Hello – The New Prepare For Change Newsletter is Here! May 5, 2014

All across the world, the winds of change are blowing. People are rising up and demanding their sovereign right to a peaceful and prosperous existence that is in harmony with the planet and all life that dwells upon it and within it. Despite these efforts, the global nexus of control and domination refuses to give up the power and wealth stolen over many, many millenia. However, due to the massive increase in consciousness of the surface population, we stand at the precipice of the EVENT, where forces of light who have discreetly aided humanity will enforce The Galactic Codex and lawfully assist the arrest and removal from power all of the major criminals who’ve been working diligently to enslave the human race permanently.

Prepare For Change (PFC) has been working to provide information and guidance that is designed to educate the masses and those in leadership positions during and after the EVENT. We wish to instill calm by working as a grass-roots network to spread information as quickly and efficiently as possible. We are doing this by encouraging the creation of Event Support Groups (ESGs), which will be used as the primary means for spreading information and critical details on a personal level in the days after the EVENT. While there will be much publicly available information available via the mass media as those censoring it will be removed, it is critical for people to be able to discuss these changes in local public forums as the vast amounts of new and previously suppressed information will be difficult for many people to digest on their own.

We at PFC have worked hard since our creation in 2013 to build this website as a repository for information and ESG networking in preparation for the EVENT. While we have made significant progress, we cannot simply rest on what’s been done. We need to create more ESG-support documents, increase our “available for download” content and printable articles, get more frequent mass emails out, and perform other critical tasks which will come up as the EVENT approaches.

We are extremely grateful for the support we’ve already received from you. But at this time we are seeking to do a large ‘push’ to accomplish many tasks in a short period of time.

This could only be done with your energetic support and blessing during your weekly liberation meditations. Send us love and support so we can finally manifest the leadership this world will need after the “Event “…

We all already know that if the infrastructure of leadership and global human unity consciousness is not ready to support the necessary energetic force required for the ” EVENT ” … It will not be so.

We have a new “Event Support Group Leadership ” team in charge who is very excited about it.

Please feel free to email us anytime. Our team will soon create tutorials for ESG around the world so you can have ideas and create your own ESG. We will also post the weekly schedule of our Los Angeles ESG weekly meetings so you can follow our activities & ideas as an example and duplicate those on your own groups.

Last but not least please go to the front page of the PFC website and click on the “Facebook link” to see and have a clear idea on how to create your own ” PFC Event Support Group Facebook Page”… More magnificent changes are coming very soon and we are very excited about all the upcoming changes…

Are you getting ready for the EVENT?

Eduardo Hernandez / ESG Global Coordinator

Dear PFC Family,

Major Announcements Today

I have some major news to announce today to all groups and teams. We have had a major glitch in our website sign up process. This was all unbeknownst to our PFC Team leaders. We have a wonderful new Webmaster who has discovered the problem and fixed it permanently. What was found out was that over 1000 people who signed up for our e-mail updates have never received them. We are happy to announce that starting today Sunday May 4th. All of these people will receive their first e-mail from PFC. We apologize profusely for this oversight. If you know anyone who is still out of the loop please let us know.

Donation Button – Thank you

We are all unpaid volunteers and do our best to keep in communication and to monitor our site the best we can. We are looking forward to some exciting changes on PFC. We also are establishing a reply to those kind and generous souls who have donated money to our site! Forgive us for not receiving a proper thank you from us here at PFC. Your help is loved and we are grateful. Furthermore we are designing some t-shirts to soon be offered to those who make minimum donations of $35.00 with shipping included. We are expecting to have pictures of these shirts up by the end of May. They will be offered in Small-Medium Large- X Large- XX Large sizes. We will have a Goddess version with a V-Neck and a Regular Crew style for the men. We hope this will help us to cover our website costs and to maintain its upkeep. Please do help out if you can.

Explanation of Contact to PFC

We want you all to know that all of leaders have received your sign ups for our groups now. We look at all of them and may be contacting you in regards to your skills and offers of help at the time of the “EVENT”. Keep in mind we cannot contact all of you after you sign up, but if you have any special questions contact the group leader and they will get back to you. I cannot speak for other New Society Group leaders but I personally do reach out to those that offer their services on a volunteer basis from time to time. At the time of the EVENT we will sending out e-mails to you all asking you to help create peaceful change and to distribute the “Community Leaders Brief” which you can download here: http://www.prepare4change.com.

New Look Coming to PFC

We have decided to make some changes to the home page and you may have noticed already some new links to my website and to Cobras on the sidebar. We are also proud to now offer weekly News Flash Updates from the Media group who have done an excellent job and are becoming more professional every week. You will find this link on the sidebar of every page when you click on it you will get the archives of all their fine work on their own PFC page! Furthermore we may see some color changes and content changes to the front page by the end of May as well. Our intent is to keep it more vibrant and alive with new videos and special articles and announcements that will change every 6 weeks or so.

Your Submissions and Contributions

We are very grateful for your submissions and contributions to PFC. We ask that your submission be sent to the appropriate New Society Group. For instance if it is an art piece or poem we ask you send it renaissance. If you have new healing technologies send them to healing etc. Please remove all links to commercial site or product pages. We accept links to blogs or informational pages on websites that do sell thing but no links to products exclusively please.

Do you have questions for Cobra?

I have spoken to Cobra and he has agreed to be on my Radio show The Victory of The Light to specifically answer questions from those around the world who cannot get to his seminars to meet him in person. I will ask you all to submit questions to me via my e-mail rob@thepromiserevealed.com. We are asking all Cobra related Facebook teams share this opportunity to send me their best questions. Please keep in mind I cannot guarantee your question will be answered on air however I will offer you to ask some questions I know you are all dying to ask. Keep in mind I will prescreen questions which are answered on his website or PFC. There will be no identity questions or anything that is negative towards others or PFC. This show will be prerecorded and available only on my website www.thepromiserevealed.com and www.prepareforchange.net This show will record on May 13th and be posted soon afterwards.

MEET-UP Event Support Groups Around The World

We have now an actual team called Event Support Groups and the loving and capable Eduardo Hernandez my co chair in leadership is heading this up. He will be coordinating all the meet up groups worldwide and will be instrumental in reaching out to groups who would like feedback. He is preparing a mission statement and will be in charge of e-mail updates for those groups.

I wanted to make an announcement that any of the Event Support Groups or Meet-Up Groups that would like to have some input from me will be able to do so! I would like to make myself available for any Sunday meetings around the world.

I will respond to your request and we can arrange for me to be available via Skype at the time of your meeting. You will need a Skype account and a functioning computer with a camera and at least one person who can translate English. I will reply to your e-mail and we can make arrangements and exchange Skype contacts.

You can set the computer on a table so I can see your team so I can take questions and answers. I will also be available to answer questions for any of the Group Meet-Up hosts who are providing meeting spaces in their homes. Most of you will not need this assistance but I wanted to offer this service to you to help provide some confidence or input for those who would like to have more personal interaction with the PFC site team.

There are many different time zones around the world but I will do my best to make arrangements to talk live regardless of the time in Los Angeles. Please feel free to e-mail me and we can start a dialogue on any subject you like! Rob


We are always looking for volunteers with experience in graphic design and word press skills. We need volunteers who can transcribe from mp3 files to the written word if you can help us, please e-mail me at my contacts listed above.

With Warm Regards,

The Leadership Group
Rob Potter

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The Dark and the Light side of Finances – in regards to the Event.

It is said that there are 2 main emotions or forces in life – Love, or Fear or you could call it Light or Dark. I personally have lived 56 years on this planet Earth -and I’ve spent the majority of that time – in some type of fear . . . . . Spend part of your day observing yourself and your talk – is it Love or some type of negative fear. Listen to the conversations around you – judgment? Fear? or Love? Turn the news on – that is a 1/2 hour to an hour of Fear. Now go to a movie theatre – what are the majority of the movies produced about – killing, death, suspense, drama – other names for FEAR.

I got pretty fed up and joined the self help movement many years ago and consistently worked on my “stinkin’ thinkin'”. It does help most of the time – and what really helped was understanding the mind control we’ve all been under. I also noticed many years ago that in my spiritual life and study, the spiritual books, the news, the Remote Viewers, the psychic and the prognosticators out there had such a doom and gloom view of our world and what is or could happen next: War, Armageddon, plagues, stock markets collapse, radioactive fall-out, nuclear bombs, tsunami’s, fires and floods and earthquakes – to just name a few. It’s overwhelming. For over 50 years I’ve been practicing some type of survival tactic – hiding under my desk for earthquake drills, fire-drills, food storage, self-defense, immunizations, CPR, Heimlich, locking doors, identity protection, bankruptcy, insurance, 401’s, savings & investments, etc etc etc. I’m tired and worn out. It is driving me nearly in-sane. And it can be boiled down to FEAR and living from Fear.

I want to focus on Financial Fear in this moment – because that’s pretty familiar to most people on this planet. We work to make money to pay rent and buy food, insurance, necessities, travel and recreation, cars and save for the future. If any one of those steps is disrupted, we can be 2 weeks away from bankruptcy. If any of the doom and gloom scenarios above happen . . . . . it’s not going to end well for any of us on planet earth. I was starting to feel a little helpless . . . and mad – that’s MAD because I was finding out how rigged this financial system of the United States of America and the whole world is and – IT IS RIGGED and so dysfunctional. It’s manipulated, bought and sold down the river and set up so we – you and I, will not “win” this financial game – ever, ever and ever. (maybe 1% will).

1 1/2 years ago, I came across some information that . . . actually . . . gave me pause. It was a good message. It had hope and success – for everyone. No Armageddon’s and war, no asteroids and cosmic destruction, no plagues or violence. There was even an explanation for this whole planet earth life and evolution – and answers to our current financial mess – and it made me smile, and for awhile I am in that state of LOVE, because this message is NOT about fear. So E is for Elizabeth – who is interviewing C for Cobra. We are going to review just a little of their interview on Nov 16, 2013:

E: OK, I can certainly imagine that. I am wondering what preparation we can make preceding the event. We’re anticipating it, we’re learning about it…How can we begin to help integrate this information and share it in ways that don’t alert everybody’s skepticism and so on? You are perfectly aware of the climate of receptivity that exists to some of this information here. What is a good way to look at building a foundation in which it can happen?

C: OK. It would be the best to start with the financial system, because almost everybody on this planet is aware that something is wrong with the current financial system. There is a group of I would call central bankers that control the financial situation on the planet. And I think most of the people will be willing to accept that as a fact. We can start from there. From that point we can educate people on the nature of that control and that it extends beyond the financial system, because the same group that controls the finances controls the mass media and controls the whole information of humanity. We can go from there. So we can then begin to educate people that there are also good forces on the planet that are working to counteract the plan of those controllers, actually to liberate humanity, and the Event is actually the culmination of their plans. And of course it is quite natural to understand that their plans were secret in the past because it is a war between light and dark. And now we are getting closer to the actual liberation itself, that we are getting closer to the final victory, more and more of his is becoming public. And there will be evidence when the time is right.

E. Even now, are we beginning to see some previews of this in some of the things that are happening politically? Are there some signs that you can point to that are already in our news?

C: Most senior government officials on the planet are aware that something is going on. Most of those people are aware of the so-called Eastern Alliance. It is not just the BRICS countries. It is actually an alliance that has its aim of reshaping the future of the planet, restructuring the financial system and getting rid of the Cabal, of the controlling forces. You can see the political actions in many countries on this planet “estio mons” – speak volumes. You can see people are beginning to respond to this new reality. Countries are adapting to this new reality by aligning against the Cabal, aligning against the controlling banking system, creating alternatives all over the planet. For example, Brazil announced the formation of the new independent Internet…encrypted emails for every Brazilian citizen. This is something that is happening right now. Many things like this are happening all over the world right now. This is because the awareness of the citizens is arising and also people are aware that something will happen and they are preparing for it.

E: And how do you see this being played out in the American political system? Do you see some signs that Obama and some of the other light workers in power are feeling more confident that they can proceed, that some of the constraints that have plagued them are being lifted?

C: The most dangerous faction of the Cabal is located in the United States. The tension between the light forces, which are present inside the government structure everywhere, and the dark forces, which are also present in the United States government structure everywhere-there is a very strong internal tension right now which can be felt. But nothing is coming to the surface because those scenes are happening behind the scenes. Elsewhere in the world you can see many changes. But the United States will be the last country on the planet where those changes will happen, and when they happen in the United States it will be the moment of the breakthrough. Because it is the turning point. The United States is the key trigger point for the Event to happen. When you see changes in the political system of the United States, then you know it is time.

E: Is there is a reason why the United States had taken this role of the turning point? Is it because the Cabal has been more entrenched here?

C: Yes, I will explain. It is a historical process. Many souls who are incarnating in this time have chosen to incarnate in the United States. Many of the brightest souls have incarnated in the United States in the span of the last 150 years. In response to their light, the Cabal had to put their strongest control there to prevent a breakthrough. This has been the focal point of this planetary struggle between the light and dark for the last 100 years at least. When the breakthrough happens, it will happen through United States. see more at: Timebandit or 2012portal.blogspot.com/. Good things are happening – even great things are going on – but we don’t always hear about them. There is a plan to remove the dark Cabal who have ruled over us for many decades, lifetimes and caused so much misery. And good people, honest people and other workers and beings have been working to restore us back to our selves and freedom from the dark control. “I have a dream. . . ” a world living from LOVE. No More FEAR. I have a dream to see my grandchildren taught real substantial education – learn the real history of this planet and galaxy, be healthy and free of immunization pollution and GMO food, free from toxic chemicals sprayed in our atmosphere, living in a safe world. My dream is to see technology support our life and the earth, renewable and clean energy, clean water to drink and play in, fair and free economic financial system, small healthy governments, holistic health that works . . . . to name just a few. Working together we can create abundance, equality and dignity for all. As Buckminster Fuller said,

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete”.

Enough people, movements, awareness are building that new model that is making our existing model obsolete – so very obsolete.

Join in and make a difference.
We need your genius.

DaNell Glade
Prepare For Change / Financial

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I would like to extend a warm welcome to new members of the Prepare For Change Technology group, and congratulate you on choosing to get involved and spread awareness about new technologies and free energy at such a unique and promising time in our planet’s evolution.

Many brilliant and innovative engineers have been vigilant, waiting for the right time to come forth and roll-out their free energy devices to the world. Ralph Ring, W.I.T.T.S. ministries, Searle Technologies, the Methernitha community, Fernando Vossa, Hope Girl and many, many others too numerous to mention are already in possession of the devices that will allow humanity to make the transition to clean, limitless, renewable energy that is our birthright…and then cleanup the planet!

You are here because you know in your heart that the time is right to make that transition; you are some of the innovators, inventors and “bringers of the light and awareness”. Our mission is to make a breakthrough in the consciousness barrier of fuel-type energy sources such as gas, oil, coal, and nuclear. Much as running the mile in under 4 minutes was once considered impossible, and Mt. Everest was un-climbable, so the idea of fuel-less energy is the next consciousness barrier to be broken. We are now doing it!

Hope Moore, founder of the Hope Girl Fix The World project and website is active in Prepare For Change technology group as co-chair. The Hope Girl Fix The World Quantum Energy Generator (QEG) is the first crowd-funded, open-sourced fuel-less energy device to be released to the world, in over 30 countries, and it’s happening NOW! The Hope Girl QEG team has been traveling to different parts of the globe teaching and demonstrating different aspects of the QEG in front of engineering/business groups who will return to their respective countries and spread the technology. In California, Prepare For Change has formed at least one group that seeks to be a CICU or Cottage Industry Community Unit for the purpose of rolling-out the Quantum Energy Generators.

Along with the technology itself is the excitement of birthing a new approach, a new consciousness of service to the world, which has been quite rare up to now. We are in an open collaboration with the QEG and other technologies in the Breakthrough Energy Movement. Instead of hording and compartmentalizing the knowledge, we are now involved in worldwide sharing and collaborating as never before. The spirit is similar to what the early computer geeks were doing, sharing their designs and circuits with each other in open groups, as described in the book Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution by Stephen Levy. If early signs are any indication, progress will be rapid and breathtaking.

One of the best ways you can help is to spread awareness of the QEG and other true technology breakthroughs. Be informative, enthusiastic, and celebrate every time you are successful in helping even one person understand about fuel-less energy!

Prepare For Change is here to provide a space for learning, collaboration and cooperation, so don’t be afraid to speak up, ask questions, post articles and share your experiences and constructive advice.

It is in the true spirit of sharing and “service to others” that I welcome you wholeheartedly to the Prepare For Change Technology group!

The Technology Group

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Greetings dear ones!

We are ‘the boots on the ground’, the messengers. This is the time to step out and step up.

Do not permit yourselves to indulge in revenge. Bring Light, Compassion, Love , Forgiveness and Understanding. Only Love can carry us all through this. Only Love can bring peace on Planet Earth.


When the Event happens, we will be pillar of strength for the people. There will be no other outside sources. You will also need to rely on your own inner senses, on your discernment as to what to do.

For now, connect with nature more to free yourselves of electromagnetic matrix.

After the Event our personalities will purify. We will experience true health and happiness which is our natural state of consciousness. We will live up to 120 years more after the Event, after the surface of the planet is cleared.

We were all born for this specific time.


This world needs your Light. BE the Light you came to BE. Keep shining!

Peace be with you. Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.

Raissa and DOV
The Renaissance Group

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Greetings everyone! Check out the link & article to view an important message about rounding up guilty criminals against humanity.

The following 737 individuals all actively and knowingly conspire in well-planned efforts and constructions to consolidate power and resources – with the intention to establish a world government which would provide them with full immunity from any form of prosecution regarding their past and future crimes – and are therefore, according to Round-op Alpha, collectively guilty of crimes against the sovereignty of their respective nations and against humanity as a whole, i.e.:

High-level brigandage: Looting of public wealth; oppressing of populations; attacking the rights to good health, education, personal/national sovereignty and real security; the murdering in name of corporate profits; democide; psychological warfare; (eco-) terrorism – which deliberately jeopardizes any attempts for world peace and causes regional, cultural tensions, armed conflicts, forced poverty and the decay of the public’s health, the public order and society as a whole.

Greetings everyone..please click on this link to view an important article about rounding up criminals guilty of crimes against humanity.

If interested in reading more, please visit: RoundOpAlpha’s Website

Yours in Service to the World’s Children,

Judi Amber Chase
Co-Founder of the Earth Harmony Foundation

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