Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation, November 26, 2013

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation, November 26, 2013

3 Ahau, 3 Yaxk’in, 10 Caban

Selamat Balik! We return with more good news! The various groups that are setting up the final configurations for the new financial system are starting to oversee the last days of the dark’s odious system. A vast global currency reset is ready to manifest. The first stage of this complex procedure is underway. The rest of this new system will emerge when the new governance comes online. We have observed carefully as the numerous factions that comprise our Earth allies work diligently to move your world toward a new and permanent prosperity. Meanwhile, legal brakes to the dark’s rule are being applied. Numerous governments around your globe are feeling the pressure upon their continued corruption and outright favoritism of the wealthier sections of your respective society. This type of governance no longer works. For too long it has created a non-responsive government that can no longer be tolerated. Hence, a movement toward a global revolution grows daily. The new governance and financial systems will creatively resolve these problems.

This transformation in consciousness makes the various social and political structures now operating in your numerous societies inadequate. As your ability to either interrelate and/or communicate changes, it provides a means to sense wrongs more easily, and to analyze these societies differently. The things that you once took for granted no longer seem right. You start to understand that a different approach is needed. The daily nature of these societal systems begins to seem petty to you. You look carefully for a viable alternative, but none seems available. Your inner thoughts express your distaste for what surrounds you. Your frustration grows. This process is presently pervadingthe globe. What our Earth allies are doing is therefore vital to what will follow: new political and social systems founded upon abundance, and a free flow of new information and technology previously suppressed by the dark’s minions. This revised society will also open the door to a vast amount of disclosure.

Disclosure by the Ascended Masters, and disclosure by new governance of our presence and Agartha’s are critical to lead toward full consciousness. Each step needs some time for you to fully absorb the incredible amount of data and new wisdom that you need. The traditional underpinnings of your society will first be "detonated" and then replaced by something entirely new to you. These changes will "spin you for a loop." Left figuratively dizzy by this, you will need time to readjust and make your peace with these new truths. Once this is done, you can then prepare yourselves for what is to follow. We understand the immensity of knowledge presented to you will cause a great deal of discomfort to many. The traditional precepts of your society will initially be challenged and later tossed aside. The new truths will be backed by discoveries that permit you to better understand how the dark worked its magical brew of lies, deceit and masterful manipulations. These truths will prepare you for the final steps toward full consciousness.

The present time is one of transitions. Your current reality is fading and is in dire need of change. Those in Heaven who oversee this reality know this and are moving it toward one where your consciousness expands and you encounter your Inner Earth neighbors and us. This set of major changes to your concept of reality will accelerate you toward full consciousness. The present lack of disclosure cannot go on much longer. In fact, Heaven has set a timeline for how this is to happen. This is why we know that your immediate future will bring the changes we discuss, as well as first contact. This realm of yours is living on borrowed time. The moment for our official entry into this reality is very close. Your Ascended Masters and their associates are ready to reveal new financial and governmental systems. We leave you with this good news. Be in joy and feel just how close this new reality is to manifesting. Your future is to be filled with freedom, wondrous happenings and a grand reunion with all of us!

Blessings! We come to talk to you about many things! Right now, you are in the midst of changes that are the precursors to full consciousness. These subtle alterations are doing what it took us many lifetimes to achieve. You are safely on the road to a new reality that requires your full participation. Thus, Heaven has forged a special partnership between the Agarthans, the Galactic Federation and us. This partnership is altering your reality in very precise ways. The current aspects that seemingly control your reality are fading. Their powers will be replaced by those who intend only the blessed best for you. At present, your reality seems stalled while promises of wealth are flashed before you and never realized. Rumors fly around like a swarm of hungry gnats. Confusing information likewise is continually bombarding you. This unholy situation is now ready to unravel. A wondrous event is ready to happen!

Those individuals and their respective groups who secretly work with us daily are ready to unleash a Thanksgiving surprise! During the past few decades, we have been assembling a means to provide the first grand step in a march toward your monetary freedom. This step involves not only viable funds, but also a way to protect them from the dark’s unholy schemes. What we can state here is only that these things are ready to manifest. The dark’s many illegal regimes feel falsely confident that what they are about to perpetrate can somehow work. This is in actual fact a great impossibility. Our blessed associates are going to do something special to aid you in keeping your grand focus. Do not be discouraged. Remain positive. Good things are about to happen. A new reality, my dear Ones, is to be born!

The dark and its minions in banking and governance realize the degree of disgust that they have engendered in you. Yet, they do not care. Every one of their recent ventures is on the cusp of ruin. The future of their dark enterprises is near failure. Our various legal and spiritual endeavors are on the verge of total success. Yet, they continue to lie, scheme and seemingly remain as powerful as ever. The coming "surprise" will demonstrate what is real. We ask only that you hold on to the energy of hope and of forging a new prosperous reality. These marvelous things are becoming real. Our numerous supporters are following protocols that will flower shortly and give you a series of successes that will allow us to teach you and permit the disclosure of what truly lies above and beneath you. Your spiritual and space families are here!

Today, we carried on with our brief messages of what is happening. The moment arrives for celebration. The time comes to rid this realm of its malignant oppressors. These glorious events are to bring with them the final curtain to what the dark cabal has done for millennia.Rejoice! The time for your victory is at hand! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Source: [http://paoweb.com/uf112613.htm]

‘Love is the key to spiritual awareness.’ Jesus via John Smallman, November 27, 2013

‘Love is the key to spiritual awareness…’ Jesus via John Smallman, November 27, 2013

Audiolink: [2013-11-27-jesus-audio-blog-for-wednesday-nov-27.mp3]

As Thanksgiving approaches please give thanks for all that is good in your lives. There are truly none among you who do not have something to be thankful for, so go within, to that quiet safe place where you can, if you choose, access your spiritual guides and mentors and ask them to bring to your attention an event or an aspect of your life for which you are eternally grateful. Then say “Thank you” for it. Just saying thank you is uplifting for you even if you are not feeling very thankful, because it opens you to receive the Love that surrounds you, awaiting your acceptance of Its constantly proffered embrace.

Love is the key to spiritual awareness because all that is spiritual, all that exists, rests in Love. Love is gentle, kind, compassionate, accepting, forgiving, and yet It is the most powerful energy, the most powerful Will because It is infinite, and there is nothing apart from It. It cannot be destroyed, defeated, weakened or avoided because all is contained within It. It does not impose or demand, but within the illusion you can pretend that It does not exist, and by doing so you shut out joy and happiness from your lives, replacing them with fear and anxiety which you either deny, attempt to conceal, or cower away from like helpless victims of some hideous monster. However, Love is endlessly patient, It will wait until you choose, as you eventually will, to accept It, whereupon boundless joy will be eternally yours. That, surely, is reason enough to give thanks?

Because Love is the Source from which all that exists flows, because It is That from which all is created, it makes absolutely no sense whatever to deny It, avoid It, or hide from It. To do so is to be like an infant that on putting its hands in front of its face believes that what it can no longer see is no longer there. Humanity has collectively chosen to remove its hands from in front of its face and once more see its Mother looking at it adoringly. You have played at hiding yourselves from Her for far too long, but She has never lost sight of you, She never will, and your awakening is divinely assured.

It often seems to you that you have been waiting interminably to experience the infinite joy of being eternally in the Presence of your loving Source, and that is because you continue to cling to the unreal, the illusion and all the deceits and tricks that it offers to you claiming them to be real. Bodies are part of the illusion, without them you could not properly experience it, and they are subject to illness, pain, suffering, aging, and decay. Mostly you identify with them instead of seeing them as just temporary vehicles that enable you to experience what is not real, and their shortcomings terrify you because their life span is so short and they are so vulnerable in such a vast and complex universe.

It is indeed a great paradox for you to have to attempt to understand, but if you will accept life as it occurs, if you will accept that you are in fact eternal spiritual beings having a temporary physical experience, then your terror of death will dissipate, because you will perceive quite clearly that there is no death. There is a transition through which humans have been passing for eons, leaving their broken and damaged vehicles behind and awakening back into the spiritual realms where they have their eternal existence.

However, at this point in your evolution you have chosen to withdraw yourselves en-mass from the illusion while retaining your physical bodies, and in so doing you will move from a world of suffering, distrust, and betrayal into an environment of peace, beauty, and abundance for all. You have been making your way towards this moment through many crises, disappointments, and catastrophes as you have struggled with the concept of releasing your fears and returning to and sharing the loving embrace that God offers you in every moment.

Embodied, you have surrounded yourselves with shields to protect yourselves from the intense energy of the divine Love that would cause them to disintegrate if they came into direct contact with It. Within your illusory world you have to protect yourselves by wearing protective clothing if you intend to be in the vicinity of something that is projecting radiation such as the inside of a nuclear power plant, or in a hospital where x-ray equipment is in use. In like manner, to maintain the integrity of your physical bodies you also have to protect them from the full power of divine Love.

Eventually you will come to understand that bodies are an impediment to union with the Source, your loving Father/Mother. On Earth you are very aware of your separation from one another, and grateful for it, except occasionally when you are so in love with another that you want to truly be “two in one flesh.” When you ascend Love will envelop you as you have never before experienced It, and gently and gradually you will start to release yourselves from the protective shields that your bodies provide as your trust in God grows and you allow yourselves to become disembodied and return once more to your natural state of Oneness with your Source. And that is yet another reason for you to give thanks.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Source: [http://johnsmallman2.wordpress.com/2013/11/27/love-is-the-key-to-spiritual-awareness/]

Blossom Goodchild for the Galactic Federation of Light, November 27, 2013

Blossom Goodchild for the Galactic Federation of Light, November 27, 2013

Blossom: Hello there. Off we go again … the weeks are flying by so quickly. Let’s see how today flows shall we? Anyone about?

GFL: Yes of course and it is considered a great pleasure to be with you once again in this way … in the KNOWING that these messages reach the hearts of many.

Blossom: Yep, it’s quite amazing how your words have taken on a journey of their own … I never imagined myself being in this position. All I ever wanted to do was be on the stage!

GFL: Yet it was assigned to you long before you came and then it was a matter of remembering so … and deciding if it was still your desire. It was greatly underestimated the strength one would need.

Blossom: Probably underestimated by me … and maybe if I knew what was involved fully, I would have declined the offer! Yet in ALL TRUTH it is an honour to serve in this way and life would probably FEEL very odd without you!

GFL: Life itself, dearest Blossom, is to bloom forth in a respected manner that no-one … not even those who think they KNOW … not even those who KNOW they KNOW … has imagined in their most heightened dreams. We speak to you all in this KNOWING that WE have … for we are already aware of that which is to come down upon you and change your lives and your world forever.

We concentrate once again this day on the matter of THE EVENT. For it would not be appropriate to suddenly drop the matter and speak of other things, when we have come to realize that those upon Earth are in need of as much information as we are prepared to offer.

Blossom: That’s right … Some are confused regarding those left behind and those leaving … (not sure if that is the right way to put it )They are worried about their loved ones.

GFL: Yet there is no need for concern in any walk of life. How we desire that this is understood. Even if one was to worry about where their next meal was coming from … they are making the matter become something it is not. For worrying does not assist anything. The energy that worrying carries only burdens the soul. Yet to KNOW from the deepest place of one’s BEING that whatever occurs in front of one … behind one … or at the side of one … is merely an instant in time … an experience … an image with an emotion attached. To KNOW that one’s self is "above all’ that ‘appears’ to be real … brings much understanding of all that takes place in one’s surroundings. To detach from what one believes to be real is very beneficial.

Blossom: Yet not that easy to do! Maybe you are unaware of that from where you stand? Yet believe me … from down here at ‘ground control’ the heart can become so deeply involved in its quest for understanding the why’s and wherefore’s of our existence and those that travel alongside us … it’s simply is not that easy to ‘let go’.

GFL: Yet we come from another angle. For it is not that one should not LOVE and CARE. One should do so in/of ALL THAT IS … yet the detachment lies within the KNOWING and acceptance of WHAT IS … and coming into the recognition of it BEING just that … WHAT IT IS.

Blossom: We could go round in circles here. For the emotion FEELS to be the biggest part of our journey. Our biggest learning utensil … so if we were to detach from our emotion … I FEEL our BEING HERE would FEEL pretty empty.

GFL: And we would reply back on this matter that emotions ARE LOVE in all its forms.

Blossom: And I would reply … so why would we detach from Love? Maybe we are not on the same page here!

GFL: We offer these words. You CANNOT detach from LOVE. You can however, detach from theattachment to the emotion.

Does that even make sense?

GFL: Dearest Blossom. To us … indeed it does. One can FEEL an emotion and accept it as such … be it happiness, sadness, anger, hurt, pain … whatever it may FEEL like. Yet it is in the KNOWING of it BEING WHAT IT IS that one can simply detach from it and allow it to move on through. We are not saying one should not FEEL … far from it … that is your most important utensil. We are saying one can recognise the FEELING and ‘USE IT" yet not be attached to it. For it is in the attachment that one is denying the self of the full experience.’

Blossom: I just know from past experience that it is best to leave that there … and let that ‘square of chocolate’ digest … instead of whaffing the whole bar down and wishing I hadn’t.

GFL: Very sensible.

Blossom: A White Cloud metaphor that I adhere to … because it IS so sensible. Where to from here?

GFL: We would like to pacify the hearts and minds of those who are not in full understanding of that which is to take place.

Blossom: Is anyone? I think not! For many of us accept that what lies ahead is going to work out fine … in the end … yet we have no way of KNOWING the full understanding of what is actually to take place. Do you?

GFL: We indeed have the understanding of what is to occur. We however … do not have the KNOWING of how it will affect THE WHOLE.

This we cannot predict and yet we have researched heart rates of certain occurrences and it still leaves us rather ‘up in the air’ as to the possible outcome of such an outpouring/down pouring of purest Love. For no-one can predict such things due to each individual deciding at the very moment of occurrence how they chose to embrace it.

Yet we will stipulate that when it takes place … those that KNOW within that ‘the time is NOW’ … they will KNOW instinctively what to do and how to go about their duties … in /through LOVE.


Blossom: Thing is chaps … it’s so hard to imagine exactly what it might be like … and when … (yet we won’t go there). Some are asking if it is going to be like ‘The Rapture’ that is spoken of in the bible? Some asking if it is the second coming of Christ? So much is ‘left to our imagination’ and you know us Earthlings well enough by now … our imaginations when let loose … can run wild!

GFL: And yet it is your imaginations that assist in bringing about that which is to come.

Blossom: How so? Because surely it is already ‘on the cards’? Whatever The Event is going to be must be pretty much set in stone by now. So how does ‘our imagining’ assist?

GFL: Because it is THROUGH your imagining that the energy of what is to occur will be able to be brought forth.

Blossom: You keep saying this … so can we clarify … or do I need to go to the back of the class? Does this mean there is no set date? I KNOW you are unable to give the date … yet … have you one in mind? I mean … on your ‘vision board’ is there a picture of The Event with a date above it and all arrows pointing towards E day?

GFL: How we smile at your analogy Blossom. And we appreciate your perseverance in order to get as much clarification as we are able to give.

KNOW THIS … There cannot be a ‘set date’ … Yet there CAN BE a ‘time slot’. And all is on course for this. The energy has risen greatly over the last decades and it is assumed that THE EVENT shall go ahead in the time slot planned.

Blossom: Hold on … hold on a minute … I am sure ‘somewhere’ back when … you said that The Event would go ahead regardless … so how can you use the word ‘assume’?

GFL: Because that is what we are assuming! We ask you to keep in mind that never before has such a ‘display’ taken place … Therefore everything is ‘under the assumption’ that all will go as planned.

Blossom: OK … I’ll buy that. Some are concerned of the chaos it may bring.

GFL: ‘IT’ will not BRING chaos … ‘IT’ IS LOVE IN ITS HIGHEST FORM … There is no chaos in that which is coming.

However it may ’cause’ chaos due to those who choose to be bewildered and completely out of sorts by such a phenomenon. And it is then that those in the KNOW shall take over … switch into gear so to speak … and get on down to the matter in hand.


Blossom: I notice you avoided speaking of The Rapture or the second coming. I respect this. For as I have replied to folk … there are simply some things you would not be prepared to reveal and I am ‘assuming’ if that were to be the case … you would have to keep your mouth zipped on that little puppy.

GFL: You are ‘assuming’ correctly. Let us put it this way …





Blossom: That which is to come … is on its way?

GFL: And always has been … yet now it is at its journey’s end.

Blossom: This SO could mean tomorrow … yet in your ‘history of time giving’ this so could mean in 2020. We shall just have to wait and see I ‘assume’.

GFL: Dearest friends … as we have spoken before … THIS IS TO TAKE PLACE.

What would be the purpose of these conversations … it would be a very sick joke if this was not to be so.

Blossom: On the other hand I could be an absolute nutter who has many followers! Yet my theory on that … is that too many thousands of people all over the world have this same FEELING … this same KNOWING inside that we are from elsewhere. That we are from the stars and are here to fulfil a Divine Mission. And for those of us who FEEL that way … we KNOW we are not fruit loops … We have a bond that ‘attaches ‘us to each other and gives us strength to carry on. Some really do not understand us … YET. We are strengthening in numbers as more and more of our crew awaken … and WE SHALL SEE THIS THROUGH … and WE SHALL have a cup of tea together … and I SHALL bake a cake … which is probably what THE EVENT actually is … for indeed that has never happened on this planet before either! I LOVE YOU GUYS!

GFL: And WE LOVE EACH ONE OF YOU. A watched kettle never boils.

Blossom: I’m not watching it … I’m baking a cake! In LOVE and THANKS FOR IT ALL.

Source: [http://www.blossomgoodchild.com/index.html?page=BG197nov27.html]

EarthSky News – November 27 – Experience Comet ISON Online

November 27
Experience Comet ISON Online
Experience Comet ISON’s encounter with the sun this week
ISON’s moment of truth is approaching – its closest point to the sun – on November 28. Here are some ways to experience it online.
Orion rises at mid-evening
Orion the Hunter – perhaps the easiest-to-identify of all constellations – rises at mid-evening in late November and early December.
Three questions about Comet ISON
The manager of NASA’s Near-Earth Object Program Office shares the low-down on the ISON’s holiday travel plans.
Google Earth reveals untold fish catches
Large fish traps in the Persian Gulf could be catching up to six times more fish than what’s being officially reported.
Even if emissions stop, carbon dioxide could warm Earth for centuries
Even if carbon dioxide emissions came to a sudden halt, the carbon dioxide already in Earth’s atmosphere could continue to warm our planet for hundreds of years.
today’s image
Jet contrail casts a shadow
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Aion Portal Alignment and Cosmic Heart Activation, November 28, 2013, 14:00 EST or 19:00 UTC / GMT

Aion Portal Alignment and Cosmic Heart Activation, November 28, 2013, 14:00 EST or 19:00 UTC / GMT

To align the energies of the Aion Portal Activation and to activate our Cosmic Heart will unite yet again on November 28th (Thanksgiving Day in the USA) at 7pm UTC/GMT when the comet ISON will be at it’s closest point to our Sun.

On November 23rd, 2013, we came together collectively as One Unified Cosmic Heart through the Aion Portal activation. At this moment, a heliocentric configuration took place at the peak of the Uranus/Pluto square. This heliocentric configuration activated through Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto. As these planets formed a six-pointed star mandala around the Sun, this configuration of the six-pointed star activated into the star-tetrahedronal shape and lifted all Life into a greater level of Cosmic Conscious awareness. The star tetrahedron further activated through the heart chakra and simultaneously within the original Divine-Eight Blueprint, taking us deeper into our service work as these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love. At the time of this activation, the Great Central Sun and Central Sun sent an energy mini-pulse through the Sun and through the six-pointed star mandala of all planets to create a harmonic resonant wave of Solar Christ Consciousness to be experienced by all Life within this Solar System.

Furthermore, we were offered the opportunity as the I Am Avatar race, to experience the Crystalline Solar Sun Disc of Light within our hearts through activating seven multidimensional Chambers or Petals of Light within our heart. By activating the multidimensional Petals of Light within our heart chakras we helped to activate the heart chakra of Mother Earth.

In seven streams of Divine Light and amplified through the Solar Flares and the many Legions of Light from On High, Crystalline Solar Light frequencies carrying the vibration of wisdom, manifestation, illumination, insight and understanding, freedom, joy, bliss, Divine Love and Unity Consciousness, entered into the 12 Golden Solar Sun Disc Discs within and around the Light Body of Mother Earth. From here, these Solar Light frequencies connected into the Earth’s chakra points, leylines and sacred sites and back into our hearts as we activated our inner Crystalline Solar Sun Disc of Light. As all Life bathed in the copper-gold and pink-gold flames of Solar Christ Consciousness through the Overlighting of Helios and Vesta, we were taken deeper into Solar Christ Consciousness and the merging with our Beloved I Am Presence.

We will further assist in actualizing these streams of Divine Light and Solar Christ Consciousness through the Light Grids and the 144 Unity Grid of Divine Love on November 28th, as we experience Comet Ison. As the Light Grids amplify, activate and actualize these Light encoded Crystalline Solar frequencies to the maximum Cosmic Law can allow, we visualize the awakening of all Life on this earth plane. And so it is.

To view this written invocation, please view [http://www.pleiadianlight.net/november-2013-sacred-cosmic-fire-of-abundance/]

Invocation by Anrita Melchizedek [www.pleiadianlight.net]
Music by Aeoliah [

To align the energies of the Aion Portal Activation and to activate our Cosmic Heart will unite yet again on November 28th (Thanksgiving Day in the USA) at 7pm UTC/GMT when the comet ISON will be at it’s closest point to our Sun, to do the meditation presented in the following video:

For info on ISON:



You can view the exact time of the activation for your city here:


Victory NOW! Liberation NOW!

[Please post this information on your websites, blogs and any alternative media outlet you might know of]

For updates about the opening of the AION portal, etc:



‘Your heart is there for you to see your own truth.’ SaLuSa from Sirius via MADAD, 26 November 2013

‘Your heart is there for you to see your own truth…’ SaLuSa from Sirius via MADAD, 26 November 2013

We know that listening to your own heart is getting very comfortable for you, and in spite of some doubts in the beginning, the feeling of trust in these information is growing because every time you searched for some proof of any information received this way, you always got it. It is not that you as eternal Soul would need it, but your mind is requesting evident proof as it was programmed to do so. Your mind is releasing all old patterns that simply cannot keep up with the speed of Light that is circulating within you and flowing through the whole system of your body. Sometimes it might be not so easy to see through this illusion, but your feelings and Love that you are again connected to will not leave you in any doubts about the truth. Truth carries very mixed energy feeling for many of you because so many times you were listening to something that turned out to be the exact opposite.

Everyone is carrying the own version of truth, because we see it as complex package of information and experiences and feelings that are guiding us to the fulfillment of our desires. Desire is another word that might create confusion within your changing mind, and we understand it as expression of Soul that is connecting everyone to the needed experiences. We know that your society as it existed for so many centuries tried to push and limit desires of the people, but now you are free to step out of these limits that still exist and let your desires to fully grow and lead you into the truth about self. Knowing the truth about self is creating more power within and giving you so many different possibilities and showing you which one to choose, that would make your journey and learning complete. And please remember no one else can let you know the truth but yourself, as all the information have to resonate with you in order to become truth. On the other hand, if some information do not resonate perfectly with you and someone is telling you that they feel it is the truth, there is no reason for doubts as they are representing the truth for them and guide them into further knowing.

The more you are tuning into the higher vibrations the more you can feel the resonance of each information that you hear or read. There are so many information about our coming and about all that should happen before and after, and sometimes they are confusing, sometimes they are purposely being spread to create confusion, but we ask you to let it through your heart and clearly feel if they are carrying the loving energy and resonate with you. You all are able to feel this resonance, but sometimes mind is trying to be stronger and tell you something that it is not able to recognize at all. Mind is helping you manifest your choices, and that is its purpose of existence. Your heart is there for you to see your own truth, and when both working in harmony and each is doing that action that was created for, you are seeing the true wonders of life. Help your mind relax with the best way that each of you certainly already find out for yourself, and the mind will surrender into the role that it was created for and you will surely feel it.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and wish that you express your desires so freely as they are making you happy, because they carry the perfect energy pattern for your movement into the higher world of existence, where showing your true desires is supported and understand and it is build in into basics of our societies that we live in.

Channeller: MADAD

Source: [http://salusathroughfaithandhope.blogspot.nl/2013/11/english-salusa-26112013.html]

Webpage: SaLuSa in Love and Light

Available in 25 Languages

‘You, the Masters, Have Returned.’ by Steve Beckow on Golden Age of Gaia, November 24, 2013

‘You, the Masters, Have Returned…’ by Steve Beckow on Golden Age of Gaia, November 24, 2013

You heard Archangel Michael say, in last week’s Hour with an Angel, that John Kennedy “would not choose to have you know how many times he had been on the planet to effect radical change.” (1) Archangel Michael once told me that he (AAM) is reticent to discuss past lives because he wants us to focus on the present.

I once asked Jesus on An Hour with an Angel if he was Elisha (2) in his past life and he skirted the question. Archangel Michael later told me that Jesus does not want to focus on his past lives either. That’s alright with me.

However, enough is said in readings to know that ancient warriors are here, Old-Testament prophets are here, Jesus and Mary’s family and friends (and former teachers, as in Egypt) are here. Every lightworker who has delved into this side of things has discovered some illuminating facts.

And that’s only those who are known in a western setting. In eastern settings, the same thing probably applies. We know, for instance, that Sri Ramakrishna has taken human form again.

In every timeline, culture and spiritual path, masters have returned to help with this time that has variously been called the end times, the Resurrection, the Rapture and the Ascension.

When we think of the ascended masters returning (and they have not returned as yet because the energy levels are still not high enough), we think of St. Germaine, Kuthumi and Dhjwal Khul. But we forget that ascended masters have also reincarnated, donned blinkers and serve in the trenches. And those masters are … well, you.

Some warriors and prophets who are here, in their former lives, fought against false beliefs and hedonism. And now here they’re here obliging the cabal to stop.

Others tried to raise the consciousness levels of the nations they came to, like Israel or Rome. And now here they’re raising the energy levels prior to Ascension

Wizards are here. Alchemists. Transformers. Repatterners. Wayshowers. Saints and sages. And when the time is right, the blindfolds will come off and all of us will laugh and hoot at what a grand game of blind man’s bluff this has been.

And then the real work will begin.

Steve Beckow


(1) “Archangel Michael: John Kennedy Will Return as an Intergalactic Peacekeeper,” Nov. 23, 20-13, at [http://goldenageofgaia.com/2013/11/archangel-michael-john-kennedy-will-return-as-an-intergalactic-peacekeeper/]

(2) John the Baptist was Elijah, “who was to come.” Jesus was his assistant, Elisha. Then they more or less switched roles in their lifetimes as Jesus and John.

Source: [http://goldenageofgaia.com/2013/11/you-the-masters-have-returned/]