The Arcturian Group Channeled by Marilyn Raffaele October 28, 2013

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arcturiansOctober 28, 2013
We of the Arcturian Group wish to welcome  all to this message.  We come to teach and inform, never to preach or push you into understanding something you cannot accept as of yet. The main focus of these messages is to help you understand that you are in charge of you…no one else, and to help you remember and claim the  power you have always held as spiritual beings, but have forgotten.
All are in and  of the Divine, and therefore all that you have been seeking, is already within you.  This is a difficult concept to understand if heard with third dimensional ears.  It is not that you have a little box in your heart holding all sorts of material  treasures,  but that  within you is  a  spark of the Divine.  That spark, being in and of Source,  automatically  embodies everything also within…

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