Cobra’s Interview with Alexandra Meadors, 9th April 2014 – video

Cobra’s Interview with Alexandra Meadors, 9th April 2014 – video

Published 9th April 2014

Transcript: To be updated.


1. The Most Tense Moment in our Modern History (4:15)
2. Spring Equinox & Window of Opportunity (5:30)
3. Lunar Eclipse aka Blood Moon & Jewish Festival (7:10)
4. Purification of Cabal in Israel & Closed Embassies (7:50)
5. Energetic Pressure on our Physical Bodies (8:00)
6. No Guarantee for the Event Happening Now (10:10)
7. Disclosure Process Definition (10:40)
8. False Understanding of Source & Darkness (11:20)
9. Channelings & Ascended Masters (13:30)
10. Financial Changes & March 21 (14:30)
11. No Funds Realeased by BIS, No TRNs Either (15:20)
12. Instanteneous Change during the Reset (16:00)
13. New Financial System’s Layers (16:30)
14. Major Victory of the Light on April 8th (17:20)
15. The Event is NOT Planned for April 15th (18:00)
16. Stop Counting on the Event – Financially Speaking (18:10)
17. Gold Backed Currency (19:20)
18. Collateral Accounts Negotiations Not Completed Yet (19:45)
19. IMF & FED Still Running (21:00)
20. The Reset Process (22:00)
21. Eastern Alliance & the Alternative Infrastructure (23:00)
22. Big Boom in Nigeria (25:00)
23. NESARA & More than $2000 fo Each Individual (25:50)
24. Payouts to Lightworkers from St. Germain Funds (27:30)
25. House Bill H.R. 2847 (28:00)
26. High Frequency Trading Cabal’s Operations Backbone (28:50)
27. Flex Coin Fiasko, & NSA Good Guys Vs NSA Bad Guys (29:30)
28. Pepe Orsini, White Pope, Black Pope, Grey Pope (30:30)
29. Jesuits Exposure & April 27th Anouncement (30:31)
30. American Spring & Non Violent Mass Movements (32:45)
31. Muslim Brotherhood & 528 Members Being Condemned (34:00)
32. Obama Being Compromised due to Death Threads (35:50)
33. Galactics Contact with Different Presidents (37:40)
34. World’s Political Changes & Purification (38:20)
35. Isreal Positive Vs Negative Factions & Embassies (38:40)
36. The Two Points of Pressure on the Cabal (39:50)
37. Anonymous & Information Leaks(40:40)
38. Ukraine, Europe, USA, Russia (42:30)
39. UFO Hovering above Ukraine Was an ET Ship (43:05)
40. Cabal Has NO Advanced UFO Technology Anymore (43:30)
41. TTIP (44:00)
42. Erdogan’s Leaked Conversations Were True (44:30)
43. Privacy in Digital World, Joke of the Year (46:00)
44. Increase in Volcano Activity Is Not Drastic (48:00)
45. Excitement Will Rise as Things Start to Happen (50:00)
46. Fulfords Comments Cobra’s Activity (50:30)
47. Malaysian Plane Distraction (52:00)
48. Channelers and Information Coming from Archons (52:30)
49. Information from “Ascended Masters” Not Really Valid (53:40)
50. Revaluation and CIA Disinformation Ordred by Jesuits (54:45)
51. Planet Cleansing Process Clasified until April 21st (55:40)
52. Sociopaths, Beings Who Lost Connection with Soul (57:00)
53. Dark Ones Will Have to Pay their Dues (57:50)
54. Concept of Karma is an Archon’s Creation (58:00)
55. Jehovah Was an Entity Controlling Archon Technology (59:00)
56. Resistance Progress Cracking Negative Technology (59:30)
57. Chemtrails (59:50)
58. Project Blue Beam Being Neutralized For Good (1:00:00)
59. Eastern Countris of Europe & Eastern Alliance (1:00:30)
60. Healing in Light Chambers in Time of Egypt (1:01:50)
61. Every Human Will Restore his/her Lightbody (1:02:30)
62. Transformation of Consciousness & THE EVENT (1:03:00)
63. How Stratospheric Baloons Crack the Matrix (1:04:00)
64. Courtney Brown & Remote Viewing(1:05:50)
65. 37 Pyramids in Crimea Region (1:06:00)
66. Band of Peace, Pyramids & Ascension Process (1:06:30)
67. UFO Under Giza (1:07:00)
68. Bigfoot is For Real & His Relationship to Man (1:07:00)
69. Facebook & Deep Face Program (1:08:00)
70. GMO with Synthetic Biology (1:10:00)
71. Archons One and the Same with the Anunaki (1:10:30)
72. Sophia and her Gift to Humanity – Imagination (1:10:50)
73. Fulford’s Link of Cooperation with Cobra (1:11:30)
74. Success of Recent Activations in Japan & Taiwan (1:11:50)
75. No Apparent Danger Due to Tsunamis (1:12:00)
76. Diego Garcia’s Base Deep Secrets (1:12:30)
77. Fee Energy Overunity Generators Breakthrough (1:14:00)

Thanks Cobra & Alexandra once again for this great update.*

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Portal2012: Cobra’s Update ‘End of Petrodollar, Overunity and th e Event…’ April 8, 2014

Portal2012: Cobra’s Update ‘End of Petrodollar, Overunity and the Event…’ April 8, 2014

Nixon has decoupled US Dollar from the gold standard in 1971 and this has opened the way for Kissinger to create the petrodollar. This system has been working effortlessly to support the Cabal for many decades but now we are entering a period of tectonic geopolitical changes which old Cabal strategists such as Kissinger will be unable to handle.

The Eastern Alliance is now working full speed to accelerate the end of petrodollar system:

When Cabalists react, people from the Eastern Alliance kindly advise them to relax and do some yoga:

Eastern Alliance will not build the new financial system on oil, but will back it up with gold instead.

Current release of overunity free energy devices will accelerate the disintegration of petrodollar system. High level officials of BRICS nations are actively supporting the introduction of free energy to humanity and will adjust the development of the new financial system accordingly, so petroyuan as the basis of the new financial system is not an option.

Petrodollar system was only working because the Negative Military was supporting it with US military expansionism:

There is a very secret negative group, codenamed Chimera, within the Negative Military which has come from Orion and has infiltrated militaries of all major nations during and after the Congo Archon invasion in 1996. This group secretly controls the vast majority of military bases around the world, many of those bases belonging to the US military:

It is interesting to note that ALF Cabaniss military base is constructed in the shape of Chi Rho, the symbol of Constantine the Great, the Archon who created the Christian cult:

The Chimera group has enforced secret agreements upon leaders of all national militaries worldwide to suppress and erase all traces of benevolent extraterrestrial contact:

They are in contact with the main Archon and are heavily linked to the Jesuits and the NSA. They successfully infiltrated their agents in groups such as Corteum and the Labyrinth group.

Through the main Archon, they have limited access to the Archons on the etheric plane. Those etheric Archons enforce soul agreements on the members of the Cabal, forcing them to obey the Chimera group. If a certain member of the Cabal is removed, the etheric Archons simply find another host and enforce binding soul agreement upon him.

In the past, a certain positive group has engaged long range shooters to remove certain members of the Cabal and they were not successful, because those Cabal members simply returned to the physical plane in a new cloned body which was already prepared for them in a military base under surveillance of the Chimera group. After 2004 all those clones have been destroyed by the Resistance and now long range shooters of the aforementioned positive group would be much more successful in eliminating individual members of the Cabal and no amount of Blackwater/Academi bodyguards would be able to protect them.

The Chimera group has put physical strangelet bombs inside most of US military bases and some military bases of other nations and these bombs form the main line of defense against the advance of Galactic Confederation and Resistance Movement forces towards the surface of this planet.

They have also created a planetary network of plasma scalar devices. This network is being operated from the military bases and encompasses the whole planet. Plasma is the fourth aggregate state of matter after solid, liquid and gaseous and is in fact the connecting link between physical and etheric matter. Plasma scalar devices can thus influence our physical bodies and the Chimera Group uses these devices to attack Lightwarriors and Lightworkers by influencing their body functions, disturbing breathing and heart pulse. They also use plasma scalar lasers to project thoughtforms into minds of Lightworkers, plasma infrasound to lower the frequency of auric membrane of Lightworkers and plasma ultrasound devices as ultimate spying and surveillance machine. The Resistance is already removing these plasma scalar devices with full speed.

There is a silent full scale war ongoing between the Positive Military and the Chimera group worldwide.

Current hijacking of the MH 370 flight to Diego Garcia was an act of war of the Chimera group, Diego Garcia military base being one of their main strongholds:

When this war is over and the Chimera defeated, we will have perfect conditions for the Event.

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ExtremeTech – Sebastian Anthony – Large Hadron Collider Discovers A New Type Of Matter: Exotic Hadrons – 10 April 2014

Lucas 2012 Infos

Extreme Tech

Scientists at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider have discovered, with “overwhelming” certainty, the existence of a new class of subatomic particles, exotic hadrons. In related news, CERN has begun the painstaking process of turning the LHC back on after being switched off for upgrades over the last 12 months. When it returns, in early 2015, the LHC will have almost twice as much collision power, which will hopefully allow it to further investigate the Higgs boson, and probe the theory of supersymmetry.

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You have enormous power, enormous capabilities.

Jesus through John

Time, as you experience it in the illusion, is accelerating.  The reason for that is because more and more of you are focusing on the now moment, which is quite free of the limitations that the construct of time imposes upon you.  You are making your way into wakefulness, where time is no more, and as you do so it appears to be accelerating and taking you along with it.  It’s quite an adventure, is it not?  And of course it leads to the cessation of time altogether.

You have a saying “time is of the essence,” and within the illusion that certainly seems to be the case as everyone is almost constantly running to keep up with themselves, to make deadlines, to attend meetings, and when occasionally you get left behind the world flows on unaware, and seemingly uncaringly.  This is not a happy state because you then have…

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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation, April 8, 2014

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation, April 8, 2014

6 Ben, 16 Mac, 10 Caban

Dratzo! Things are buzzing around your globe! Numerous incidents have occurred which are scaring the leaders of the dark cabal. The events are now forcing these arrogant ones to relent and permit the rise of a new global monetary system. Along with this development is the establishing of a new international financial system. This series of linked events is creating shock waves that threaten the very existence of many corrupt and formerly omnipotent governments. An ever-growing wedge is now appearing that is shortly to cause them to allow new governance to appear. This manifesting phenomenon is eventually to allow a thorough disclosure of our existence to occur. The dark can easily see that its reign of many millennia is swiftly coming to a close. It is to be replaced by rule based on morality, your sovereignty and an ever-rising prosperity. In this new realm, you are to learn many things that were hidden from you; among them your extraterrestrial origins and the former existence of the fallen continents of Atlantis and Mu.

These new facts are to shock you into some understanding of who you really are. The rest is to come when the Ascended Masters and their Inner Earth brethren address you. All of these things are to prepare you for the fact that you are shortly to return to full consciousness. Those who carefully kept this from you realized that these truths revealed were to cause a “revolution” that was swiftly return you to the very edges of full consciousness. Hence, a number of great lies were put into effect to hide this from you. These manipulations included redrawing your religions, altering the basis of modern science and creating a monetary system based upon scarcity. These endless “false flags” are to be rectified by what is happening around your globe. Our allies are forging the underpinnings for a new financial system and are readying the mechanisms for the rise of a new reality. These events are now manifesting in bits and pieces around your globe, and are only the mere beginnings!

Your new set of facts is to readjust your basic perceptions about your world. Take these in hand and be ready to apply them to your many societies. The primary purpose is to lift you far above survival level and rid you of governance and a worldly cabal whose purpose is to deny you your natural birthrights. Lies were purposely told to you. They are now to be removed and replaced by truths that make most of what you know useless. Take what you learn and be prepared to expand this when your Ascended Masters address you. This new set of knowledge is just the start of what you really need to know about yourselves and your original ancestors, the numerous immigrants from the stars! These fully conscious Beings came here to aid Gaia and care for a vast and wondrous interlocked set of eco-systems. Gaia was then united and possessed a fully conscious realm both on and below her surface. This remarkable world had birthed this galaxy and come to rest eons ago in the life zone of your sun.

The process of protecting and preserving a host of eco-systems also included adding to the robustness of Gaia. The initial results were quite promising. The new colonists had gained a renewal for Gaia and her living systems that brought a great joy to all. This process was temporarily skewed by the rise of the new daughter colony of Atlantis. The rulers of this daughter colony were greatly influenced by the priests and priestesses of the Anchara continuum. This can be likened to the legends of the great fall of humanity into darkness. These legends have largely made it impossible to fully comprehend the workings imposed on them by the Anunnaki and their succeeding bands of minions. This confusion is now to be returned to truth! Coming history lessons are to prepare you to understand why you are now in limited consciousness and how you are to be returned to your natural state of full consciousness. The final step in this journey is to be done by Heaven and your space and Inner Earth families.

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! Our various associates and their allies are completing actions that are to bring sovereignty, prosperity and freedom to you. At present, each one of the several events that are manifesting is ready to greatly alter the world you live in. The dark has been in charge ever since the Atlanteans left for their location in Beta Centauri. They left behind those who successfully manipulated this surface reality for nearly 13 millennia. This reign is coming to an end as new institutions are born. While this is occurring, we have watched as Heaven adjusts and recalibrates your mental emotional and physical bodies. As each of these reaches a higher vibration, you become able to absorb new perceptions and rethink the foundation of your various core beliefs. With these small transformations you are then ready to receive what we need to tell you.

Dear blessed Ones, you are at the very edge of a new reality. Most of what you know has been given to you in puzzles. The dark persists in explaining to you that these odd puzzles are truth. In fact, they are only jumbled half-truths. We intend to present to you the complete solved puzzle, eliminating any mysteries. Once you have absorbed these messages, you can see who you truly are, and what you once were. These actions are only the beginning of what we are to say. You need to be assured of your destination in this grand journey. Much has been written by many, attempting to uncover what the dark so heinously mixed up. Absent the mysteries, you can then see how unique and wondrous you truly are. In this new setting, we can introduce you to what the process of Ascension is really about!

You are entering a realm filled with wonder and miracles! This requires you to focus deeply and intently upon the Divine, and the real meaning of divine service. In this mode, numerous subjects take on deep meanings that you have not previously experienced. This mode requires a special degree of training to allow you to see and clearly outline what you need to do to accomplish your inner and outer goals. All of this is related so you can quickly discover how the spiritual and physical realms are connected. This insight lets you interact as a most wondrous collective and pursue both your joint and individual goals. You become a member of both the sisterhoods and brotherhoods of the Light in Heaven and for the Earth. You are returned to the sacred missions that brought you long ago to this most magnificent realm!

Today, we briefly explored what is happening around you. Be prepared for magic and for grand miracles to occur. We are shaping events that are to transform your surface reality, that can eventually permit Gaia’s two realms to again become one! The time for celebration is forming around you! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)