Enlightening Your Life with Jennifer Hoffman May 19, 2014 — 5 Steps to Move from Defeat to Action

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May 19, 2014

If you have been feeling stuck and unmotivated since March, you can finally get some relief this week as Mars moves out of retrograde on Tuesday, May 20. It won’t be out of its shadow until July 20 but we’ll be able to take action and get out of stuck mode and into movement mode. A word of caution, though, as Mercury is now in its retro shadow, it will be retrograde most of June, so double check your travel and communications, back up your computer, and read the fine print on everything.

If you have been reading my facebook posts, you will know that I have spent the past few weeks dealing with a groundhog infestation at my house. Aside from being cute, furry creatures, they devour plants and wreaked havoc on my landscaping – I had a mother and four hungry babies. Our Animal Control Department practices trap and release, so they have finally all been relocated to a large, nearby park where they can feast on their natural food, rather than my garden. There was a lesson for me here, that had to do with issues I have had to address since early childhood, helplessness, paralysis, and overwhelm. That is the topic of this week’s message.

I have introduced some new coaching programs, for those of you who have asked to do intense work with me, there is now a full/half day Day of Transformation intensive, in person or on the phone that includes all of my programs (even some you have not seen in a while), and a six week intensive program, to create your high vibe, Worthy of Wonderful life. Visit the Coaching page for more information, by clicking here.

The 2014 Predictions are now available!

Did you read the 2014 predictions yet? You can view them at by clicking here, they speak of this as the ‘Year of Love’ and make the distinction between the energy of love and the emotion of love — there is a profound difference.

The next Enlightening Life radio show will be on Wednesday, May 21 at 8PM US Central time. Our guest is Harriette Knight of harrietteknight.com. Click here for the show page and to browse the archives.