New Pyramid Discovered in Russia

New Pyramid Discovered in Russia, The Big Picture, October 27, 2013

The Big Picture:

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We continue to learn of more pyramids. This one is still covered with earth and vegetation and stands near beautiful Lake Baikal, perfectly aligned to the North and discovered by a Russian architect.

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I believe pyramids will play a large part in our new galactic life.

Check this out. It’s unmistakable!

Pyramid Hill of the Lake Baikal, Russia

“Baikal is one of the biggest lakes in world on area of 31,722 km2 (12,248 sq miles) located in Eastern Siberia, Russia. Baikal is famous for its depth in 1,642 m (5,387 ft) that makes Baikal is the deepest lake in the world with amazing clearest water. Wild nature and fresh Siberian air attracts people from all over the world even in extremely cold Siberian winter for visiting so pure lake Baikal.

In 2007 an architect and scholar of the Irkutsk State Technical University Lubov Makogon visited with her student Port Baikal, a little fisher port town on western Baikal lakeshore where she noted an unusual hill with four visible sides oriented to the North. The hill in height of 80 meters with the width of the base in 170 meters located in the center of Baikal Port close to the lakeshore and had a perspective view from the lake and mouth of the Angara river.

Being a Member of the Russian Union of the Architects Lubov Makagon made observation that this pyramid hill is only one hill in all that area with four visible pyramidal sides and four edges of the sides getting interesting connections with surrounding hills. In 2012 she visited again Port Baikal with a group of her students where she found topographic base area and made topographic technical research. This research gave more features that the hill is can be pyramidal construction with direct orientation to the North. More over this pyramid hill has amazing connections with suburb hills which is clear to see on the topographic research made by Lubov Makagon and shared with World-Pyramids.

There are no doubts for professional architect Lubov Makagon that it’s real pyramid on the lake shore of the Baikal. For further investigation the Baikal pyramid hill need in detail research as the local legends and mythology.”

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If pyramids are your thing, you may want to visit the web site and see all the other pyramids standing on our planet that have been discovered to date. There are interesting similarities that suggest that those who built them were not limited from traveling the globe—or the stars–if you’ve seen the ones on Mars.

Who built the pyramids? Someone visiting my blog left a comment not long ago saying the Nephilim built them—at least the ones in Egypt.

Below is some footage of the Nephilim. I see readers searching for information and photos frequently so it’s a question on the minds of many.

We hear of adopted children growing up with a yearning to know who their biological parents were and not being able to rest until they meet them. Imagine; Humanity in general has gone eons of time, generation after generation not knowing who our ancestors were, where they came from, or how we came to be.

Since there is a lot of confusion, conjecture and disinformation out there, we don’t know the whole truth; just that the giants existed.

Our history books completely ignore them, and that’s proof that someone has something to hide—but why?

These are all fascinating things to be revealed to us when the truth of our history is made public by our Star Families at some point after First Contact.