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Eliza: On Religion as a Tool for the Dark

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Eliza: On Religion as a Tool of the Dark

Oh, what kind of can of worms am I opening now? I realize that much of what I write is potentially upsetting to those who have found solace in the teachings of their religion. I’m not going to apologize, however, as some of the leaders of those religions have used those same teachings as weapons against peoples of other cultures, religions and races, as well as against women and children.

When the Sons of Belial succeeded in overcoming the followers of the Law of One in Atlantis, the continent sunk. Quite a judgment, and yet, everyone concerned managed to reincarnate and continue on with their little dramas for at least the last eleven to thirteen centuries. And there were survivors of both Atlantis and Lemuria, colonists who moved out to other parts of the world, taking their cultures with them and…

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Interwoven timelines currently inhabit near Earth energetics


gaia_energy1Interwoven timelines currently inhabit near Earth energetics. Requirements for Hue-manity birthing include exposure, recognition, separation, and transmutation of such, by individual Hue-Beings.

hu-manity follows the leadings of the Hue-Beings.

Treading of prior time paths proves fruitless.

All is in process for grand Hue-manity and hu-manity mass awakening.

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