Spirit Science – ‘A Brand New Series…’ November 1, 2013 – video –

Spirit Science – ‘A Brand New Series…’ November 1, 2013 – video –

Published November 1, 2013

Check out the New Channel here ~[http://youtube.com/user/just1rayoflight]

Hey there! It’s been a while hasn’t it? I’ve been so busy with everything going on this past year, i’ve hardly had time to make any new Spirit Science videos! Don’t worry, they’re happening. Some pretty big ones, in fact.

But along with that, i’ve also started a new series with a very amazing friend of mine, someone who taught me almost everything i know today. He has a mysterious connection to the “Man in the Pod” that i mentioned at the beginning of the year, and we’re going to be fully animating that story too when the time comes. I’m pretty excited about it.

For the past 2 or 3 months we’ve been doing videos every monday exploring some very in-depth and thoughtful ways of being, thinking, doing, and creating powerful transformation in your life.

If you’re interested, check out Pair O’ Dime Shift, and subscribe to the new Channel. You’re not going to want to miss what’s to come!

See you soon!

Merlin: “Welcome the Dragonflies!” Ashtar on the Road Teleconference – October 22, 2013

Merlin: “Welcome the Dragonflies!” Ashtar on the Road Teleconference – October 22, 2013

“Greetings – I am Merlin! It has been some time in your reckoning since I have spoken to this Group, but be assured I am always with you. I shall be sending dragonflies to you in one form or another, so look for them. If you are in a cold place it might be -because I do prefer warmth – it might be that it will be in the form of a picture or some other representation, or perhaps the colors of the dragonfly will come to you in your sleep time or your meditation time, and you will know that I am present with you!

“For I am very much symbolic, as it were, of this marvelous transformational time which Planet Earth is in right now – and has been in actually all of its time in existence – but most notably since a time that you would call your 1960’s. That is when Love became a popular topic! Since then, there have been many who have spoken for Love. Some of them are still embodied, some of them have gone on – with their bodies or not.

“This is all about transformation and this is all about flying free, as the dragonfly flies! This is about shimmering and shining your Lights, this is about coming into the honor that you so deserve, even as I am honored for my wisdom and for, yes, what were considered at one time, my magical talents. But the Truth be known there is not one among you who cannot do the same transformations as I!!!

“What I choose for you to know is that I had the opportunity as Druid, as keeper of wisdom – and yes, as other identities, most notably that of St. Germain – but I had an opportunity during that time which has been called the time of Camelot – I had the opportunity to teach. And while it is true that I did not share the alchemical magic as much – which I was doing in my, what you would call my laboratory – I had an opportunity to instill or to share with the one called Arthur, and he in turn taught it to the ones you know as his Knights of the Round Table and it was the Law of the Land!

“These were the virtues, and there are many tales, and some of them are true. Yes, there were dragons, a very few of them who felt that it was acceptable to show themselves – the same dragons who, generations and eons of time later have been here – and they had been here since before.

“There have been romanticized tales, just like your Bible, but that which was the essence, or the spirit of Camelot, was based in Love, was based in honoring all Life, was based in Courage, yes, the Courage of the Heart, and it brought a kind of Peace to the land! While it may not have lasted, because there were always those who carried in them the programs, or the desires, to conquer or to fight just because they were restless, it was a shimmering, radiant time for the people who knew Camelot, or knew of it. They felt safe in my land, the land of Arthur and the knights.

“They felt safe and knew that if they needed help, help would come, sometimes mysteriously. The Druids and the wise ones knew how to answer the call. And there was a place called Avalon, which of necessity went into the mists, because it could not co-exist as the land plunged into the darkness of war, so it moved into a Higher Dimensional Reality, as did some of the magical creatures – the unicorns, the fairies. They did not want to exist where Love, the Light of Love, seemed to be put out.

“The good news is that it’s coming back!!! It is there for all of you! You are all invited to come and join with the Druids, to come and dance around the fire, to come and partake of the sacred waters in the pools and the wells of Avalon. It’s there for you, most Beloved Family, and the wisdoms are there and they have joined. For you see, it is all the same! It’s all about being connected with the Earth, and the land, and the waters and the sky; it’s all about being one with all of Mother/Father God’s creations; it’s all about being grateful and in Joy that these things exist!!!

“This World is a marvelous place, and in the days of Camelot this was recognized – not necessarily by everyone – but it was recognized in my world. I taught this to young Arthur. I knew he was destined to be king, so I did everything within my power to instill in him the respect – not just for women of high birth, but for everyone – the Love and the appreciation! And yes, as a lad he was sometimes somewhat rowdy, and he enjoyed his sports, his dancing, and his merrymaking, but he was fundamentally a good and loving man.

“He attracted the same and then sent them out to do their good deeds, and the people were glad, and the people felt safe, protected and honored. This, even though Arthur was Christian, but you see he had an understanding of the basic wisdoms and so it was that he could make allowances and bring the two together. He was more of a Christian in the true sense of understanding, not necessarily always getting every part of it but at least understanding that God, or Christ, is in all Life!!!

“This Beloved Ones, is the grand secret that those who have wanted to control have wanted to keep from you. I am happy to tell you that as I view Planet Earth – and I do get around – this is a grand awakening! It is transformational because when you get that particular wisdom, then you understand that you, yourselves, are your own alchemists and it is for you to create whatever miracles you choose!!! Bring the magic right into your lives and then shine it forth!

“Join this Grand Circle and welcome these ones back who have been separated from Planet Earth for so long. This is a part of your Homecoming, this is a part of your Ascension, and I tell you that they are as joyful at this reunion as are you! So welcome all of the magical ones and understand that they are as real as you, and that they see you, as you shine your Lghts, as being the ones who are truly the makers of the magic, the miracles, and the Ascension of all of Planet Earth and the reunion with those who have been awaiting this grand time to welcome you home!!!

“Thank you, Beloved Ones! Look for the dragonflies and welcome them as you have welcomed me. And I say unto you, Namaste!”

*Merlin chose the CD, Reiki – The Light Touch, by Merlin’s Magic, for his “introduction.”


Transcription by Brian Coe.

Given through Susan Leland, October 22, 2013. www.AshtarontheRoad.com

© Ashtar On The Road Publications 2004-2013.All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted.



Published October 25, 2013

Victory NOW! Liberation NOW!

It is time to take action again! It is time to take the destiny of our world in our own hands! Therefore we will meet in groups large and small, as individuals and couples, at the time of the heliocentric Uranus Pluto square on November 23rd. Many of us will gather and visualize the Event happening in the NOW and will be thus creating a clear and harmonious channel of manifestation for the final liberation of the planet.

You can view the exact time of the activation for many places here:

(The correct clock is always on the Portal 2012 site)

Music: Yanni “Nightingale”

Suzanne Lie – Releasing The Habit Of Being Human – Message From The Arcturians – 3 November 2013

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Lucas 2012 Infos

(SuzanneLieI found this message hidden in another file. It seemed so familiar that I searched my recent messages to find it, but I could not. Thus, I have decided to post, or re-post it, as it is information that we cannot hear too often.)

In order to return to the higher frequencies of reality you will need to release our habit of being human. YOU are not your human body. However, YOU are wearing your human body. This body is not YOU. It is merely the form that you must wear in order to engage in third dimensional life.

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Pam Younghans – NorthPoint Astrology Journal – Week Of 4 November 2013 – 3 November 2013

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Lucas 2012 Infos

PamYounghansHighlighted Aspects this Week

TUE: Venus enters Capricorn; WED: Saturn conjunct Sun, Jupiter stations retrograde 9:03pm PST; THU: Neptune sextile Venus; FRI: Venus sextile Mercury; SAT: Saturn sextile Mars; SUN: Mercury stations direct 1:11pm PST

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Sacred Ascension - Key of Life - Secrets of the Universe

CELLRESONANCEANDRESTRUCTURINGPLEIADESMERKABA…What we are trying to say to you is the fear that many of you are experiencing at this moment in time, is nothing more than the remnants of civilizations past, the remnants of you bodies remembrance, and the celebration of your hearts’ knowing.

All of this is but a normal reaction to the universal truth that your bodies are being bombarded with at this very moment in time. The universal truth of Freedom, Self Power and Self Reliance. The universal truth of Love, Light and Peace. The universal truth of ONENESS with each other, the universe and the eternal OM. The energies that your bodies were and still are affected with are such as to allow the rapid transformation of your psyche for more and more of us, your galactic brothers and sisters are entering GAIA’s planetary system. And so, another massive awakening of the sleeping souls and the…

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Who am I? I am a Child of the Universe

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Openhearted Rebellion

Written by Wes Annac, The Aquarius Paradigm

At one time, you might have read a writing from me that boasted “Incarnate Representative of the Galactic Federation and the Pleiadian High Council” at the end.

Having awakened in so many ways and opened up to channeling the energy and guidance of our Universal Family, I subtly rooted my perception of my identity in what I perceived was a higher place.

This wasn’t something I did intentionally; I embraced the idea of actively representing the Pleiadians in what I felt was a positive move, but looking back on it, I see that I was really aggrandizing myself and presenting myself in a light that didn’t match me as much as I thought it did.

Reading about walk-ins and noting the parallels between events in my Life and those in the Lives of people who were said to have experienced them, saw me…

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The Truth Of Comet Ison, Nibiru And The Anannuki (Part 1 &2)

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Red Shaman Intergalactic Ascension Mission

The Truth Of Comet Ison, Nibiru And The Anannuki (Part 1)

Indian in the machine http://www.indianinthemachine.com

Indian in the machine Youtube https://www.youtube.com/user/Indianinthemachine

Meline Lafont http://pleiadedolphininfos.blogspot.be/

WHITE TARA: I wish to now mention the comet known to you as ISON, this comet has now made several course correction which has led many to finally realize, one that is has consciousness and two that is is more of a space ship than just a regular comet.http://indianinthemachine.wordpress.com/2013/10/10/cometisonconfirmedasspaceshipbychanneledmessage/

A CHANNELLED MESSAGE FROM NIBIRU: “We are hiding behind your Sun and, rather unperceivedly, approach you because a direct approach would be too overwhelming and too shocking. The energies that our planet Nibiru generates for the population of Earth and for Earth Herself are enormously powerful. But please do not consider this a negative fact! “http://indianinthemachine.wordpress.com/2012/10/10/a-channelled-message-from-nibiru-we-are-hiding-behind-your-sun-and-rather-unperceivedly-approach-you-because-a-direct-approach-would-be-too-overwhelming-and-too-shocking-the-energies-that-our-p/

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A MAN WHO SUMMONS UFOS ROBERT BINGHAM: “anyone can have the ships come to them! If you have a good heart, your intent is serious and you wish not to make less of them, they will appear to you! Sincerely, R.Bingham”

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Red Shaman Intergalactic Ascension Mission


A MAN WHO SUMMONS UFOS ROBERT BINGHAM: “anyone can have the ships come to them! If you have a good heart, your intent is serious and you wish not to make less of them, they will appear to you! Sincerely, R.Bingham”

Robert’s Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/UFORobertBingham/videos

This reminded me of a vid I made 5 years ago…

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Steve Beckow: The Purpose and Design of Life – 4

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Openhearted Rebellion

jacob's Ladder 55Written by Steve Beckow, the Golden Age of Gaia, http://goldenageofgaia.com/2013/11/the-purpose-and-design-of-life-4/

(Continued in Part 3.)

The Purpose of Life – 2

Darwin described the physical evolution of life. But he left out the more important aspect: the spiritual evolution of life. Without including both, science and religion argue forever. But both are right: each simply sees a part of the puzzle.

Many mystics and sages demonstrate their knowledge of spiritual evolution, the Divine Plan for life. Moreover, many also demonstrate their awareness that spiritual evolution takes a metaphorically-circular path with a descent and ascent. In Jacob’s vision of the evolution of consciousness, the circle becomes a ladder.

We’ve already heard Jesus imply the great circle when he says:

“I came forth from the Father, and am come into the world: again, I leave the world, and go to the Father.” (1)

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GaiaPortal: ‘Flashpoint is Soon to be Attained Among Gaia Inhabi tant Energetic Mixture…’ by ÉirePort, November 2, 2013

GaiaPortal: ‘Flashpoint is Soon to be Attained Among Gaia Inhabitant Energetic Mixture…’ by ÉirePort, November 2, 2013

Formation dynamics of New Gaia grids continues transformation process for “hu-manity to Hue-manity”.

Flashpoint is soon to be attained among Gaia inhabitant energetic mixture, leading to final transmutation/purification of the planet.

Monitoring by Higher Sources continues on all levels.

Energetics of Gaia are prepared for the next phase.

SaLuSa from Sirius: ‘We already can see many results of your int entions, expressed so strongly…’ via Madad, November 1, 2013

SaLuSa from Sirius: ‘We already can see many results of your intentions, expressed so strongly…’ via Madad, November 1, 2013

The higher reality is upon those who chose to experience it as soon as they complete the necessary transformation of their beings, into those aligned with higher energy flow. Throughout their first experiences in their higher realities in this process of Ascension, all others will have great source of information when they decide to finish their own preparations. It will be stored in collective consciousness of all Humanity on Mother Earth and every one that desires to experience more will be guided to connect to them, it will be very easy to find these energy patterns as they will be of pure Love and Light, and they will create powerful attraction for all those searching for upliftment and change. All previous learning experiences do not carry such strong energy, except those that you already know from your history, and you already found out the true purpose for them. They were guiding you all that time needed for your growth and were showing you the path of Love and Light. Although they were connected with very hard life experiences, they were also the choice of all those who decided to be the ones that will show the way, as you are doing now.

You were also experiencing very tough moments in your awakening, but once you chose to follow the path of service to others, nothing can take you away from it, as this is the most wonderful self realization, that instead of being angry and hate so many, you can spread only Love around you and watch how it changes everything. These feelings are so very powerful due to nature of Creation that we are all created in, that is supporting the primal energy flow without stopping, and is clearing all obstacles that are occurring between intention and expressed reality with pouring more Light that carry high frequency patterns of pure unconditional Love. This way you can raise yourself to your own higher reality, that you have created and you will add these experiences to the collective consciousness for all other people to guide them into their own creation of their own higher reality. And this is how the necessary collective changes are happening, due to your very own intentions of seeing the higher version of life on Mother Earth, spreading everywhere, into every single detail that you can think of, and leaving it clean and strong and welcoming many others that will come to experience their choice.

We already can see many results of your intentions, expressed so strongly, that it would astound you to know what all have changed since last year. Everything is moving with the perfect alignment to your overall change and the lower energies are being cleared very intensively in this period, as nothing that is done can stop this process of change. Those people that still want to be attached to the lower energies they will still find them, but these energies do not have power over the whole Humanity anymore, and the higher energies are taking their place among all of the others that chose to move away from fear and are searching for more Love to be present in their life experience.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and wish you to see your own choices as the ones that are leading you straight on your soul path and have no doubts that something could have been done any other way. Everything is happening with the purpose of gaining knowledge and understanding and is always leading you so perfectly into your higher realities of existence. Listen to your Heart, as all the connections are now working almost completely, so you can fully trust yourself in receiving the wisdom from it as your mind is clear now and is awaiting to receive information from your Heart.

Channeller: MADAD

Webpage: SaLuSa in Love and Light

Available in 25 Languages

Barefoot Earthing Intro

Barefoot Earthing Intro

Barefoot Earthing Intro part 1 of 2

Geupload op 4 nov 2011

The most important health discovery ever? Are you getting enough of this powerful antioxidant?
I have been aware since childhood that being in contact with the Earth made me feel good. Be it walking barefoot or swimming in the ocean the benefits were immediately obvious. What I didn’t realise is that there is a scientific reason for this and it all makes a lot of sense.

“Throughout most of evolution humans walked barefoot and slept on the ground, largely oblivious that the surface of the Earth contains limitless healing energy. Science has discovered this energy as free-flowing electrons constantly replenished by solar radiation and lightning. Few people know it, but the ground provides a subtle electric signal that maintains health and governs the intricate mechanisms that make our bodies work-just like plugging a lamp into a power socket makes it light up. Modern lifestyle, including the widespread use of insulative rubber or plastic-soled shoes, has disconnected us from this energy and, of course, we no longer sleep on the ground as we did in times past”

The Earth provides our bodies with an unlimited supply of free electrons (when we are in contact with it) When these these negatively charged electrons enter our body they out-number and mop up positive charged imflammatory free radicals.As it turns out our Earth is a powerful and free anti-inflammatory and antioxidant! This is very good news as most disease and injury show up in our body as inflammation of one sort or another.

A growing body of evidence conducted through scientific and double blind experiments is revealing that being properly Earthed for extended periods of time has the follwoing benefits for many people:

– Defuses the cause of inflammation and improves or eliminates the symproms of inflammation related disorders.

– Reduces or eliminates chronic pain

– Improves sleep in most cases

– Increases energy

– Lowers stress and promotes calmness in the body by cooling down the neervous system and stress hormones

– Normalises the body’s biological rhythms

– Thins blood and improves blood pressure and flow

– Lessens hormonal and menstrual symptoms

– Dramatically speeds healing and helps prevent bedsores

– Reduces or eliminates jet lag

– Protects the body against potentially health-disturbing environmental electromagnetic fields (EMFs)

– Accelerates recovery from intense athletic activity

Barefoot Earthing Intro part 2 of 2

Cobra’s Interview with Alexandra Meadors 29 October 2013

Cobra’s Interview with Alexandra Meadors 29 October 2013

Pubilshed 29 October 2013

* White House Congressmen ()
* 22 Generals Resignation & Cabal’s Plan to get Rid of the Good Guys () ()
* NASA – A Negative Military Organization ()
* 3 Dimensional Objects Docking Behind the Moon ()
* James Mccanney & Comet Ison () ()
* Pope’s Refusal to Meet Benjamin Netanyahu ()
* Putin Refusal to Meet Kissinger ()
* Saudi Arabia’s Government Revaluation of PetroDollars ()
* Ayatollah Ali Khamenei Disappearance & Loss of his Power ()
* Drastic Geopolitical Changes & Illuminati’s Removal ()
* USA – Europe Schism & NSA Spying ()
* Cabal, Jesuits, Illuminati etc, Losing Power ()
* Europian Union & USA Suspension from SWIFT International Database ()
* New Financial System & the New Society ()
* Isreal Release of 26 Palestinian Prisoners ()
* Zionists Still in Power ()
* Nuclear Weapon Explosion over Atlantic Ocean & Divine Intervention ()
* Etheric Archons & Black Hole Implants Technology ()
* Humanity will Be Free from this Technology Soon ()
* Helio-Centric vs Geo-Centric Charts & Star Tetrahedron November 23th ()
* Pope’s Francis Document Release on July 9th ()
* Fukushima & Cabal’s Dirty Games ()
* Orion System, Matrix & Government Shutdown Goal ()
* Dimensional Levels within Dimensions & Sub-Dimensions ()
* The Higher Fourth Dimension Clear from Dark Forces ()
* 90% of Humanity Possessed by Foreign Energies & Demons ()
* Solitude a Walk Around to Avoid Etheric Contamination ()
* Politicians Arrests Rumors ()
* Situation in Syria & Rebel Forces Infiltration ()
* World Peace, Event & Chemical Weapons Removal ()
* Anonymous & Resistance Collaboration ()
* Fractions in USA & Israel against all the other Fractions of our World ()
* Cabal Lost 50% of its Power Worldwide ()
* GMOS, Monsanto, Illuminati’s Project & Anti GMO Movement ()
* Galactic Intervention, Cabal Craziness & Wolrd’s Equilibrium ()
* Financial Changes, Big Banks & Cabal’s Attempt to Steal the Money ()
* Ireland’s Actions & Collective Consciousness ()
* Shutdown in China ()
* Chemtrail Plain Crash in India – Old News ()
* USA Veterans March, Truckers and Americans Awakening ()
* Snowden & Future Revelations ()
* NSA Power Surgers Meltdown & Divine Intervention ()
* Hollands, Russians, and Activists Imprisonment ()
* Washington DC Police & Archons Influence ()
* Bitcoins Website Shutdown by FBI ()
* Isreal Cabal Intent to Remove some Scientists from the Game ()
* Matrix and Dimensions ()
* THE EVENT & Mass Media Contribution to Awaken Humans ()
* Keshe Foundation & Mass Distribution Breakthrough ()
* Tips to Get New Technology Devices out for Public Mass Production ()
* AION Portal Activation on 23th of November – Please Join Forces ()

Saul: ‘Your collective intent is the determining factor…’ by J ohn Smallman, November 1, 2013

Saul: ‘Your collective intent is the determining factor…’ by John Smallman, November 1, 2013

Audiolink [2013-11-01-saul-audio-blog-for-friday-november-1st.mp3]

Here in the spiritual realms we are watching with joy as humanity’s progress towards the moment of awakening becomes ever more powerfully focused. We have told you many times that it is a done deal, which indeed it is, but your collective intent is the determining factor, the force driving you forwards and homewards so purposefully. It has always been your collective intent to awaken, ever since the moment of apparent separation, but of course the distractions and enticements of the illusion that you had conceived and built were quite fascinating, and for all practical purposes you had forgotten that ineradicable intent and became lost and distracted in the vast maze that is the illusion.

Many have come among you over the eons to remind you and show you the way home, and finally their loving and persistent efforts are coming to fruition as ever more of you open to the realization that you are indeed eternally alive spiritual beings undergoing learning experiences, requiring physical bodies, that will lead you out of the illusion and home to Reality. The way ahead is clear, there are no obstructions or obstacles that entail any more diversions or detours, just hold the intent to awaken, for yourselves and for all of humanity, and reconfirm it at least once daily, and preferably many times because your task is to wake up and remember with wonder who and where you truly are.

You have a saying: “Home is where the heart is,” which basically means that home, where you all perpetually desire to be, is a state of knowing that you are always and unconditionally loved, and where you want for nothing; but within the illusion that is an almost impossible state to attain. Yes, some of you have wonderful relationships, when judged by your human standards, but even then you know that however good it is something is still not right, something is missing. You are always on the lookout for something more, and that of course is your divine and eternal connection to God.

That connection has never been broken and never can be, but your awareness of it, your knowing it is lost temporarily, and you yearn for it – which is why, as a human, you can never find true satisfaction – because deep within you know that that is what is missing in your lives, and there is absolutely nothing that can replace it. A few do become aware of this and turn to God full time for the Love that they know is their due, and in doing so they fall fully and finally in love with God. But only a very few have sufficient dedication and persistence to come to know Him and dwell in His Presence during a human lifetime.

Now, with the intensifying field of divine Love bathing and embracing the planet and all sentient life forms, an awareness of this is growing throughout humanity, that you are indeed spiritual beings. Many are finding this hard to accept. Nevertheless, their awareness is strengthening despite their doubts and skepticism, and resistance is futile. You are beings of Love, eternally connected to your divine Source, and denial of the reality of that divine Truth can no longer be maintained. And for many that is very unsettling.

Having bought into the apparent reality of unreality it can cause considerable emotional distress to acknowledge that you had made an error, and that the environment of pain and suffering that seems to envelop you is a figment of your collective intent. You focus intently on your ingrained beliefs to convince yourselves that you are right, that the world around you is most definitely real – after all you experience it directly with all your physical senses, so it must be real, right? And in that rightness is your unhappiness and dissatisfaction firmly maintained.

So often you are in places or situations where it seems you cannot safely be yourselves, and so you have all donned disguises that you have become so accustomed to wearing that you believe they really are you. Then something unexpected happens and you find the disguise cannot cope with it and an aspect of yourself you had forgotten you had breaks into your awareness. It can be a sense of great strength and ability to cope, or a terrifying breakdown into emotional collapse. Either way it is shocking for you. Rest assured that when something like that happens to you it most certainly is not an accident but a wakeup call, a learning opportunity that you had built into your life path to assist you on your way to awakening.

You can still deny its meaning and refuse to become aware of the lesson with which it has presented you, but even so it will have such an enormous impact on your life perspective that you will eventually have no option but to acknowledge it, leading you to make necessary alterations in your attitudes and behaviors. It is a little like finally admitting to alcoholism or drug addiction and agreeing to take part in a twelve step program. And, as you all know, doing that can be a life saver and a life changer, bringing amazing rewards to those who find the courage to admit that they need help.

You need to keep remembering that a human life on Earth is an ongoing learning experience, an experience you willingly chose to undergo for the essential lessons with which it would present you. Once you accept that and start to accept what life presents to you with equanimity and patience your stress levels will fall, and you will find yourselves far better able to cope with the unexpected situations or crises that life seems to throw at you.

At first, when a crisis occurs, go immediately into your inner space, give yourself time to unwind a little, to relax a little, and then ask for help from your angels, guides, mentors, saints – whomever you feel most comfortable, or perhaps least uncomfortable calling upon – and you will receive it, instantly. But be aware that the guidance that is offered so wisely and lovingly may not fit in with your presumed need. You will need to be prepared and ready to see things differently so that you can understand, appreciate, and then put into effect the assistance on offer.

Learning life’s many lessons is all about surrendering to Love, God, the Source of all that exists. Love does not judge, blame, condemn, or deceive, It offers a wise and loving embrace that will solve all issues. Holding out for justice or restitution encourages a state of bitterness and resentment that burns – it is like holding your hand in a flame, the only remedy is to remove it. When you first feel the pain that another seems to have caused you, possibly with intent, it is difficult to stand back from the situation and maintain an awareness that that other is also in pain, and that the remedy is Love, because part of you wants to hate! But you know from experience that clinging to a hurt, a mistreatment, a betrayal, or any other form of attack only ensures your own continuing pain.

When in pain, therefore, whatever the reason, go within to ask for help and for a loving embrace. Open your hearts as you do so to be ready to receive the incredibly powerful loving embrace that will be offered immediately, and let your intuitive knowing that you are indeed doing the right thing in that moment relieve the pain and stress that you are experiencing. At a deep level of your being you know this is so, because you know that all is Love.

With so very much love, Saul.

Is It Time To Rewrite Genesis? How Nibiru Shaped Our Solar System According To The Sumerians, And ET Commander Hatonn (PS… It’s Back!)

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Red Shaman Intergalactic Ascension Mission

How Nibiru Shaped Our Solar System According To The Sumerians, And ET Commander Hatonn (PS… It’s Back!)

In the beginning… there was Light… electrical charges and a big “collision” with one of our solar system’s original planets and Nibiru!

Indian in the machine

Dear world,

The Sumerians were ancient advanced civilization that existed on earth, 6000 years ago. Hatonn is an ET Commander from Pleiades, who is one of the head dudes in charge of the transition of our planet and species, into higher frequencies.  Together they have pieced together for us, how our solar system and earth, formed.  Together they put together a story that Genesis, the first chapter from the censored modern bible, does a half-assed job at.  Our HIStory is something that our modern scientists, and the rest of us, are only now, coming to terms with…  it involves Nibiru and it goes something like this…

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A short update on the energies

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aisha north

Dear friends!

The energies have been extremely intense lately, and it is not about to quieten down either… As many of you know already, the Sun is very much a part of this, and this upcoming Sunday, we even have an eclipse coming up (Thank you for sharing this, Otmn!) And yes, we also have a Gathering on Sunday, and it seems like the timing could not have been more perfect 😉 This is what the CCs have to say about it:

”As many of you have already ascertained, the heightened activity is very closely linked to that celestial partner you refer to as your Sun. She is already well on her way to add another important message to this Gathering of yours, and it will arrive on time to assist you all as you sit down to connect later this week. However, what she has already made available to…

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‘2013 IN REVIEW – A YEAR OF TRANSFORMATION’ Transmitted Through Ronna Herman, October 31, 2013

Archangel Michael: ‘2013 IN REVIEW – A YEAR OF TRANSFORMATION’ Transmitted Through Ronna Herman, LM-11-2013

Beloved masters, the process the world and humanity are now experiencing has been spoken of by many wise sages and masters over the past several hundred years, and yet, the masses have not taken heed and have continued on a downward path of self-destruction. Humanity has built an illusion of wealth and abundance, but it has been built on the quicksand of greed and fear of scarcity. This giant bubble of illusion has burst under the pressure of the Living Light of truth. What humanity is now experiencing is the cause and effect or the karmic results of following the impulses of the ego-desire body instead of the whisperings of Spirit. Many dear souls have never experienced lack or deprivation–they have lived a life of instant self-gratification–while others, who believed the old teachings that they were not worthy of abundance, have lived many lifetimes of scarcity and impoverishment.

You, the StarSeed, are in the midst of the astounding process of awakening to the awareness of your celestial heritage, which has been encoded within atom seed crystals and stored within your Sacred Mind. Also, be aware that there is a magnificent history of bravery and excellence woven into the violent and often tedious journey of human evolution. You are experiencing a resurrection of extra-sensory abilities and higher consciousness abilities which have been dormant for many ages. However, it is not always an easy or comfortable process, and it takes dedication and effort to open the sealed door to your inner wisdom; the Sacred Mind. It is vitally important that you learn to trust your own inner guidance once more. A loving and grateful heart purifies the consciousness and creates tranquility and peace of mind. It gradually develops into a constant state of serenity and Self-assurance, rather than just an occasional occurrence.

It is apparent in every facet of earthly existence that humanity is awakening from the illusional dream of past ages as the refreshing Light of God-consciousness permeates all Creation. Each Soul has an unique consciousness code within their Diamond Core God Cell. This code contains the perfect resonance or harmonics for each lifetime. One of the wonders of recalibrating your Energetic Signature with your Soul Song is that the attuned frequencies begin to resonate with the streams of Living Light, which gradually connect your OverSoul-self to the many other fragments of your Higher Self. At that time, your ascension process truly begins. You still cannot comprehend that you are strongly interconnected with all the facets of your Higher Self. One of the greatest, most astounding awakenings is when you become aware that you are a facet of a great, multidimensional Being of Light.

It may be unbelievable at this time of great suffering, but the conditions the people of the world are presently experiencing with regard to abundance will eventually result in great blessings. When the suffering and pain of loss become great enough, more and more dear souls will turn inward for answers, and all the mighty forces of the higher realms will be waiting to answer humanity’s pleas and will be ready to offer assistance.

It may seem as if your lifeline is being tugged and pulled in many different directions as Spirit tries to get your attention You can resist and hold back, kicking and screaming; however, you will eventually move forward on the spiral of ascension. There will be no denying that the evolutionary cycle, which is now in full swing, is creating chaos and a momentous breaking down of old belief systems and structures. Remember what we have often said, “Out of chaos comes new creation.” Every person’s Soul-self is nudging and prodding, to one degree or another, in an effort to get his/her attention. No one can maintain the status-quo, coasting and drifting, and ignoring the call to awaken. You must either grow and ascend in consciousness, or sink deeper into chaos and limitation–only postponing the inevitable.

Beloveds, rise above the fear and sense of helplessness that are rampant around the world. See yourselves in your fifth-dimensional, Pyramid of Light and ask that the infinite abundance of all Creation flow to you and through you. You are to take what you require and then allow the rest to flow out into the world of form.

Remember, when you are infused with the Light of Spirit, it affects everything and everyone around you. As your radiance grows and expands, you will draw more and more like-minded people into your sphere of awareness. The spiritual trumpet to awaken is growing louder and it is reverberating throughout the land into the most sparsely populated places of the Earth, as well as the most densely populated areas. The Light has no favorites, it will infuse and bless anyone or anything that is receptive to Its transforming, enlivening energies.

You must also be aware that some dear souls will not be able to stand to be in the aura of your Lightness, for it is too painful. Whether intentional or not, they will try to throw you “off Center,” and reestablish the status quo or keep things as they were in the past, no matter how chaotic or unsatisfying. It is more important than ever that you, as the transducers and transformers of the refined Creator Light, stay focused and steadfast as you strive to incorporate and radiate more and more of the refined Light of Creation out into the world. Many around you will wonder and ask why you have changed so much, and why you are no longer willing to participate in the old games of drama and lower-frequency entertainment. As you move further up the path toward Self-mastery, the energies and actions of others will affect you less and less.

As we have often told you, first you must teach by example, via your intentions and actions, and finally through words of wisdom offered at the appropriate time. However, if those around you are not willing to learn to act and react in a more positive, harmonious way through observation or listen when you offer loving suggestions and moral support, it is important that you withdraw from the drama they are creating and assume the stance of an impartial observer.

Seekers of wisdom and self-transformation learn from their own actions and reactions, whether positive or negative. From a spiritual point of view, negative events offer an opportunity to learn which course of action brings forth the most positive results. Your Higher Self always tests you, over and over again, until you reject those things that are not in your best interest, and authenticate that which is your truth.

An important component of Self-mastery is to learn to focus on your inner world or the sanctuary of the Soul. The Soul, the physical vessel and particularly the mind have their own rhythmic cycles and agendas. The Soul’s desire is focused on becoming en-Lighten-ed. The mind is focused on attaining and retaining information. The physical body is focused on experiencing the physical world via the senses. Humanity is constantly experiencing cycles of growth, stagnation and decay, which make way for a new cycle of growth and expansion. The master turns inward and strives for an enhanced quality of life, while the unawakened Souls seek outwardly for stimulus and gratification through pleasurable, physical sensation and material possessions. Love as an external focus, exterior to yourself, will always bring a sense of vulnerability, always needing constant validation by someone or something.

Love as an internal focus projected outward is a constant flow of self-assurance, of self-acceptance, always striving to incorporate and project more of this blissful feeling of unity and harmony with all creation. You will begin to feel more and more levels of intelligent, unconditional love, and eventually, Sacred Love, when the Soul becomes the dominating force within, and the ego desire body and personality are brought under control. As you turn inward, your thoughts become more harmonious and less critical and resonate at a higher frequency, which refines your Energetic Signature. You must keep the channel of communication open between the Soul and the brain via the mind. This initiates the slow reactivation process of the Pineal Gland, and the opening of the portal to the Sacred Mind, which is located at that back portion of the brain, close to the crown of the head. When your frequencies reach a certain level of compatibility, the membranes of Light that guard entrance to your Sacred Heart and Sacred Mind begin to dissolve, and you gradually gain access to the treasure chests of love and wisdom stored within.

Once again we will remind you of this important fact: All Creation is constantly moving in and out of specific vibrational patterns, which we call energetic signatures, or OCTAVES OF ENERGETIC SOUND. You are identified by your energetic signature and your Soul Song, which determine the Light brilliance of your auric field. Your energetic signature is composed of the frequencies of your physical vessel in your third- /fourth-dimensional environment. The balanced frequencies of the higher fourth and fifth dimensions are stored within your Soul-self and become part of your Soul Song. Beloveds, ingrain this thought firmly within your mind. There are an incalculable number of unified fields of consciousness. You are in the process of connecting to the magnetic power of many of these higher frequency fields of Cosmic awareness. You are beginning to attune to the vibrations of Divine Will, Divine Wisdom and Divine Love, which are primary attributes and qualities of our Father/Mother God.

Another important attribute of your powerful, inborn condition is that your two hands are among the most highly developed links to your brain, for there are etheric generator crystals embedded within the palms of the hands. They were designed to be some of the strongest, electromagnetic impulses of the physical vessel. That is why those who have activated or developed the healing power within their hands are so effective in the healing arts. In the future, you have the potential of redeveloping the memory cells within your fingertips so that you may access conscious and subconscious information through touch.

A good exercise would be to hold a crystal which you have Self-programmed as a generator healing crystal in one of your hands as you focus on activating the healing abilities within the palms of your hands. Via the Infinity Breath exercise, concentrate on sending/feeling the Adamantine Particles of Light within your palms. Your palms may become very warm or begin to tingle. It may take a while for you to feel the sensations; however, you will gradually gain the ability to send healing Creator Light to localized parts of your own body. Future healing will include en-Lighten-ed, dynamic healers with the ability to send almost laser-like healing beams of Divine Light to their patients. Reiki and other energy modalities are based on this ancient, esoteric knowledge.

The chakra system also has both magnetizing and radiating capabilities. The higher the frequency patterns you can accommodate, the faster and more perfectly your chakras will spin, thereby radiating a greater force and higher frequency patterns throughout your bodily form and out into the world. Energy is always in motion. Creation is always in motion. The only pause is during the STILL POINT moment of Creation.

As many of you are aware, over the past several years, the term “Earth Angel” has become a common term in spiritually-focused messages and channeled missives. To clarify, this can mean any Soul who is steadfastly striving to attain Self-mastery so that he/she may join the ranks of World Servers. There are many blessed Souls who agreed to embody on the Earth in order to be representatives of the Archangels, who RAY-diate the energies of the Twelve great Rays of God-consciousness within this Sub-universal experience. Remember, the major focus of your mission on Earth is to help intensify the Love/Light of the lower dimensions, thereby gradually returning the third/fourth dimensions into a balanced and harmonious state of existence. We of the angelic realms are here in great force to help you move through these times of evolution and great change with ease and grace; however, you must ask for our assistance, for we cannot infringe upon your free will. Reclaim your rightful place as a Master of Light, dear ones, and remember, as you integrate the knowledge of Spirit and illumined truth, we ask you to go forth and share your wisdom. We are ever near to guide, protect and inspire you, but mostly to love you.


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