You have enormous power, enormous capabilities.

Jesus through John

Time, as you experience it in the illusion, is accelerating.  The reason for that is because more and more of you are focusing on the now moment, which is quite free of the limitations that the construct of time imposes upon you.  You are making your way into wakefulness, where time is no more, and as you do so it appears to be accelerating and taking you along with it.  It’s quite an adventure, is it not?  And of course it leads to the cessation of time altogether.

You have a saying “time is of the essence,” and within the illusion that certainly seems to be the case as everyone is almost constantly running to keep up with themselves, to make deadlines, to attend meetings, and when occasionally you get left behind the world flows on unaware, and seemingly uncaringly.  This is not a happy state because you then have…

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