Lord Emanuel Messages: ‘Unfolding Events…’

Lord Emanuel Messages of Wisdom and Inspiration: ‘Unfolding Events…’ October 22, 2013

Greetings Dear Ones! It is I, Lord Emanuel at your service again this day. And take a deep breath Precious Hearts, a deep breath into your abdomen as low as it will go and a long slow exhale out releasing all the tension and worry you might be carrying this day. Let it all go Dear Ones, let it all go as if you have nothing to hold on to, for in this moment you do not. Let everything go, even your identity, the thing that defines you, mother, father, teacher, healer, let all those things melt away until you are just pure Being. This may take a few Sacred Breaths. Ah, good Dear Ones, that is much better.

Now things are hotting up are they not Dear Ones, can you feel it? The outer world may still not be aware of that which is going on in your world but we are aware, we in the Ascended Realm see All, we have eyes and ears everywhere my Dear Ones, there is nothing that gets past us. We are ever watchful, we are ever monitoring all things upon your Blessed planet, it is a constantly changing and evolving situation upon your planet at present and we in the Ascended and Angelic Realms are constantly changing and shifting to keep up with and be ahead of matters evolving upon your planet. We can only see so far ahead given all the variables of any one given situation or unfolding of events and we can classify events as possible, probable or certain. Many things have to line up and many factors must be in place before we can declare any one given event as certain upon the surface of your Blessed planet Earth.

There are infinite possible events and more calculable probable events but things start to narrow down when we talk in terms of things that are certain to occur. Precious Hearts as you all well know, the Light of God is blazing down upon your planet from your physical sun in increasing amounts daily. This means that the vibratory action of all Life evolving upon your planet is raised daily. This is literally shaking up and out all density that exists upon your Beautiful planet. Literally all that is darkness and all that causes discord and all the greed, corruption, war and hatred is being shaken up and released. All that is dark upon your Earth must be exposed and is being exposed as we speak. This Dear Hearts, is certain.

I wish to impress upon you this day that the most corrupt and controlling systems upon your Earth are the banking systems. Dear Hearts make no mistake these institutions are privately owned by individuals whose greed and corruption is beyond your understanding at present. Their reaches, their great tentacles of control are deeper into your society than you are aware and their plans to control this Planet are so vast it would shock even the most educated among you in the matters of who actually runs your planet Earth.

Dear Ones, this is not an exercise in instilling fear, this is an exercise in education, of being armed with information that will allow you to find and step into your power, we in the Ascended Realm do not hand out this information lightly and do so with a great deal of consultation and forethought to arm you with knowledge that will help you. Help you take a deep breath, to fully understand what is a reality upon your Earth so that you can stand up in your power with your eyes wide open, knowing that the most corrupt institutions must fall, for they cannot stand in the Light, knowing that the elite must be exposed in their heinous crimes against humanity and their limitless greed for power and control, for they cannot hide in the Light.

Dear Ones, these are the most exciting times your planet Earth has ever seen! For in the exposing and the crumbling of these great houses of corruption and greed is the path to your freedom. Dear Hearts, do not be afraid of what is to come, please understand that you are being held and taken care of by legions and legions in the Unseen, you are Children of God and none shall harm you if you stay strong in this knowing. Stay true to yourself, know that in your chest cavity beats the heart of a Lion and in your chest cavity lives a blazing sun of God’s Infinite Light and 3 blazing flames of God’s Infinite Love, Wisdom and Power.

Your Victory is assured and any discomfort you may experience as events unfold across your world will be short lived. Especially when placed in comparison to the decades and decades and centuries of life in freedom, Peace and prosperity and in never ending joy that are to follow. This is my Promise to you. I AM Lord Emanuel and you are held in love and appreciation beyond your knowing. I Love you and I Bless you Dear Precious Hearts.

Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy. Please freely copy and share this message. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.

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