Cameron Day – Two Podcasts . . . from Ascension Help . . . , October 28, 2013

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2012: What's the 'real' truth?

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Today I have not one, but TWO podcasts for you.  The first one is probably the best interview that I have had to date, and the interviewer was someone many of you have already heard of:  George Kavassilas.

George contacted me after reading “Why I am No Longer a Lightworker” but I must admit that I had some reservations at first.  I had not kept up with his work since seeing one of his older presentations a few years ago that contained some things I didn’t agree with.  However, I listened to my Inner Self that encouraged me to see where he is at now, and after a brief energetic check-in, I liked what I felt so we set up a phone call.

I am glad I listened because as it turns out, we are seeing…

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