Blossom Goodchild for the Galactic Federation of Light, October 19, 2013

Blossom Goodchild for the Galactic Federation of Light, October 19, 2013

Welcome my friends. I have been wondering what today’s conversation shall entail. Although, if I may … there are a couple of things I would like to address on behalf of some readers who have asked me to ask you about Comet Ison. Now I personally really know nothing much at all regarding where it is heading, so therefore have no idea where this conversation is heading either … Is that ok? Over to you if I may?

Firstly we welcome you also. There is much Love and excitement still within and around your planet … which we should also care to address. Yet to comment on the comet. You are quite correct Blossom in your replies to these souls who inquire. If indeed there was to be an up and coming ‘mishap’ with this travelling object … do you not think we would have addressed if before now?

For in this circumstance we can categorically state that there shall be no harm ‘sent’ toward your planet as it draws closer to your sacred sun. If one chooses to be of concern we ask them to let go of the fear around the matter. Again … what does one choose to focus upon? And we would care to comment also … that along with so many ‘proposals’ of Earth’s Eventualities … the idea that it shall cause a great deal of destruction to your Mother Earth is simply another fear mongering tactic.

Yet a certain gentleman that has written in and looked into the matter greatly would disagree as ‘signs show’ that this indeed could be the case according to certain astronomers etc. and that the Truth about it is once again being hidden and in fact there is every possibility that we are doomed. Please note … these are not my thoughts or feelings … I am just passing the message on from concerned souls.

Dearest souls … How one has so struggled with emotional upheaval concerning many many matters as you walk ‘with Grace and ease’ into the NEW WORLD!

We have stated before and we shall continue to do so … in order to move into a NEW WORLD … the one that you upon Earth and all that are not … created long ago … would you not consider it to be a rather ‘ridiculous’ plan … to have the end of one age that is to be proceeded by a Golden One to finish in massive death … destruction and chaos?


How much gloom and doom have you been fed for breakfast, lunch and dinner??

How much more do you choose to be fed?

Have you … our dearest friends … not had your fill?

Are you Beings of Light not sufficiently stuffed with that which goes totally against the grain?

When will you stop?

When dearest souls of planet Earth will you stop to consider that which you are considering?


I have to stop you there as I have a huge grin on my face … for I really feel a different energy with you … one with so much humour.

We thought perhaps a different way of Lightness may assist one to ‘GET IT’!

We urge you … we implore you … STOP THE FEAR!



We are aware of comments that some have written to you Blossom … asking us to become more interesting for we ‘apparently’ are very boring when we continue to speak of this matter … This subject … LOVE .

Yet … we shall not stop. We shall never stop … until of course each one has ‘GOT IT ‘.

Until each one realises that when you soak up one iota of fear … you create the next iota of it!

The minute … the very minute … concerning ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING IN YOUR LIFE … that there is a suspect of uneasiness … STOP whatever it is that is causing that feeling and CHANGE it …

MOVE ON into the place of easiness … the place that makes you smile.

STOP … STOP … STOP … WORRYING about this and that and whether or not it will or will not happen.

LEARN … right now this minute … that ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS SMILE!

Not from your mouth … from your heart … When your heart is smiling because you FEEL of/in/as Love then you have ‘GOT IT’.

You will realise that there is nothing else to do!

How quickly would your world turn around when rid of the energy of worrying about this and that and the other and then some more of the same?

Say what you want to say Blossom?

There’s no hiding from you is there? Well, ok then. In all TRUTH … sometimes ‘I worry’ that maybe there is no Event! What if … once again … we are all hyped up over the next few months and … Nothing … Nada … I mean … where does that leave us?

We would imagine worrying? Are we correct?

Ha! Not if we heeded your words and were not of the worrying sort anymore.

What if … as of this moment … this very second … each one of you decided to stop worrying … about LIFE?

Do you think when you agreed to come down to Earth … TO BE HERE FOR THIS INCREDIBLE TRANSFERENCE you all had a meeting and decided you would probably benefit if you spent your entire life worrying whether or not something was or wasn’t going to happen?


Yet BEING THE INTELLIGENT BEINGS THAT YOU ARE … it is far more likely that you held a mass meeting and decided that as volunteers that had been chosen … you might as well put your heads together and BRING ABOUT THIS CHANGE IN THE MOST GLORIOUS OF WAYS … THE MOST GLORIOUS OF SETTINGS.

You were the ones who decided about all this long ago … Let’s not forget that!

It would have been rather out of favour would it not … to have decided for it all to end really really REALLY disastrously and then those ‘left over’ would do the best they can to pick up the pieces and TRY and start all over again?




Remove this humdrum activity of your lives out of your mindsets.


Why would you do such a thing? Why would you choose for it all to end badly ?




Yet you have fallen into the mire of despair and have chosen to believe that which the mire of despair offers … and cheap at half the price.



So we say with such fun in our Beings … for we are so enjoying this banter …

Oh and so am I … I can’t write quick enough ….

Listen up … and listen up good!

STOP WORRYING about whether or not THE EVENT is going to happen!

Stop worrying about WHEN it is going to happen.


Why worry? Either way … whether it will or won’t take place … Do you think worrying will make the difference as to whether it does or it doesn’t?




Well as I have said many times before … yes my heart knows it. It just doesn’t know when … and little point in ‘geeing us up’ once again … if the ‘when’ is not going to be for another 50 years or so!

Would that not be a little out of sorts for us to use the words imminent therefore?

Guess so! I know you can’t and won’t give dates which I am more than relieved about … or my head could be on the chopping block. Moving on then … A dear friend of mine has recently reviewed over a year of your messages and through all that he has only one question he has asked me to forward on to you. So … here it is:
When you say “All is well …” are we to assume that this also means for the masses of people who are not aware of the imminent Event? In other words, are you satisfied that only a miniscule number of people have been apprised worldwide? No religious body and very few spiritual sources speak of such a happening … Are we correct to conclude that the element of surprise in this case is not such a bad thing?

We would answer this by saying that although you are ‘assuming’ many are unaware of it … this is not necessarily the case on a deeper level of the self.
The fact is … that every one of the souls on this planet KNOWS that The Event is to take place … for each one agreed to be here at this time. As to whether or not they choose to be aware of it on the human aspect of their soul self that resides on Planet Earth at this time … is another matter.

Yet we express that WHEN THE EVENT OCCURS … Each one will have a recognition of TRUTH within the deepest place of their soul .

The recognition shall be felt for some as if they once dreamt it … or perhaps even a déjà vu … perhaps some will INSTANTANEOUSLY change from the ogre to the prince.

As we have said and White Cloud has concurred … that it shall be too … that some souls shall leave their physicality … their human form … in that time … for the revelation shall cause their heart to stop beating … and some …. shall literally forget to breath . Yet NO-ONE shall miss out on the GLORY. Not one soul shall ‘miss the boat’.

Yet … many would ask at this point … ‘What about the dark souls of this planet and all the atrocities they have brought upon another human soul … thousands of human souls?’

And we should reply … ‘Like it or not … they are your sisters and your brothers ‘.

A hard one to take is it not”

Well … to be honest … your answer didn’t surprise me … for in TRUTH … We are all One … The good … the bad … and the ugly!

Yet … this is not to say … that suddenly all misgivings shall be instantly removed from the souls ‘field’. There is still Divine Law in place … and we would say in a way of kindness … ‘YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW’. There is no escape from this.

Yet as we have spoken of before … ALL IS NOT AS IT SEEMS … and we would add … in many many cases.

So to sum it all up … your theme song for the day would be ‘Don’t worry … be happy’?

Not just for the day dearest friends … Always.


Wow that hour went so fast … as did my typing … a lot of typos to correct I expect!
Thoroughly enjoyable … Thank you so much … In Love Light … and as they here in Australia … No worries mate!!

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Chapter 20, The New Scriptures as Written by Jesus/Sananda

Chapter 20, The New Scriptures as Written by Jesus/Sananda, Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, October 20, 2013.

It is time to look forward with new eyes. You have lived through the Darkest of times on Planet Earth. The cloud is beginning to lift. You will all learn to sing and dance again. You will experience lighthearted fun even better than when you were young. You will remember how difficult it has been in recent years and the contrast will create such relief and joy, you will not be able to stop smiling. You see, from where we are in higher dimensions, we can see all the timelines leading to your future, and they all point to Ascension.

You are beginning to understand the deeper meanings of what Ascension really describes. Of course it means rising up, lifting, moving upward, but it refers not only to the physical event but also the emotional and spiritual feelings you will experience when you raise your vibrations to a higher level. This is the important part – the state of your heart.

It has been a long, dry period for humankind. You had lost your connection to your adoring Creator, who is Love. You had lost the happy connection to Mother/Father God because so many were taught to fear the judgment and punishment you felt were inevitable for your “sins.” Ironically, the idea of “sin” was created by the Reptilians, who wished to instill fear in the hearts of all humanity in order to gain control over people’s feelings. Once a person is living in fear, they are easy to manipulate. They will work hard to avoid pain and punishment.

The irony of this situation is that the things they chose to identify as “sins” were so much a part of every human being’s normal state that it produced a dilemma which is impossible to overcome. Until recently in the Western world, and still pervasive in the East, is the unfortunate fear and dread which young people have felt when they experienced a sexual attraction to one another. Rather than celebrate their deep response to one another, they feared disapproval of it from all their elders, who would predictably offer dire warnings and disapproving glances. Love was separated from the sexual expression of love, and a new dichotomy arose in relationships. It became common for individuals to experience love without sex and sex without love, but rarely the two combined.

Other dilemmas were created when people became convinced that anger or disapproval of any kind should be completely banished, even to the point where self-defense became confused with “sinful” aggression. This was a convenient ploy which was used by the abusive Powers That Be who wished to disempower anyone who might be inclined to fight back to try to regain their freedom. It is a mind-twisting trick to convince a person they are bad for defending themselves, for rising up against an oppressor.

It was a large part of my teachings to help people learn to express Love in all their relationships, and it is still the goal of our work toward Ascension. However, you begin as an infant who needs tender direction and acceptance before you can learn to accept all your feelings, all your impulses as a part of your glorious human makeup. Only then can you learn to manage the normal responses to life, which to a child include frustration, anger, envy and fear. These feelings can be brought into balance with steady support and kind direction – especially when it comes from an adult who is simultaneously modeling patience, affection and a long-range perspective.

This kind of teaching is nearly nonexistent in the cultures of the Earth realm. Here, we hope to correct the tradition of intolerance and judgmental condemnation toward the very things that make you the brilliantly creative and powerful human beings you are. Those who stand in judgment of others pretend they are doing God’s work. We must begin with the need to relieve your feelings of shame and guilt for small transgressions and idiosyncrasies which, I assure you, are not the province of those who stand at the Gate of Heaven.

Shame is a toxic, destructive emotion. It is not the same as regret or remorse, which is based in a deeper integrity, the echo from your Higher Self. Remorse reflects a conscious concern for being in alignment with the Greater Good. Shame, on the other hand, is created by the fear of what others think of you, and can be largely unconscious. Those others who define you may or may not be accurate in their view of the world, and they have mostly misunderstood what God stands for.

I come as teacher, friend and brother, to speak The Word of God as I feel it in my heart, as I hear it in my ear, and as I see it with my own eyes. Yes, I am the son of God, but I am not the only Son. We are all born of the Love of our Creator; there is no other beginning. We all will live together throughout eternity, in the Unity of One. Unity requires no recognition on the part of those who are joined; it simply is, it cannot be otherwise.

Are you comforted by knowing that God loves you? If it does not produce in you the feeling of euphoria and peace, then you are not allowing the Love to flow into your heart. In your heart is the chamber which holds the secret to all fulfillment; we have called it your heartmind. There in the depths of your heart are the intelligent cells, made up of the same genetic material as your brain, which allow you to feel Truth deeply, and to register the electrical signature that is Love. Some call it intuition, but it is much more profound and complete than the phenomenon you call a “hunch” or a “gut feeling.”

Work with me now to reactivate the receptors in your heart which will allow you to receive Love, and with it the deep knowing that comes with being completely connected with your Higher Self. You see, this configuration produces a total experience. It includes heart, mind, and Spirit, and it is a neurological structure which could be identified with scientific instruments if your instruments were more sensitive. Your current measuring devices are able to show the energy flow in a person whose receptors are fully activated, but your scientists do not yet understand the meaning of this subtle energy.

Now, I said you will connect with your Higher Self. This is what you might call the third point in the electrical energy connection. Begin with your heart. Feel the powerful energy emanating outward from your heart center. Notice the direct line, like a power cord, to the center of your brain. There in the center, you will feel the power of being the I AM Presence – the conscious awareness of being present, alive, and in command of your entire life experience.

You will then experience the awareness that Your I AM Presence is activated by being linked with your Higher Self, the essence of your soul, which is located just above your head. This is the essential connection which allows you to live in multidimensional awareness. It is your direct connection to God, to the knowledge of your many past life experiences, and to the constant flow of Love which is the fundamental essence of the Universe.

This, Dear Ones, is your road map to enlightenment. Practice every time you feel a new breath entering your body. Practice when you walk across a room. Practice when you sit down to eat a meal. Practice when you smile, when you look upon a child, when you take a shower, when you feel the sun on your face. This is the path to what you have called mindfulness. Keep practicing, and you will feel my presence beside you, my hand on your shoulder, cheering you on.

You may find it easier to begin by acknowledging your Higher Self energy, bringing it downward into the center of your brain, following the flow of Light which pours down on you from Prime Creator, from the center of the Universe, the great Central Sun. Let it flow directly through your Higher Self down into your brain, along the pathway of your inner channel of Light. Trace the energy as it flows through you, down through your throat, along your spine and into your heart area. There it ignites the fire of your being, the wisdom of the ages, and the essence of your I Am Presence. You are Home.

Once you feel that three-part connection, you are now experiencing the Truth and the power of your human existence – the ability to live in complete harmony with your environment, because your inner environment is that of Love, Light and Unity. I rejoice as I observe so many of you working to make this your reality. Forge ahead, Beloved Ones. You are learning the lessons of the ages, and you are stepping into your Destiny, your birthright.

Reach deeply into yourselves, and keep going deeper until you find the place in yourselves where you can feel endless love for the young child you were, for the conscious self you have always been, and for the expanding being you are at this moment, growing, learning, evolving and perfect in your ability to change. All the Universe is in the process of expansion and change. You will expand along with your dear Mother Earth, for it is your path to be the explorers, creators and inventors. Be daring. Leave old ideas and old patterns behind. Reach for the stars, and the stars will reach for you.

The time for Unity, reunion and joy is here. You will soon be joining in glorious celebration with your Star Brothers and Sisters. Alert your friends – even the skeptics and non-believers. Tell them to watch the hundreds of videos on the internet which show the lights and movement of starships. They signal to you, with red, green and white lights; they are eager to offer their greetings. Soon you will meet again.

I send you blessings and love. In great expectation for a brilliant year-end far better than fireworks or promises, I am your Jesus/Sananda.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, October 20, 2013.

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Jelaila’s Weekly Message – Breaking thru the Darkness: Positive Energy Account

Jelaila’s Weekly Message
October 21, 2013

Breaking thru the Darkness: Positive Energy Account

Jelaila Starr
Hey Frank,

Was talking to this networking group I go to on Tuesday mornings. I’ve been going there for about a year now. When you work from home, it’s good to get out sometimes.

Up until just recently, I rarely talked about my work, but that changed last week. We were discussing the concept of luck and how to create it. I decided to raise my hand and share. I intended to give a brief explanation of how we create our reality but instead, something really wonderful came out–the idea of a positive energy account. It was the first time I had heard of such a thing. Seems I was downloading another piece from that dream I have been writing about. (See the links below for previous messages.)

By the time I was done, the entire table was as astounded as I. We had discovered something that that not only could they understand, they could start using it right away and see results. Simple in concept yet powerful, I knew I needed to share it with you.

What goes around comes around…

With the advent of accelerated time, the lag between cause and effect has shrunk. We are told that it is now about 36 hours. This means that whatever we think and feel will come back to us in about 36 hours. Yep, all of our positive and negative thoughts in less than 2 days. Hmmm…

The idea is to imagine that we each have a positive energy account, and it is from this account that we create luck. We all pull life force/raw energy from the morphogenetic field (Field) into our bodies via the protein receptor points on our DNA strands. (See links below for more info.)

It is this energy that we use to create our reality. How we use it, emoting it through the neural net in the heart, determines what we attract back. If we use the energy to emote positive feelings, we get back positive results. If we emote negative feelings, well–you get the picture.

Luck occurs when we have emoted/expressed more positive than negative energy from our account for an extended period of time. How long that time is depends on the person. A continuous flow out allows time for us to attract a greater amount of positive possibilities. These possibilities are people, opportunities and things. These possibiliites formulate into events that then are set up/manifest in our life, and appear to be almost miraculous in some cases.

Negative thoughts and feelings being emoted into the Field are the only thing that stand between us and creating luck….or anything positive. If we find ourselves feeling down or negative, those feelings act much the same as a withdrawal from the Positive Energy Account. My new rule is that I emote 2 something positive feelings for every 1 negative one. That way I stay ahead in my account. Does that make sense?

Explaining the energy account to the group really was a gift in many ways. First,they felt empowered with a way to control their respective realities–no more flying blind, so to speak. Secondly, it gave us a way to create a bridge of understanding between us. Until then I had not been able to really connect with this group because we worked on different levels. And third, it gave them a way to create their own luck….felt sooo good!

hugs and blessings,
Jelaila Starr
email: mailto:nibiruancouncil9


Breaking thru the Darkness series:

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Neural Net in the heart
Schumann Resonance
Morphogenetic Field


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GaiaPortal: ‘Energetic Upgrades for Selected Hue-manity Groups a re in Process…’

GaiaPortal: ‘Energetic Upgrades for Selected Hue-manity Groups are in Process…’ by ÉirePort, October 21, 2013

Energetic upgrades for selected Hue-manity groups are in process at this moment.

This is in addition to general consciousness upgrades occurring in all of Gala’s inhabitants.

Fracturing and dissolution of outdated low frequency paradigms has allowed this step.

“Selected Hue-manity groups” includes many continuing to set directions from energetic levels not yet suited for Gaia whole, and primarily addresses vibrational dis-harmonies.

Interests of all Gaia inhabitants are honored at this time.

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