Jelaila’s Weekly Message – What’s Up with Comet Ison? – 4 November 2013

Jelaila’s Weekly Message – What’s Up with Comet Ison? – 4 November 2013

Comet Ison is fast approaching it’s perihelion on November 28th. There is much speculation about its identity; is it Nibiru/Planet X? There is also much concern about it hitting Earth. I checked in with the Nibiruans to get their input. Their response is as follows:

Q: Is Ison actually Nibiru/Planet X?

A: No, but it is part of Nibiru’s solar system.

Q: Will Ison hit Earth?

A: No

So, the comet is not Nibiru and it won’t hit Earth. Is that all there is to it? No.

Ison and a Power Grid Collapse

Though the Nibiruans stated that Ison would not hit Earth, there is still concern about the prospect of massive solar flares should it break up during its turn around the sun. If that occurs while Earth is on the opposite side of the sun from Ison, we will be fine. But, if Ison breaks up while on the same side if the sun, there could be severe damage done to orbiting satellites. Should that occur, electrical systems would fail, which means the power grid would collapse. I asked the Nibiruans if the comet would break up. Their reply was that there is a 96 percent probability that the comet would remain intact. Don’t know about you but that sounds pretty good to me.

Ison and the Return of Christ

Those focused on Biblical prophecy look to find correlations with current events, especially those of an astronomical nature. Ison’s passing is being touted as a sign for the return of Christ. Is this accurate? Again I asked the Nibiruans for input. They responded by telling me that Ison is a harbinger for the return of Christ-like consciousness. This change is projected to occur now and continue into 2015.

I feel confident that this is correct because we have been laying the ground work for that new reality for the last several years through grid work combined with intense emotional clearing. Our efforts have produced changes on a global scale that are about to be seen by all. So, the passage of Ison is a sign of the new reality being birthed; not the return of a one individual. With all that said, Comet Ison’s passage can be said to be a sign of better times to come.

In closing, though there is a lot of fear mongering going on, but it appears most of it is unfounded. Yes, there is a slight possibility that Comet Ison, our sign of good times ahead, will come with a hefty price, but we have the power to change that. As always, we draw to us the events and circumstances that we need for our personal and collective growth. The way to control that is through doing emotional clearing. If we don’t have the fear, we won’t need to draw/manifest it.

Right now the “Powers That Be” want you to be afraid. They want you to believe that the power grid will collapse. The more we fear, the more they feed. Personally, I choose not to buy into their view. To me it is an another opportunity to sharpen my skills in altering reality.

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St. Germain Speaks trough Nancy Tate, 3 November 2013

Wake up Call: St Germain Speaks 03 Nov 2013

I am here today to tell you of something that is taking place within the confines of the government. There is a solidity that is being formed as I speak, and it is that of the ones who are no longer willing to support the lies that have been going on for so long within the governmental standards of operation of this country, United States of America. It is not only a matter of not being willing to go on with it, but of being determined to bring it all back to a successful transition to the honor and integrity of the original concept of governance that I brought forth to the country when I first was called to the task.

Yes, this is St. Germain and as I bring this news to you I also bring to you your part in what I speak of. It is a matter of all of you recognizing where your rights have been taken away, and seeing what it is that you can do to bring it back to square one. You are the ones who can do it, and as soon as you see what it is that you can do, then as you march forward in that energy you will find a gradual, in some cases, and instant in others, movement that brings it all to what it is that it is destined to be from this moment on.

I first would like to thank all of you who are reading this for being in readiness to do what you are inspired to. I am not here to tell you specifically what to do, but to encourage you to follow your inner guidance, and then see what power you have by the enactment of that which you feel to do. It is a matter of the end of being told what to do, and the new beginning of trusting your inner guidance and moving forward in it. When you review what is taking place and compare it with what you intend for your lives on a personal level, then you can find the inspiration for what must be done.

I serve in the capacity of your brother in these times on earth. I was part of the earth life in the beginning and as such I was able to see, through my diversions, and then the rightfulness of bringing myself back to the straight ways of doing things. It was a matter of working through the lower energies of where I was and then seeing how they affected me. Then I was able to see how I turned around the personal movements in my life and applied them to the outer scope of life with all of mankind. I did not always reach out to others, once I saw that their ideas may not coincide with mine. Not that they were wrong, for there is no wrong in our journeys. What it is, is that the movements of others may not coincide with ours, so we must make our decisions based on what we feel is in harmony with ourselves, and then reach out to others in love, and see the harmony that we have created with them, through our individuality.

I will speak now, once again, of what is taking place in the government of the United States. It is a matter of being in harmony with all of the people and not pushing against the government that has strayed so far from the harmonic energy from which it began. It is a matter of speaking in the way you choose to the people who are in place and following what it is that they are doing. Whether you go peacefully to them, or sit in your home and send your energy of intent for the harmony, which you see as being the only way for your life, is your decision. It is a matter of seeing what works for you and then applying it to what you can do to help to bring the governance back to what is right for the country. When you stand strong in what you see and feel, then it will have its affect. I give you an example.

As I once stood on the steps of the White House in its early days I saw that there were some discrepancies in the way that the present governance was acting. I stood and watched as some of them came forth from the halls of justice laughing and joking amongst themselves. As they approached me I reached out to them with a smile and said, “I am so pleased that you are in place to help to bring the country to a good place for all of us. We appreciate what you do, for there is a great deal of confusion going on with the people as to what you all are doing. Some of the people have been saying that they feel that there should be more openness with some of the meetings that are taking place, so that anyone who tunes in can know more about the steps you are all taking. What do you feel about that?”

The men all looked at me as if I was crazy, at first. Then after a few moments they seemed to be confused as to what to say, but began to speak anyway. They told me that there was a matter of not being able to say it all to the people because they may not understand what it was that was behind our decisions. I asked them what they mean. They said that there were some people outside of the government who came to them often and told them that they must do this, or that in order for it all to work smoothly. The outsiders told them that there were things they could not tell them at the time, because of a breach of contract, and because it would not serve the people to not listen to what they were being told to be silent on. Then the men of governance all stood there with looks on their faces that told me that they wanted to tell me more but could not, so they hurried past me and to their freedom from my intent to learn what was truly going on.

My dear brothers and sisters, I tell you this now because you have the power to do something about this in a peaceful manner. You can find the inspiration by being in a clear place in your mind and then moving forth in the truth that you carry with you at all times. This is a time when the energies of ascension are firmly and freely, in a more powerful way, with you. You may be surprised at what you can do by doing ‘nothing’, or what seems like nothing on the outside. It could represent very powerful movements on your part on the inside. Once again, look at your own lives and see what you have brought to it that has secured your freedom and power in a way that is harmonious and grand.

I leave you now on this auspicious day and I see that you are already making a change in the progress of what I speak. You are very powerful beings and as you go forward you will see the results of that beauty in which I see you all. Love, Light and Peace abound!

Thank you dear St Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate

Cobra and Alexandra Meadors Transcription for October 29, 2013

Cobra and Alexandra Meadors Transcription for October 29, 2013

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We are committed to expanding perspectives, bringing forth cutting edge information and education and preparing and assisting the planet for the up and coming events for the purpose of stepping out of this 3D Matrix. We intend to connect hearts and minds around the globe in order to attain global unity and galactic acceptance. Every Tuesday at 4:00pm Pacific standard time we will bring you the most current topics in the news as well as education research healing information and out of this world perspectives regarding a variety of topics. You can look forward to discussions on global communities, governments, countries, planets solar systems, ancient civilizations and beyond. In addition to metaphysical individuals, angels, ET, UFO, Galactic Brotherhoods, High Councils and Ascended Masters. Our guests are experts in these fields and our show promises to be very thought provoking.

Alexandra – Good afternoon everybody. Today is Tuesday, October 29, 2013. I am going to be reviewing some very interesting things with Cobra. One of the things will be “the Event”. I did want to thank everybody for their support and for the questions that have been sent in. Keep bringing them in because they definitely add depth to the interview. Cobra, say Hello.

COBRA – Hello everybody.

Alexandra – Cobra, Tell me right now what you feel is the state of the White House, considering the shut down and these White House Congressman are no where to be found, they say.

COBRA – That’s what they say, but they will emerge out of nowhere as if nothing has happened.

Alexandra – (Laugh) According to Ben Fulford they were flown down to Florida last Thursday by the US Military and they’ve not returned and nobody has heard from them.

COBRA – There was a lot of info on the Florida excursion. If there was no confirmation by Sunday, because that’s when Fulford pulled this article, It doesn’t mean anything.

Alexandra – OH, that’s too bad, bummer. I was hoping they were beamed up to another spaceship or something. (They would like that) The hottest, biggest question right now is what is behind these 22 generals that have been dismissed. Of course the number is rising. What is the core reason behind that. Were they actually fired by the Cabal or was it actual cleaning house by the positive military.

COBRA – I have contacted some positive military forces about this. Unfortunately it is the cabal trying to get rid of the good guys. This is the plan. The light forces have a counter plan. Whatever the cabal does with the military right now, it will not change anything or disrupt plans by doing this.

Alexandra – Good. Another hot subject is NASA and since the government shutdown which really didn’t end up being a shut-down. The main thing that went down was the surveillance and the space related projects. What is the NASA department and government trying to hide form us.

COBRA – NASA was hiding things from the start because it was actually a military organization and they’ve got military factions and illuminati people were the ones behind the formation. All information coming out of Nasa was heavily filtered from the start. Nothing has actually changed. It still remains the same.(OK) Most speculation and conspiracy theories of NASA are wrong. People don’t have the right information. They just speculate. Other people just re-post or re-blog those speculations without looking deeper inside.

Alexandra – I remember you said there was some light infiltration with that program, you still feel that way?

COBRA – oh yes, yes

Alexandra – What about the big news of this 3 dimensional object. Apparently these 3 dimensional objects , black and they have a huge force field and these objects disappeared and then they re-appeared and are hiding. A dock on the dark side of the moon. Positioned in a circular alignment. Do you have any feedback?

COBRA – This is kind of news I can not support. It goes against all understanding how higher civilizations use their technology. No advanced civilization needs to hide their space ship behind the moon.

Alexandra – Oh they can just cloak it.

COBRA – Yea. people that posts those things just don’t have the basic understanding of physics or the ships can manage their travel in space time continuum or how they can cloak themselves. It’s the easiest thing to do.

Alexandra – That’s a really good point. Are you familiar with James McCanney. (maybe) He’s a physicist. He’s been studying this for several decade. This whole comet Ison. He developed a model called the plasma discharge comet. He’s been on his band-box to say thattThere is an impact that is going to occur with the comet and the sun in November of this year and will continue to run through 2014. It will be so bright and so off scale there is no way that they could describe it. There has been nothing like it. The first thing that came to my mind is it sounded like the event.

COBRA – It is totally un related thing. This comet will get closest to the sun on Nov 28. Most likely it will not get bright at all. All speculation about this comet is complete disinformation.

Alexandra – iIs this comet causing weather anomalies.

COBRA – No I don’t agree with that.

Alexandra – There you go folks. Ben Fulford just put something out. He had some good tidbits. Supposedly the Pope had refused to meet with Benjamin Netanyahu. What is your opinion?

COBRA – It’s a continuation of the Jesuit strategy. Not just the Jesuit strategies Many strong geo-political forces are starting to realize that the Illuminati faction will be removed from the planet. They are trying to adapt to the situation. So suddenly everyone is against US and Israel catholics. The same with the New Pope is just continuing the hundreds and hundreds of years of tradition Jesuit to adapt very swiftly and softly to the situation who try to appear as the good guys . It’s just a survival tactic of the church and the Jesuits.

Alexandra – It’s almost like a new bully on the block.

COBRA – In a way. Yes.

Alexandra – What do you feel about Putin refusing to see Kissinger?

COBRA – Kissinger, Rothschild’s and all kinds of people have been going to Russia year after year, time after time. In the last few years they have been rejected from Russia. Of course the Eastern Alliance is quite strong in Russia in certain levels. They will always leave empty handed. Not only that, it might happen that any of those people show up in Russia again and they might be arrested.

Alexandra -That’s actually good. That’s a nice change. He (Ben Fulford) also mentioned that the govt. of Saudi Arabia is reevaluation using the petrol dollars. Is that a really good move because Saudi Arabia has always been a strong Ali of the US.

COBRA – Yes, they are beginning to realizing the Cabal is going to loose. especially the Illuminati faction which is concentrated in Israel and US. Therefore the Saudi Regime is moving away from that faction and aligning with the Eastern alliance but not directly, not covertly, but behind the scenes.

Alexandra – What about Turkey. Does the same thing applies to them?

COBRA – Yes, of course. Almost every country on the planet except Israel and the US are beginning to realize that.

Alexandra – Good news. At least they are aligning with the BRICS. What did you think about his comment on Khomeini kind of disappearing. No one has seen him for 3 weeks. Ayatollah Khomeini.

COBRA – Yes, he’s loosing power. There is an undercurrent in Iran which is quite more positive and has strong support from the Eastern Alliance.

Alexandra – That seems to be a real deal breaker for the changes that are going on between the mid-east vs. Israel. (Yes) He seems to be a major king-pin.

COBRA – iI’s a big reshuffling taking place right now. It’s a preparation. It’s just a political reshuffling but also financial reshuffling. People are beginning to realize that there are drastic changes coming and a good clue that the event is going to happen. If most people in high political positions are making such changes it can not mean anything else but the removal of the Illuminati faction of the Cabal. Nothing else can trigger such big geo-political changes.

Alexandra – OK. What do you think about the whole so called schism between US and Europe because of NSA spying.

COBRA – It’s the same process but on different levels. The negative part of the NSA was actually controlled by Illuminati faction which was in turn controlled by the Jesuits.

Alexandra – IllumanitI seem to be going down, they are loosing power and clout. Only other, no only, but major bad boy on the block is the Jesuits.

COBRA – Jesuits and Rothschild to a certain degree. But the Rothschilds are loosing power so they are not as important as they were even a year ago. I would agree with that – Jesuits and Illumaniti.

Alexandra – I thought this was a big deal. There was a comment made by Ben that the European Union Parliament last week suspended US from the swift financial data base. How is that going to affect the financial system.

COBRA – It will not affect it. That suspension was just theoretical. It was just a protest. It was not cemented to reality, not yet. If it is implemented in reality. If it is cemented in reality it will be another step in dismantling the financial system of the Cabal.

Alexandra – Do you agree that the new and improved financial system has already been set. Do you agree that it has already been set and is waiting to be implemented at the right time.

COBRA – It was sent last year in July, we are just waiting.

Alexandra – We are set to go financially but not till after the event (Yes, Exactly ) What do you feel about Israel approved a released 26 Palestinians prisoners. Normally Israel isn’t even going to the negotiation table.

COBRA – Small negotiations. From time to time Israel was releasing prisoners. Not large numbers. There is some spots, points. It’s just a negotiation tactic. Nothing that would have a major impact.

Alexandra – This is just trying to make them look good in the eyes of the media. (yes) because they are really getting slammed.

COBRA – Yes, they are a little bizurk. Pope has made a shift towards Israel that this country needs to be cleared of Chemical weapons, nuclear weapons and also other things.

Alexandra – Do you feel the Zionists have lost their stronghold.

COBRA – No yet, not enough.

Alexandra – What is the truth behind the nuclear weapon that exploded off the Atlantic ocean by Charleston.

COBRA – This was supposed to explode somewhere else. This was prevented. There was many layers of prevention. People on the surface of the planet. People in the military that could prevent this. Was not allowed to be exploded on the surface among human population. Nobody needs to worry about this. It’s taken care of.

Alexandra – People are concerned. To get that close to the US. Do you agree it went off?

COBRA – There were many nuclear tests in the last 50 years, hundreds if not thousands, and nobody was concerned then.

Alexandra – True, not that I should be laughing. Was this the triggering point as to what caused all the high levels of generals and military personnel being let go.

COBRA – This is one of those events. These things were happening massively last November. They are happening now again. It’s just Che cabal trying to get rid of the good people inside the Military. This will not influence the plans of the light forces, not even a tiny bit .

Alexandra – Going back to one of your posts: “a very small group of main etheric archons which continue to exert control in the reincarnation process. They are still triggering Through their remote control scalar implant technology.” You mentioned that they do this off world and they are still hoping to try to hack into the system. Has there been any feedback, any progress with that.

COBRA – There has been some progress but not enough. The resistance movement has been working constantly on that. It’s quite a complex technology. It will take some time to dismantle completely.

Alexandra – Yes. You were talking about these implants. Pam and I stumbled upon – this – the implant removal process. We’ve seen dramatic shifts in people when they have this done. You mentioned it has a small etheric black holes that rotate in a scalar electro magnetic field. Can you explain more.

COBRA – I think that everybody knows what a black hole is. You can also make a black hole out physical matter and out of etheric matter. If you put that etheric black hole in a rotating electromagnetic field that black hole begins to behave in a different manner. That black hole begins to behave in a different manner, it begins to distort the reality around you. That distortion couples with a e;ectrpmagnetic field and that distortion coupled with that magnetic field creates a disharmony electromagnetic field and that begins to influence your consciousness. That affects every single individual on the surface of the planet. Everybody’s been half crazy with this . This is why people have been deceived. That’s why it takes people so long to awaken. This is the reason why the Cabal was able to control the people. Otherwise they would say “no”. No one would agree to this craziness without those implants.

Alexandra – The way you just described it was helpful. That electro magnetic field, how far is that reaching.

COBRA – You have so many black holes not just in the implant, but the space around us – the whole surface of the planet is covered.

Alexandra – They are penetrating us through other dimensions and through these black holes. Are they communicating the black holes in our bodies that have been created by the implants?

COBRA – This was happening before but this has been resolved. This communication has stopped and is much more difficult. We are now getting closer to the removal of this. It’s quite a complex task. When this is done, victory is ours.

Alexandra – I had a lady who wrote right in about one of your posts and she was confused because you put a chart out about Nov 23, 2013 star tetrahedron. She ran one and was not able to come up with the star tetrahedron. What astrology did you base that on.

COBRA – This was a heliocentric chart and not a geocentric chart. Most astrologers use geocentric charts and they show the positions of the planets relating to planet earth. The chart that I use is for the whole solar system, not just this planet. It’s a heliocentric charts and it shows this 6 pointed star formation, if you were looking from the sun you would see that formation in the sky on Nov 23rd, but not from the earth. This portal isn’t just affecting our planet, but the whole solar system. Which is a much more greater scope and much more powerful energy.

Alexandra – Yea, absolutely. Wow. Too bad we can’t see it. If you were in the solar system, where would you be able to see it?

COBRA – If you were looking from the sun, you would be able to see 6 planets at approximately. 60 degrees apart. You will be able to feel the energy on that day.

Alexandra – What do you think it will feel like?

COBRA – Let’s wait and see.

Alexandra – You’re so funny. Back to a serious question about the Catholic church. I have asked you many times about Pope Francis moving towards the light. What is your feeling about Document released on July 9th, laying down a new set of laws. Do you see that as a positive? because a lot of people do, or are you seeing it as Kevin Arnett says, is they are only accountable to only cannon law.

COBRA – The problem with the document is It can be interpreted in many ways. you can interpret pos and neg. It was intentionally written that way so it gives room for manipulation and as you know, Jesuits are master manipulators. I would be a little bit skeptical about that document. I would not see it so positive. The Jesuits do not have the highest interest of humanity as their goal.

Alexandra – Yes. From a not so great stand-point, if one of the priest happened to be honest and stepped forward and leaked information, they could receive criminal offense.

COBRA – Yes, this is one possible interpretation.

Alexandra – Back to James McCanney – He was putting out a video and audio and how Comet Ison had passed by Mars. What they saw was an electrical charge once it passed by Mar’s field. The comet itself turned to a neon green from carbon monoxide and that sort of thing. But it also put around a green auric field around the planet. Can you comment on that and what will this comet do as if affects our planet.

COBRA – Actually this dramatic discharge happens all the time. I think the earth will be too far away from the comet for us to experience the same affect. We experience this from our own sun. Every time the sun gets more active you can see the Dancing lights in the sky very high up north. This dramatic discharge is a common phenomena. This is not dangerous or sensational. It looks beautiful and that’s about it.

Alexandra – It looks beautiful but that’s it. There’s such a big deal being made of it.

COBRA – Yes, it’s a media hype to increase sales. This information put it out of context and out of proportion to get better ratings. Same with alternative media. Same phenomena.

Alexandra – OK. Let’s talk about Fukushima. I know you said it could be way worse and it could have a way higher rating than it does. Information keeps pouring out daily. Not great at all. “This is the worst industrial accident ever to occur but it’s not over. Fukushima power plants are crumbling and should another earthquake strike the area one building could collapse and release massive amounts of radiation in the atmosphere”. What do you feel? Is there anything we can do to stave this off? Or is this an obvious act of prevention for the Galactics?

COBRA – If this Fukushima situation gets too far out of control, the Galactics will help. The Cabal is misusing this Fukushima event to put more industrial radioactive waste in that area to further their own goals and to use this as a negotiation tool in Japan.

Alexandra – I know that living in California, they are really hyping it up. We’re getting a lot of information that the radiation rates hitting the west coast is at an all time high.

COBRA – There are also other sources of radiation besides Fukushima.

Alexandra – True. True. Let’s talk about the Orion System. The matrix was starting to implode. One of the signs was the governmental shut-down. It wasn’t just a stage performance. What you thought about that?

COBRA -Wwhat is the connection between Orion and the shut down.

Alexandra – I don’t know, because of the fact that Washing DC was the center of power for the Orion system.

COBRA – It is one of the centers of power. The Rothschild come from the Orion system. They are connected to this. There are many reasons why the so called government shut down happened and one of them is the insanity of the Illuminati faction. They wanted to push their agenda with complete disregard of consequences. When they go too far they just back off. This cycle has repeated in the last 50 years countless times.

Alexandra – What was the ultimate goal of the shut down.

COBRA – The ultimate goal of the shut down was to trigger the start martial law. Of course that can not happen. When they realize this won’t happen. They come up with their ‘solution’. It’s not a solution. It’s just a matter of political consent.

Alexandra – At least we got a little victory there. (yes) No martial law. (That will now be allowed to happen) Good. right on. What is your opinion of dimensional levels within the dimension. You will come across several articles referring to The 12th level of the 4th dimension. Do you agree. Are there multiple dimensions within the dimensions?

COBRA – I would say there are sub-dimension. Little differences from One octave to another. There are various ways to describe it. On certain levels that’s true but People don’t have enough understanding to correctly describe what they are seeing or getting. I would say this is correct.

Alexandra – Do you agree there were some full blown galactic conflicts going on in the higher 4th sub-levels- this last summer.

COBRA – Actually there were conflicts in the higher 4th dimension in the last 25,000 years on this planet and they are getting finished.

Alexandra – We did come to a close in that area.

COBRA – Yes, if I use this terminology the higher 4th dimension is now clear of the dark forces. They are gone.

Alexandra – OMG. That’s awesome. That’s great news. “You have to know that this cosmic break in this space/time structure during the preparation for ascension is known to be used to liberate the people who have decided differently from their demons. 90% of humanity is possessed by foreign energies and demons. This is one of the reasons why we can no longer bear human crowds because so many people are so fully possessed.” What do you think about that?

COBRA – Well. I was speaking many times about this. There are so many entities around everybody tied to the implants. For every human being there were entities on the etheric plane which are not of the light. This is being cleared but has not been cleared yet.

Alexandra – The reason I brought this up is that there isn’t a light worker, star seed, light warrior that hasn’t had this conversation that they don’t want to come out of their cave. We tend to stay in our homes or in small group of people because we don’t really want to get out there. (Yes, it’s understandable).

Alexandra – This just nailed it on the head. I wanted to see what you thought.

COBRA – It’s a good response to avoid etheric contamination.

Alexandra -What do yo think about that there are some arrests of politicians in the last several days. I don’t have names.

COBRA – I heard rumors but no confirmations.

Alexandra – That’s just a rumor at this point. Can you give us an update about Syria and Israel’s impact on that as well.

COBRA – The situation in Syria has not been resolved et. The danger of foreign invasion has been removed. The situation has not yet been resolved.

Alexandra – Are there still like, on my blog 2 weeks ago. The Syrian rebel army has had some major victories. Are they fighting for the Syrian Government. Are they fighting for the Cabalists, Are they fighting for the positive military?

COBRA – The rebel forces again the tyrannical regime but then the Rothschilds have misused it and . Now there are many mercenaries that have taken over the rebel forces. Now the forces are compromised and now they are worse than governments.

Alexandra – What a mess. I don’t know if you saw the latest. Audio and Video of the actual war. Did you see that ? (No) Live footage of the war in Syria. Don’t know if it’s legitimate. They are saying, like you had mentioned, they see a huge turning point in world affairs with Israel especially because Syria being willing to open up to Chemical weapons. Did that back fire on Israel. They are paying attention to Israel stockpile now? (Yes, exactly) Where do you see that going? Isn’t that going to become that every government is going to have to step up to the plate and show their stockpiles?

COBRA – Yes, not in the immediate, but after sometime, yes.

Alexandra – To have world peace that’s where we’re going to have to go.

COBRA – When the event happens we will not need chemical weapons. It’s completely not necessary.

Alexandra – You put out a posting by Anonymous. They wanted to see how quickly the network could communicate across the world as rapidly as possible. Anonymous has become more a mouthpiece of the positive military or the resistance movement. Is that fair to say?

COBRA – I can not comment on this at the moment. (OK) It’s very sensitive.

Alexandra – When you look at the world affairs right now. For example: UK refused to go to war in Syria. Russia has made some amazing bold statements about not going into Syria and even made some threats to the US and other countries. Are we just down to US, France, Israel and a few others as far as the Illuminati goes.

COBRA – We are down to US and Israel against the whole world.

Alexandra – Wow. That’s huge. That’s amazing

COBRA – Yes, it’s huge progress. I’m not speaking about the countries them self, it’s the factions. It’s not a war between one country against another. It’s more of a harmonized intent to bring down the cabal that is mostly situated in the US and Israel. Of course people belong to the same cabal in other countries. They are losing power I would say they have lost more than 50% of their power everywhere.

Alexandra – That’s great news. Questions about GMO food. Do you feel the BRICS nation, are they behind this big move because Mexico just suspended the planting of GMO crops which was pretty big considering it was in North America. South America just had a big victory about GMO. I feel very strongly about GMO and Monsanto. You can’t get a worse way of contaminating and killing the people of the world. What do you see is the progress of the GMO movement? Will this continue through the Jesuits. Are they behind the scenes basically putting money in their coffins to keep them going or because of the huge uprising we will succeed with ceasing this GMO.

COBRA – This GMO project belongs to the Illuminati. This project will be removed from the planet, maybe even before the event is a possibility. Anti-GMO has been getting stronger and stronger. There are many victories lately around the world. I am assuming that the world is uniting against this GMO and Monsanto knows this.

Alexandra – Something I was watching something the other day, I couldn’t even handle it. They are getting so much upheaval in the first world countries and really hammering the 3rd world countries and insisting on selling the seeds. Live stock are dying at an unprecedented rate. Spreading contamination to the people. People are writing in asking Why aren’t the galactics aren’t stepping in because it’s so bad.

COBRA – It’s very delicate balance. If the Galactic forces intervene on the surface of the planet, the Cabal would go crazy. It’s like having a crazy dog at the gate. You have to give him some food to calm him down so you can go inside and rescue the people.

Alexandra – It’s difficult because you have to think like maniac.

COBRA – You don’t have to think like a maniac, you have to know how to calm down the maniac to rescue the people. Its difficult, and takes so much time especially if the surface population is not cooperating.

Alexandra – Yes, and not awake.

COBRA – Of course if people are awake they would cooperate with the light.

Alexandra – On to the financial world. There seems to have some big plusses. JP Morgan settled with the US dept. of Justice for 13Billion dollars. That’s probably the highest I’ve seen. Can you comment on that. There was also some major hiccups with Wells and Chase as far as 50K minimum access to money.

COBRA – Those fines don’t mean much to those banks. They handle trillions. A few billion for them is a little bit painful but not enough. It’s not enough. The cabal is trying to steal the money in the bank. I still suggest for people to move their money out of their banks ASAP. Before the event happens the Cabal they may seize the accounts or steal the money from the accounts.

Alexandra – You’ve been real consistent on that. Get your money out of the bank except what you can loose.

COBRA – Don’t leave any money in there. Just enough to maintain your accounts. It’s one of the least safest places.

Alexandra – Under your mattress is better. (YES) I’m sure you read about Ireland that an activist organization filed lawsuit against the bank of Ireland. Iit’s pretty cool. Wouldn’t it be huge if they could set a president across the world. Have you read up on that? What you thought? Is that affecting the final world the Rothschild and how they are doing business.

COBRA -Iit’’s not affecting directly but more the but the consciousness of human beings. There are countries like Iceland, Hungary, ireland, other countries are trying to break free and this is a good sign.

Alexandra – Yes, a really good sign. People are anding together and are stand up and fight for their rights. What do you think about the shut-down in China because of the radical smog. Where did that come from? I know they’ve had smog issues.

COBRA – China has, especially the larger cities where they have a lot of Industry has a very low quality of air. It’s been a problem in China and Russia too in the last few decades. The standards are much better than China. It can be horrible It’s mostly Industrial pollution. Same as Russia in the most Industrial areas.

Alexandra – So this is mother nature’s wake-up call.

COBRA – It is simply that humanity puts too much stress on mother nature.

Alexandra – They’ll have to make a choice – stand up or accept it.

COBRA – Actually, its not them that will make a choice. When the event happens all those industries will be restructured . No need to use fossil fuels. With clean and free energy there is no need for air pollution.

Alexandra – I can not wait. Apparently the US is panicky because of a chem-trail plane was brought down over India.

COBRA – I think this article was 4 years old.

Alexandra – You’re kidding. Too bad. I was hoping they had gotten their hands on it to help the light. What do you think was the upshot of the US veterans march on Washington DC?

COBRA – I would say finally there is a certain degree of awakening in US. Not as big as I’d hoped. Good start.

Alexandra – Truckers too. Of course they blacked them out on Facebook and twitter. Unfortunately. A lot of us were blogging them so they got a lot of coverage.

COBRA – That was good

Alexandra – What is your take on Snowden. Is he going to stay in Russia. Is he going to continue to be a mouth piece for leaked documents.

COBRA – He is awakening the human masses as to what NSA was doing for ages, for decades. Everyone is beginning to realize what that means, People need to process those facts then there will be a next layer of revelations. Most likely not coming from him. There is a certain project of someone else to step up with a new set of documents that is even more interesting.

Alexandra – I look forward to that. Did you hear about the NSA super center in utah NSA. They had over 10 electrical melt downs over power surge. Is that a little help from friends upstairs.

COBRA – A little help from friends upstairs, downstairs and horizontal friends.

Alexandra – (laugh) I love it. What is going on between the Dutch, Russians and Green peace activist thing. There were a bunch of them imprisoned and thrown in jail. At the same time there were some diplomat in Russia that was busted for Pedafilia. They were totally outraged. There was a Dutch diplomat assassinated.

COBRA – Russia is still not a democratic country as any country on the planet is. There are still a few things that are not right.

Alexandra – Can you comment on it.

COBRA – Those activists are a victim of the system.

Alexandra – At the wrong place at the wrong time? Poking their nose in a place that was too sensitive.

COBRA – Everyone in that is in that kind of activist is – exposing himself to a certain risk.

Alexandra – Russia was busted for seizing 7.6 billion dollars in savings from private pension funds this month – so another reason to get your money out of the bank. Cobra – this whole thing with Washington DC police killing an unarmed mother with her baby. Was that just another side tracking us and getting us distracted.

COBRA – I would say that it was an overreaction of the police forces which was triggered by the Archons.

Alexandra – On the good side It’s also bringing light to the over usage to prescription drugs.

COBRA – Serves as another awakening call for people to become aware.

Alexandra – Bit coins – dropped and FBI shut down the web-site. Do you have any information on that?

COBRA – Forces of light working on this to get this re-activated again.

Alexandra – CooB. before the end of the year?

COBRA – Even sooner if possible.

Alexandra – Hope so. So much going on. How about this Iran Cyber war fare commander was assassinated. Israel leader’s Netanyahu has been dismissive of Iran’s diplomatic efforts to avoid war. They are trying to create support for the attack. He was implicated in the assassination of 5 Iranian Nuclear scientists and weapons specialists. Is that to do with the WMD. Does it have to do with Chemtrails and the nasty stuff being sprayed in the sky? Or is it something different.

COBRA – Israel Cabal was trying to remove the scientists that were working on advanced projects. They didn’t want certain countries to get access to nuclear technology and other technology. This has been going on for years actually old news.

Alexandra – You’ve also heard about the Oath keepers. They have organized over 30,000 members. Look into them. They have a good agenda. They are based on local level Providing community with security and support in times of chaos. Check them out. They have memberships and are open to everybody. Cobra we talked about the dimensions. One of the questions that came in: The matrix exists in this dimension. I also know it exists in the 5th dimension. WE can’t reach full consciousness until we reach the 6th dimension. Please comment.

COBRA – Those descriptions and names of the dimensions are just names they just mean different things to people. Until there is enough consensus of what that means, I can not comment on it.

Alexandra – Right. It’s a little complicated for us to wrap our brains around.

COBRA – People have enough consensus. Language is a tricky thing. This sentence might mean something different for other people.

Alexandra – Getting back to the original thing – “the event”. ”There will not be one living soul or animal or insect or creature or plant. Anything that is alive that will not be affected by it. They will not sleep through it. They will not carry on watching the Television. It will affect us all.” How do you Cobra perceive the day of the event. How do you see it unfolding?

COBRA – There will definitely be a spiritual aspect. People will perceive that at their own vibrational frequency. Physical aspect will be undeniable. There will be announcements in the Mass Media. The Financial system will be shut down. This will be a big thing for human beings. There will be a leaks of information over the mass media starting from day 1 to educate the masses. This is very important. There will be leaks of information. Starting from day one. People will begin to awaken drastically.

Alexandra – It feels so close. There’s been a lot of good victories by the light. (yes). The Keish foundation. Do you feel they are making some progress. I had someone from Spain write in that the Keish is working on Plasma technology. What do you think about that? That allows us to space travel and have unlimited electricity and transportation. They also gave this technology to Iran and other countries. What do you think about that? The Agarthans released this technology to the surface quite a while ago.

COBRA – I have seen many different technologies that have been developed but none of those technologies have reached a point yet to the mass distribution. That’s always what is important. There are many groups working on this. We are close to the breakthrough.

Alexandra – Do you feel scientists and entrepreneurs, people making head-ways. Are they in a safer place to get them patented, to get them out there and not have the back lash from the MIB’s.

COBRA – It’s not a good thing to patent the technology. The best place is to open source it, get it to go viral. And then to mass produce it. If you by-pass the patent process. If you make it viral the Cabal can’t control it. The Cabal controls the patent process. It will begin to revolutionize. When it’s out there and everybody can copy it. IN the old way this would not happen. There is a human aspect of greed and the inability to cooperate.

Alexandra – Thank you for that. Were getting to the end of the hours. I want to thank you for all your hard work and diligence. I want to thank all you out there for your support for the Continue to support Cobra and I. We do work lots and lots of hours. I’m really mellow today. I just got out of an amazing technology meeting. I’ll tell you later. We are feeling good. We are doing our bit to help the planet. I ask all of you to do the same. If we unit and not give up, we are on the way to victory. Do you have any last minute comments to share with everybody.

COBRA – We are getting closer to the activation of the “I AM” portal on Nov 23. I would ask as many as possible to participate at their own location or even better Join us in Florence Italy.

COBRA – When is this, Nov 23. One day event.

Alexandra – Everybody – thank you for stopping by our radio program. Next month will be exciting. We’ll be talking about the astrological implications. I wish everybody well. Please consider donations for our service. Thank you cobra.

COBRA – Thank you everybody for listening and we hope the changes happen soon. (BYE)

I want to thank DaNell Glade once again for her devoted assistance and speedy delivery of this transcription. She has offered her support without request! Thank you DaNell!

Copyright © Alexandra Silby-Meadors All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, and you include this copyright notice link:

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UFO Recorded During Space Shuttle Discovery Mission STS-114 on 6 August 2005

UFO Recorded During Space Shuttle Discovery Mission STS-114 on 6 August 2005

On shuttle flight STS-114 at August 6, 2005 a UFO passed by the right side of the shuttle at GMT. As the object flies into the distance it then begins to change course to a full right turn and eventually disappears off the right side of screen.

More on Space Shuttle Mission STS-114 []

Spirit Science – ‘A Brand New Series…’ November 1, 2013 – video –

Spirit Science – ‘A Brand New Series…’ November 1, 2013 – video –

Published November 1, 2013

Check out the New Channel here ~[]

Hey there! It’s been a while hasn’t it? I’ve been so busy with everything going on this past year, i’ve hardly had time to make any new Spirit Science videos! Don’t worry, they’re happening. Some pretty big ones, in fact.

But along with that, i’ve also started a new series with a very amazing friend of mine, someone who taught me almost everything i know today. He has a mysterious connection to the “Man in the Pod” that i mentioned at the beginning of the year, and we’re going to be fully animating that story too when the time comes. I’m pretty excited about it.

For the past 2 or 3 months we’ve been doing videos every monday exploring some very in-depth and thoughtful ways of being, thinking, doing, and creating powerful transformation in your life.

If you’re interested, check out Pair O’ Dime Shift, and subscribe to the new Channel. You’re not going to want to miss what’s to come!

See you soon!

Merlin: “Welcome the Dragonflies!” Ashtar on the Road Teleconference – October 22, 2013

Merlin: “Welcome the Dragonflies!” Ashtar on the Road Teleconference – October 22, 2013

“Greetings – I am Merlin! It has been some time in your reckoning since I have spoken to this Group, but be assured I am always with you. I shall be sending dragonflies to you in one form or another, so look for them. If you are in a cold place it might be -because I do prefer warmth – it might be that it will be in the form of a picture or some other representation, or perhaps the colors of the dragonfly will come to you in your sleep time or your meditation time, and you will know that I am present with you!

“For I am very much symbolic, as it were, of this marvelous transformational time which Planet Earth is in right now – and has been in actually all of its time in existence – but most notably since a time that you would call your 1960’s. That is when Love became a popular topic! Since then, there have been many who have spoken for Love. Some of them are still embodied, some of them have gone on – with their bodies or not.

“This is all about transformation and this is all about flying free, as the dragonfly flies! This is about shimmering and shining your Lights, this is about coming into the honor that you so deserve, even as I am honored for my wisdom and for, yes, what were considered at one time, my magical talents. But the Truth be known there is not one among you who cannot do the same transformations as I!!!

“What I choose for you to know is that I had the opportunity as Druid, as keeper of wisdom – and yes, as other identities, most notably that of St. Germain – but I had an opportunity during that time which has been called the time of Camelot – I had the opportunity to teach. And while it is true that I did not share the alchemical magic as much – which I was doing in my, what you would call my laboratory – I had an opportunity to instill or to share with the one called Arthur, and he in turn taught it to the ones you know as his Knights of the Round Table and it was the Law of the Land!

“These were the virtues, and there are many tales, and some of them are true. Yes, there were dragons, a very few of them who felt that it was acceptable to show themselves – the same dragons who, generations and eons of time later have been here – and they had been here since before.

“There have been romanticized tales, just like your Bible, but that which was the essence, or the spirit of Camelot, was based in Love, was based in honoring all Life, was based in Courage, yes, the Courage of the Heart, and it brought a kind of Peace to the land! While it may not have lasted, because there were always those who carried in them the programs, or the desires, to conquer or to fight just because they were restless, it was a shimmering, radiant time for the people who knew Camelot, or knew of it. They felt safe in my land, the land of Arthur and the knights.

“They felt safe and knew that if they needed help, help would come, sometimes mysteriously. The Druids and the wise ones knew how to answer the call. And there was a place called Avalon, which of necessity went into the mists, because it could not co-exist as the land plunged into the darkness of war, so it moved into a Higher Dimensional Reality, as did some of the magical creatures – the unicorns, the fairies. They did not want to exist where Love, the Light of Love, seemed to be put out.

“The good news is that it’s coming back!!! It is there for all of you! You are all invited to come and join with the Druids, to come and dance around the fire, to come and partake of the sacred waters in the pools and the wells of Avalon. It’s there for you, most Beloved Family, and the wisdoms are there and they have joined. For you see, it is all the same! It’s all about being connected with the Earth, and the land, and the waters and the sky; it’s all about being one with all of Mother/Father God’s creations; it’s all about being grateful and in Joy that these things exist!!!

“This World is a marvelous place, and in the days of Camelot this was recognized – not necessarily by everyone – but it was recognized in my world. I taught this to young Arthur. I knew he was destined to be king, so I did everything within my power to instill in him the respect – not just for women of high birth, but for everyone – the Love and the appreciation! And yes, as a lad he was sometimes somewhat rowdy, and he enjoyed his sports, his dancing, and his merrymaking, but he was fundamentally a good and loving man.

“He attracted the same and then sent them out to do their good deeds, and the people were glad, and the people felt safe, protected and honored. This, even though Arthur was Christian, but you see he had an understanding of the basic wisdoms and so it was that he could make allowances and bring the two together. He was more of a Christian in the true sense of understanding, not necessarily always getting every part of it but at least understanding that God, or Christ, is in all Life!!!

“This Beloved Ones, is the grand secret that those who have wanted to control have wanted to keep from you. I am happy to tell you that as I view Planet Earth – and I do get around – this is a grand awakening! It is transformational because when you get that particular wisdom, then you understand that you, yourselves, are your own alchemists and it is for you to create whatever miracles you choose!!! Bring the magic right into your lives and then shine it forth!

“Join this Grand Circle and welcome these ones back who have been separated from Planet Earth for so long. This is a part of your Homecoming, this is a part of your Ascension, and I tell you that they are as joyful at this reunion as are you! So welcome all of the magical ones and understand that they are as real as you, and that they see you, as you shine your Lghts, as being the ones who are truly the makers of the magic, the miracles, and the Ascension of all of Planet Earth and the reunion with those who have been awaiting this grand time to welcome you home!!!

“Thank you, Beloved Ones! Look for the dragonflies and welcome them as you have welcomed me. And I say unto you, Namaste!”

*Merlin chose the CD, Reiki – The Light Touch, by Merlin’s Magic, for his “introduction.”

Transcription by Brian Coe.

Given through Susan Leland, October 22, 2013.

© Ashtar On The Road Publications 2004-2013.All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted.



Published October 25, 2013

Victory NOW! Liberation NOW!

It is time to take action again! It is time to take the destiny of our world in our own hands! Therefore we will meet in groups large and small, as individuals and couples, at the time of the heliocentric Uranus Pluto square on November 23rd. Many of us will gather and visualize the Event happening in the NOW and will be thus creating a clear and harmonious channel of manifestation for the final liberation of the planet.

You can view the exact time of the activation for many places here:

(The correct clock is always on the Portal 2012 site)

Music: Yanni “Nightingale”

Suzanne Lie – Releasing The Habit Of Being Human – Message From The Arcturians – 3 November 2013

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Lucas 2012 Infos

(SuzanneLieI found this message hidden in another file. It seemed so familiar that I searched my recent messages to find it, but I could not. Thus, I have decided to post, or re-post it, as it is information that we cannot hear too often.)

In order to return to the higher frequencies of reality you will need to release our habit of being human. YOU are not your human body. However, YOU are wearing your human body. This body is not YOU. It is merely the form that you must wear in order to engage in third dimensional life.

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Pam Younghans – NorthPoint Astrology Journal – Week Of 4 November 2013 – 3 November 2013

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Lucas 2012 Infos

PamYounghansHighlighted Aspects this Week

TUE: Venus enters Capricorn; WED: Saturn conjunct Sun, Jupiter stations retrograde 9:03pm PST; THU: Neptune sextile Venus; FRI: Venus sextile Mercury; SAT: Saturn sextile Mars; SUN: Mercury stations direct 1:11pm PST

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Sacred Ascension - Key of Life - Secrets of the Universe

CELLRESONANCEANDRESTRUCTURINGPLEIADESMERKABA…What we are trying to say to you is the fear that many of you are experiencing at this moment in time, is nothing more than the remnants of civilizations past, the remnants of you bodies remembrance, and the celebration of your hearts’ knowing.

All of this is but a normal reaction to the universal truth that your bodies are being bombarded with at this very moment in time. The universal truth of Freedom, Self Power and Self Reliance. The universal truth of Love, Light and Peace. The universal truth of ONENESS with each other, the universe and the eternal OM. The energies that your bodies were and still are affected with are such as to allow the rapid transformation of your psyche for more and more of us, your galactic brothers and sisters are entering GAIA’s planetary system. And so, another massive awakening of the sleeping souls and the…

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Who am I? I am a Child of the Universe

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Openhearted Rebellion

Written by Wes Annac, The Aquarius Paradigm

At one time, you might have read a writing from me that boasted “Incarnate Representative of the Galactic Federation and the Pleiadian High Council” at the end.

Having awakened in so many ways and opened up to channeling the energy and guidance of our Universal Family, I subtly rooted my perception of my identity in what I perceived was a higher place.

This wasn’t something I did intentionally; I embraced the idea of actively representing the Pleiadians in what I felt was a positive move, but looking back on it, I see that I was really aggrandizing myself and presenting myself in a light that didn’t match me as much as I thought it did.

Reading about walk-ins and noting the parallels between events in my Life and those in the Lives of people who were said to have experienced them, saw me…

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