News from Sandra Walter: ‘June – Taking it Personally…’ June 3, 2014

June: Taking it Personally

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe, June is a deeply personal passage for those on the Ascension path. We have been fortunate to share common experiences, side-effects and phenomenon through the Shift, however this may change for you as the June wave begins to arrive.

The Cave Before the Wave

You may have noticed a resistance to sharing your journey lately; a need to be silent, quiet, reclusive. I call it the Cave before the Wave. The personal revelations have begun and they must be honored. Often that means keeping the information to oneself, and integrating the brand new experience without external interference. We have an opportunity now to see our true self, meet our divine teams in the physical, and experience dramatic shifts in our reality.

During this time we may experience [READ MORE]

In Love, Light and Service,


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History is Repeating Itself. We are witnessing the suppression of Tesla Technology. The question is: Humanity, what will YOU choose this time around?

This has all happened before and it is now happening again.  The powers that have controlled this planet and enslaved humanity were hoping that we would all forget what happened to Tesla so that we would allow them to do it again and maintain their control over our lives. This post is to remind us all of the suppression around Tesla’s technology and to expose the same tactics the controllers are now trying to use with the QEG.   It is humanity’s choice to decide which path we will follow.  The breakthrough we are witnessing now with the QEG should have happened 130 years ago. It didn’t, and humanity has been financially enslaved by the energy companies ever since. Is 130 years of suffering enough for humanity to…

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