! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Source: http://paoweb.com/uf060314.htm