Each and every sentient being has an unbreakable connection to God.

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Jesus through John

The excited anticipation as we wait enthusiastically for humanity’s imminent awakening is intensifying, moment by moment.  Yes, we can and do get excited here, especially when what we are looking forward to is of such enormous significance.  Emotions in the spiritual realms are always happy, but their intensity varies with the importance of the occasion that arouses them.  We encourage you to hold on to your enthusiasm and your excited anticipation as you too look forward to your inevitable and exhilarating moment of awakening.

Excited enthusiasm is a powerful intent, and it intensifies your strength of purpose, so do not dismiss it, embrace it.  Your disappointment because it seems to you that there is no real sign that your awakening is imminent is quite understandable, but do not engage with it because it weakens your intent for it to come to pass.  Your awakening is divinely assured, so when you…

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