Merlin: “Welcome the Dragonflies!” Ashtar on the Road Teleconference – October 22, 2013

Merlin: “Welcome the Dragonflies!” Ashtar on the Road Teleconference – October 22, 2013

“Greetings – I am Merlin! It has been some time in your reckoning since I have spoken to this Group, but be assured I am always with you. I shall be sending dragonflies to you in one form or another, so look for them. If you are in a cold place it might be -because I do prefer warmth – it might be that it will be in the form of a picture or some other representation, or perhaps the colors of the dragonfly will come to you in your sleep time or your meditation time, and you will know that I am present with you!

“For I am very much symbolic, as it were, of this marvelous transformational time which Planet Earth is in right now – and has been in actually all of its time in existence – but most notably since a time that you would call your 1960’s. That is when Love became a popular topic! Since then, there have been many who have spoken for Love. Some of them are still embodied, some of them have gone on – with their bodies or not.

“This is all about transformation and this is all about flying free, as the dragonfly flies! This is about shimmering and shining your Lights, this is about coming into the honor that you so deserve, even as I am honored for my wisdom and for, yes, what were considered at one time, my magical talents. But the Truth be known there is not one among you who cannot do the same transformations as I!!!

“What I choose for you to know is that I had the opportunity as Druid, as keeper of wisdom – and yes, as other identities, most notably that of St. Germain – but I had an opportunity during that time which has been called the time of Camelot – I had the opportunity to teach. And while it is true that I did not share the alchemical magic as much – which I was doing in my, what you would call my laboratory – I had an opportunity to instill or to share with the one called Arthur, and he in turn taught it to the ones you know as his Knights of the Round Table and it was the Law of the Land!

“These were the virtues, and there are many tales, and some of them are true. Yes, there were dragons, a very few of them who felt that it was acceptable to show themselves – the same dragons who, generations and eons of time later have been here – and they had been here since before.

“There have been romanticized tales, just like your Bible, but that which was the essence, or the spirit of Camelot, was based in Love, was based in honoring all Life, was based in Courage, yes, the Courage of the Heart, and it brought a kind of Peace to the land! While it may not have lasted, because there were always those who carried in them the programs, or the desires, to conquer or to fight just because they were restless, it was a shimmering, radiant time for the people who knew Camelot, or knew of it. They felt safe in my land, the land of Arthur and the knights.

“They felt safe and knew that if they needed help, help would come, sometimes mysteriously. The Druids and the wise ones knew how to answer the call. And there was a place called Avalon, which of necessity went into the mists, because it could not co-exist as the land plunged into the darkness of war, so it moved into a Higher Dimensional Reality, as did some of the magical creatures – the unicorns, the fairies. They did not want to exist where Love, the Light of Love, seemed to be put out.

“The good news is that it’s coming back!!! It is there for all of you! You are all invited to come and join with the Druids, to come and dance around the fire, to come and partake of the sacred waters in the pools and the wells of Avalon. It’s there for you, most Beloved Family, and the wisdoms are there and they have joined. For you see, it is all the same! It’s all about being connected with the Earth, and the land, and the waters and the sky; it’s all about being one with all of Mother/Father God’s creations; it’s all about being grateful and in Joy that these things exist!!!

“This World is a marvelous place, and in the days of Camelot this was recognized – not necessarily by everyone – but it was recognized in my world. I taught this to young Arthur. I knew he was destined to be king, so I did everything within my power to instill in him the respect – not just for women of high birth, but for everyone – the Love and the appreciation! And yes, as a lad he was sometimes somewhat rowdy, and he enjoyed his sports, his dancing, and his merrymaking, but he was fundamentally a good and loving man.

“He attracted the same and then sent them out to do their good deeds, and the people were glad, and the people felt safe, protected and honored. This, even though Arthur was Christian, but you see he had an understanding of the basic wisdoms and so it was that he could make allowances and bring the two together. He was more of a Christian in the true sense of understanding, not necessarily always getting every part of it but at least understanding that God, or Christ, is in all Life!!!

“This Beloved Ones, is the grand secret that those who have wanted to control have wanted to keep from you. I am happy to tell you that as I view Planet Earth – and I do get around – this is a grand awakening! It is transformational because when you get that particular wisdom, then you understand that you, yourselves, are your own alchemists and it is for you to create whatever miracles you choose!!! Bring the magic right into your lives and then shine it forth!

“Join this Grand Circle and welcome these ones back who have been separated from Planet Earth for so long. This is a part of your Homecoming, this is a part of your Ascension, and I tell you that they are as joyful at this reunion as are you! So welcome all of the magical ones and understand that they are as real as you, and that they see you, as you shine your Lghts, as being the ones who are truly the makers of the magic, the miracles, and the Ascension of all of Planet Earth and the reunion with those who have been awaiting this grand time to welcome you home!!!

“Thank you, Beloved Ones! Look for the dragonflies and welcome them as you have welcomed me. And I say unto you, Namaste!”

*Merlin chose the CD, Reiki – The Light Touch, by Merlin’s Magic, for his “introduction.”

Transcription by Brian Coe.

Given through Susan Leland, October 22, 2013.

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