Edward Snowden: “Mission Accomplished”

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Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden. Photograph: AP

Edward Snowden: ‘I Already Won’

By Bridie Jabour – The Guardian – December 24, 2013 | Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.


Whistleblower Edward Snowden has declared “mission accomplished”, seven months after revelations were first published from his mass leak of National Security Agency documents.

The documents, which were leaked to the Guardian and also the Washington Post and Der Spiegel, revealed how technological developments were used by the US surveillance agency to spy on its own citizens and others abroad, and also to spy on allies, such as the US on Germany and Australia on Indonesia.

In 14 hours of interviews with the Washington Post journalist Barton Gellman Snowden said, “For me, in terms of personal satisfaction, the mission’s already accomplished.”

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