Sirius Disclosure: August Retreat with Dr. Greer + YouTube news + interview, May 14, 2014

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May 14, 2014

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Out under the stars with Dr. Greer for a week !

August 11 – 17, 2014, Joshua Tree, CA

This is an extraordinary opportunity to spend time with Dr. Greer.

Please read the retreat description at the website:

This week long intensive is limited to about 25 registrants and provides for an intensive training program with Dr. Greer.

It is also a true expedition, where each night we will go out under the stars for 4-5 hours to make Contact using the very effective CE-5 Contact Protocols.

During this intensive training program you will learn:

How to make Contact with ET civilizations using the CE-5 protocols and how to really become an Ambassador to the Universe

Advanced training in mantra meditation

Advanced techniques of Remote Viewing, Precognition and the Science of Consciousness

The Effects of the Sanskrit Puja as we make sacred the place for Contact using this ancient Vedic Ceremony

An update on world-wide Disclosure Project developments by Dr. Greer and the progress being made with leaders around the world

An in depth review of New Energy technologies, including free energy from the zero point field, anti-gravity and how the World can be transformed with these new sciences

A deep understanding of the next great cycle on Earth: One of Universal Peace, Free Energy, Abundance and Enlightenment through higher states of Consciousness

How to set up your own Contact Team in your local area to continue to make Contact with ET visitors to Earth!

Joshua Tree is one of Dr. Greer’s favorite places. During the week at least one afternoon will be spent on a special expedition to a Shaman Cave at Joshua Tree National Forest where Dr. Greer will do a puja ceremony and meditate with the group in that special cave.

Also, those attending this retreat will have special admission to Dr. Greer’s post conference contact experience on Sunday night August 10, 2014 which is a special event after the Contact in the Desert Conference. Last year this introduction to “field work” had about 400 people and was a very exciting experience.

Please go to to read more about the schedule and to fill out an application.

Marco Island 2011
Marco Island Retreat – 2012

Some responses after previous retreats:

“I would like to thank you for the past Crestone Ambassador training.

The one thing I left with was a far greater appreciation, understanding and awareness that Mother Earth, Father Sky and the entire universe is a conscious living being with each of us, including ETs, a unique expression of this eternal being. After decades of various forms of meditation, soul travel and other techniques nothing has made this become more real in my life, and for that I am very grateful.

The fact I saw some ET craft, spent time with amazing people, clarified much of my understanding regarding the cabal was added bonus.”

D.P. after Crestone retreat

“But it was listening intently to Dr Greer during the powerful and captivating afternoon

talks that a moment of realization came on the final day like a devastating

earthquake, and I saw, even from my limited field of view just how big this

is. It was a poignant ‘OMG’ moment where I had to stay centered as I

experienced shivers and goose bumps while he explained with his exquisitely

refined oratory, erudition and canny knack for the powerfully understated,

that it was us, the group in front of him in that very room who would join

the growing ranks of CE5 Ambassadors around the globe to introduce the ET

civilizations to the human race.”

T.H. after a FL retreat

Join us and become an Ambassador to the Universe!
For more details about the retreats go to:

If you are not able to join an expedition, think about getting the iphone or android app – full training information – and then go to and find others in your area to form a group. People have had amazing experiences learning these techniques on their own.