Eliza: On Channeling Higher Self

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Eliza: On Channeling Higher Self

Yes, we’ve all eagerly read messages coming from our favorite channels, those who we think are “ahead” of us in the ascension process. Are they really so far ahead, or is it simply that we are unwilling or unready to listen to our Selves?

I’ve been consciously reading channeled material for over 20 years. Some material resonates with me; some does not. And my tastes, in what I can even bear to read, has changed greatly. With some messages, I cannot get more than a few sentences into them and I have to stop and put the material aside. I’ve learned to not question the reason that I do this, just to accept the fact that the particular message or messages is not resonating at the moment of reading.

This is not a matter of judgment, although you can allow judgment to enter the picture…

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