Think With Your Heart – The Magic of May, 05-09-2014

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Magic Made Manifest

opening to new LOVE

April was packed with profound transformations that guarantee major change in our lives. May is set up to reveal the very beginning of our magic-made-manifest, the opening to new LOVE that results from such deep and thorough excavation.

In the new report I discuss the incoming energies that mid-month will bring and what we can expect with regard to the ongoing resurrection process in particular.

Here is some of what you can expect in the FULL version:

  • reprieve is coming, heavy lifting is over
  • midway through rebirth: tipping point
  • transfiguration: intense physical symptoms
  • the eclipse portal draws to a close
  • Mars turning direct, moving forward again
  • healing/wholing, integration, alignment
  • grounding into the physical body
  • Merkaba magic! the new navigation system
  • merkaba activation symptoms
  • crystalline core self-generating operating system
  • learning to drive our “new vehicles”
  • the release of the pain body/suffering
  • demagnetization of the duality matrix

The 5D Report

fifth dimensional living, three dimensional world