SecureTeam10 Update #2 – DHS, Ison, Dr. Eric Norton NASA Consultant/Whistleblower [video]

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Starship Earth: The Big Picture

This video goes into great detail about the overwhelming evidence indicating the government/cabal/DHS is prepping for major civil unrest, comet Ison, etc.

The disinfo is thick on the Internet so be careful where you get your “facts”. The cabal has people out there (trolls and shills) whose job it is to spread panic and fear and discredit the truth.

They also do a second interview with Dr. Eric Norton (alias) who told us about the L-shaped craft docked behind the moon. He’s on the run for his safety.

It still doesn’t seem to me like these folks see ‘the big picture’—meaning they don’t understand the spiritual side of Humanity’s evolution at this time, who brought us to Earth, and that the Star Nations are here (and up there), protecting us and actively helping us to eliminate the dark cabal/Illuminati/New World Order.

If you don’t understand that aspect of our reality…

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