Aliens Refuse to Make Crop Circles in GMO Fields

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Starship Earth: The Big Picture

I wondered why the number of crop circles seemed to drop off this summer…  ;0(

Humour, but some clever fun. When you think about it—boycotting GMO fields would send a very strong message, wouldn’t it?  ~ BP

Aliens refuse to make circles in GM crops

Health-conscious ETs steer clear of genetically modified plants

by Dick Kennedy, UFO Correspondent

Alien visitors to planet Earth are boycotting genetically modified (GM) crops, claims a leading scientist.

Buck Uranus, chief astronomer for the William H Carpenter Foundation in Nevada, believes the extraterrestrials are refusing to create crop circles in GM maize, wheat and other cereals because of fears of possible side-effects.

The scientist has conducted a major survey of crop circles created over the past five years and says he has not found a single example left in fields containing GM crops.

“In my spare time, I channel messages from alien beings,” said Uranus…

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