Ascended Master, Lady Nada’s Weekly Message ~ November 14 – 21, 2013
Received by Julie Miller
November 14, 2013

Beautiful blessed peace is a sacred place, a place that is reached when you have been able to bring together all your experiences and situations that you have faced into harmony, keeping your behaviour intact and on the Light side. Beautiful Bright Hearts, peace is not something that you obtain just because you have slowed down the pace of your life. To be at peace with oneself and the world around you, there must be peace found from within, learning to quiet the negative chatter that goes on inside your mind and accepting yourself as you are and that every experience that you have held are your stepping stones to uncovering miracles, joy, happiness and of course peace of mind, heart and soul that will bring great benefit to your body.

To be at peace with all that is, you could be in the middle of a noisy crowd that is loud and boisterous and still feel calm and serene – quietness is not a necessary requirement for peace if peace is already what you have attained from within and is reflected in all you do and those you meet. If you are finding it difficult to obtain peace of mind, heart, body and spirit, do not hesitate to seek God’s support. He will shine His Light that will illuminate a way to find peace within yourself because peace cannot be found externally; you must become peace for peace to be known.

Discovering the peace that is within you is more than quieting yourself and allowing peaceful thoughts to enter your mind when you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed. Think of your thoughts and emotions similar to that of a candle that is burning and the flame is dancing. The more you hang on to your heavy burdened emotions, the more the candle dances, stretching high and low. The more you become aware of your emotions being chaotic the more you are able to recognize the necessity of changing your thoughts in order to steady the flame. As you learn to become an energy of peace, you will light the way for many other dear souls and you will also attract tranquil thoughts and emotions as well as other dear souls that are also peace-loving-minded. As you become more at peace with your thoughts and emotions, the rest of your being welcomes the peaceful change that will transform you to be a Light of Peace.

The more you accept peace and become peace the greater the impact you will have not just in your own life but your changes will also be noticed by those closest to you – you become an inspiration of peace, contentment and love. When you represent peace in every motion of every action, word, thought, and feeling you will come to the understanding very quickly that becoming overly stressed is a reaction that no longer occurs simply because you have chosen peace. The energy found within peace is gentle, yet is it is very powerful. When you are at peace with yourself and of your surroundings, you are able to bring peace to others just by your presence. Become the peace you want to feel and discovery a world filled with happiness and harmony. It is not impossible to attain peace, peace is already within you Beautiful Bright Hearts – accept yourself, give yourself the love and compassion you richly deserve. Comprehend dear ones, you cannot gain peace from any one thing, the attainment of peace is found by taking a spiritual quest within and coming home to your Self just as you, allowing yourself to breathe in God’s Light and accepting His Love that will provide you with the serenity your whole self has been seeking for so long.

There is no special time needed to put aside along your journey when you make the decision to become peace. Making this change can occur at any time in your life simply by choosing that your mind is only going to house peaceful and loving thoughts. This may be difficult at first, as you will be met with temptations to react or speak in an outburst when faced with difficult people, but when you allow yourself to breathe then contemplate on the situation you will come to the conclusion that it is better for all to not come from a place filled with non-peaceful thoughts. It is okay to excuse yourself if you feel you need time alone, where you collect your thoughts and return your thoughts from becoming disturbed to being peaceful once again. It is understood there will be dear souls that will push your buttons and give reason to feel aggravated, but this does not mean you must react the same way. Responding compassionately and peacefully will provide calm to yourself and will give the feeling of calmness to those around you when they are able to see that you not allowed the situation to ruffle those feathers.

When you are a being of peace, you do not look for peace in anything or in anyone because you are a peace-loving provider. You know that seeking peace from another dear soul will not provide you with more peace because you already know and understand that peace comes from within and is felt by each dear soul you encounter. When you are a being of peace you do not find it necessary to analyze every occurrence in your life just to see if it measures your value of peace. What you do instead Beautiful Bright Hearts is bring your peaceful stance and calming presence into any chaotic circumstance and the situation becomes soothed by the peaceful thoughts and feelings you share. You have the choice dear ones to continue to bring peace to any difficult situation or to allow the situation to become out-of-control. Just by changing your thoughts from anger to peace you diffuse the situation and through peace you discover you are able to accept and appreciate all moments that have appeared with love and compassion. Peace is an aspect of yourself you are able to bring into any aspect of any situation.

The best way to clearly recognize the calming effects of peace is when you are smack in the middle of a conflict with another dear soul. Become aware of your thoughts and of your emotions and as you are able to see yourself becoming overwhelmed by the exchange, at that moment you have the opportunity to change your angry thoughts. Usually conflicts that are heated create a need to blame something or someone for the irrational outburst where peace is absent. But by being able to see these kinds of situations with fresh eyes that have adopted peace into all parts of your life you are able to bring back peaceful thoughts and deliver calm into every exchange that will encourage a peaceful resolution. You always have the choice dear ones to respond lovingly and with peace or with an uncaring attitude that is demonstrated by the words you use and the actions you take.

Become committed to being an instrument of peace and share this divine energy wherever you go. The more you present yourself being truly peaceful and unconditionally loving, the more reliable you be viewed by those you encounter as they will come to know you as a deliverer of peace by your serene attitude towards life. Being a deliverer of peace is a joyful existence that each dear Child of God can attain and become.

And so it is…

I AM Ascended Master, Lady Nada through Julie Miller