Dana Mrkich – Feel Like You’re Losing Your Mind? – 13 November 2013

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Dana Colour Pic NewA common comment that comes through whenever we have surges of intense energy washing over us is “I feel like I’m losing my mind!” Well, in a sense we are. We are losing the ‘driver’ role that our mind had, and we are allowing our Heart and Soul to get behind the wheel. This can leave us feeling very vulnerable, with nowhere to hide what we are truly feeling, needing, wanting and doing. We can’t hide it from ourselves and we can’t hide it from others. This can feel very overwhelming and daunting, especially for a society who has been taught in direct and indirect ways to repress truth on multiple levels: personal, emotional, spiritual, social and political. Our mind is a great tool, but it’s time for a greater part of us to take the reins of our life and our world, and steer our course using a new…

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