A Channeling from Mira from the the Pleaidian High Council through Valerie Donner April 4, 2014


Dear Ground Crew,

Well, if the earth isn’t rockin’ and rollin’ we are shakin’ and movin’ within. How’s that for starting with a blast???? With the earth changes, solar flares, mud slides, impending eclipses on the 15th and the 27th, and the grand cross from the 20th to the 23rd, we are getting astrological and planetary thrusts to move ahead with our lives in major ways. The month of April is supposed to be a challenging one for all of us.

We little Lightworkers are sensitive to the earth and her changes. Some of us have been feeling exceptionally tired, sensitive, emotional, overwhelmed, blissed out, light-filled, fearful, and have been dealing with our fear-based issues in a big way. Everything that needs healing seems to be coming to the surface like our beloved Mother Earth. Every time we heal the old stuff we are moving forward on our ascension pathway and helping many others exponentially.

Doing our inner work is pivotal to our ascension. In fact, I think the universe slows us down one way or the other to deal with what’s in front of us. By now, we know we have lots of help with solutions. Even though most of us have been on fast growth paths in this incarnation we still get to clean up the leftovers. This is the most critical time for our healing and for the planetary healing. This in incumbent upon us to get the help we need to release, let go and nurture ourselves into the higher fourth dimension and fifth. We are here to help each other through these transformative times.

Have you noticed that foods you used to eat no longer agree with you? Aside from our increasing sensitivity and awareness of unhealthy foods, we are becoming more aware of what is not good for us. Our bodies speak loudly and even more loudly if we don’t listen. We need lots of good water, rest and nutritional support.

I don’t know about you but my prayer list seems to be getting longer. Many people are faced with health challenges or are leaving their bodies. A Lightworker friend told me she has a friend in the funeral business and that they are adding staff like crazy due to so many people making their transitions. We need to hang in there ground crew. This show is too exciting to miss.

Here in California the truth is coming out about corruption in the government. These truths will be coming out with greater frequency as the Light shines on the darkness. Can you feel the waves of truth riding the winds of change?

On April 2, in our Mastery of Healing Class, Maitreya, and the planetary Christ (He was the one the Jesus channeled when he was here.), said the following:

“You are not alone. We are with you. You are going to have to stand your ground. We know you are fantasizing about your new earth. This is how you create the new. You are busy letting go of the old. You are ready. It pleases us that you Lightworkers are so busy letting go. The sun rises and sets yet the sun too is different. You are going through immense challenges.

“Touch the earth. Touch your heart with your hands. You are proceeding with your ascension according to the divine Plan. Upheaval has to occur to allow the wounds of the past to rise to enable you to make conscious statements for the future. What you put out is what you get back is true for everyone. A lot of people who have gotten away with things in the past will want to leave the planet. They are no longer welcome on the earth. They are not in resonance. Remember that Jesus did not have an easy time either when he was here.”

Again, speaking about the Grand Cross, according to astrologers this is a time of breakdowns or breakthroughs. It is about radical change with Uranus forcing us to stop making excuses about what’s not working. Jupiter makes us look at forgiveness and all of this is about letting go of the lesson to become greater.

In my healing work, I help people deeply at the heart and soul level to release core issues. Sometimes we need assistance when we are stuck so please remember that I can be of assistance.

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Hold Onto your Hat

By Valerie Donner
Hold onto your hat.

The earth changes are more than that.

We get to look deeply within

And get to learn letting go isn’t a sin.

Playing it safe is a thing of the past.

By now you know challenges can’t last.

Out with the old

In with the new.

Change your old hat.

Become someone new.

Get knee deep

Into what needs to change.

When you find out

You will have free range.

Life is changing on a swift course.

You are the star

And will benefit the most.

© 2014 The Ground Crew

A Channeling from Mira from the the Pleaidian High Council
through Valerie Donner April 4, 2014

Greetings I am Mira:

I am pleased to greet you today and to share some of what we are doing in the Earth Council. We are committed to making periodic reports to apprise you of our progress.

There is a lot of progress at hand. We have added additional volunteers to assist with the process. Everyone wants to lend a hand. We know that some of you feel overwhelmed so we are bringing in extra help. Everyone loves you and loves the earth. We want only the best for you. Read more…>