Glenn Greenwald: It’s Gangsters All the Way Down

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Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Thanks to ForgottenMan.

Honestly? The sheisters think they should be able to prevent the media from telling us about their illegal, corrupt practices? I don’t think so. They really ARE insane.

For those who believed the end times are here and would be marked by plague and pestilence—this is it. The global elite/Illuminati/New World order is just that, running roughshod over every freedom and right the peoples of this planet believed they enjoyed.

THEY are a pandemic virus destroying the world as we know it on so many levels and they must be quarantined and eradicated.

By failing to address their practices decades ago we allowed the disease to grow to epic proportions. They are almost unstoppable now because they trample every law put in place to protect us from tyrants like they are and make new ones to suit themselves. Now we have to clean up the mess…

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