St. Germain on Global Economics…’ via Kathryn May, October 6, 2 013

Greetings, Beloved Ones,

The news today is about the revaluation of currencies. It will be happening this week from what we can see. The holdouts have found they have no choice but to go along. For instance, their option involves agreeing to have their debts paid off vs. going out of business in a blaze of scandal and shame. One prominent player is our old friend, JP Morgan. There is a gradual changing of the guard as some of the old bastions of power are overtaken by new, enlightened leadership. Others will cease to exist and fade into memory as quickly as Enron and WorldCom have done. No centers of greed and exclusivity will remain once the evidence of their destructive effects are completely revealed.

We are in meetings constantly. The U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, Jack Lew, Obama, Putin and other global leaders have been working feverishly. By the way, Ben Bernancke is still in place, but has no power now. It was decided to keep him in office for a short time to allow all decisions to be run thru him without any resistance on his part, since he is now completely ineffectual in the role. He will now do as he is told, and has no power to act on his own.

The Prosperity Funds are in place, will begin to have an impact slowly as we begin by funding the organizations we have discussed previously – those whose mission is truly in the Greater Good. We know who they are, so there is no need for anyone to apply for grants. They will be freely given, with issues of hunger, water, and basic housing needs taking first precedence.

We hear the pleas from Lightworkers to lighten their burdens in order to free them to do their real work. It will be done, as the currency revaluation allows those among you who had a little money to invest to become the beneficiaries of resources to share with others. It will be a glorious day for those who love to help. They will find themselves in the position of being able to bring real relief to those in need.

I am asking Lady Portia to take charge of distributing funds. She has set up a Foundation for this purpose, and will be able to hire a person to work full-time

to help redistribute funds by giving small grants to individuals in need. She will be able to act as a clearing house for donations from those who may wish to support her Foundation, and who would prefer to give of their bounty through the Foundation. The focus of the first wave of giving will be to assist Lightworkers and their families. This will be the only organization of its kind, specifically designed to help those who have given their hearts to the work of Spirit.

It is with great Love in our hearts that we give this message to you now. We know how your anticipation has held you captive for many months, waiting for the promised good news to become tangible. I can assure you, the monumentally complex puzzle which is the global economic system has at last been brought under our direct supervision. While there are still Dark Hats (but not Reptilians) in place, their power has gradually waned, as ours has increased. The handwriting is on the wall, as you might say. The balance has tipped, never to be returned to the Dark side.

We have taken great pains to allow this complex resolution of the global problem to unfold gradually, in order not to create chaos, which would invite anarchy. You have the example in the U.S. government of what can happen when the loudest bullies are allowed free reign within their artificially-constructed political parties. It is a good catalyst for change, this stage-play which has become so obvious in it falseness. Of course, a stalemate which shuts down parts of the government is not a comfortable scenario in the short term, but it will become clear to all just how little real power the so-called government actually has.

Your system runs basically on good will and the memory of democracy which the people still carry in their hearts. This is not dependent upon any politician to enforce, but only requires that people maintain the spirit of democracy in their hearts as the template which will create the real system of governance you were entitled to have since the foundation of your North American nations.

In the aftermath of economic freedom, real political freedom will follow. A people who are free to act on their hearts’ desire do not choose to oppress others. It may take a period of adjustment for the full effect of this change to sink in, but you are resilient, and those of you who have lived with the real hope of democracy and what it promises already have the ability to step into the freedom with joy and confidence once it is presented to you.

I would like to add an explanation here to the discussion I began on last week’s call, which many thought was a contradiction or challenge to previous information given by me and by Father God. I revealed in that moment the feeling I have always had about the dangers of currency trading and the revulsion I have had toward any trading of power which can endanger a country and its people.

Here is the basis for my philosophical position:

Money itself, and currency trading in particular was an expression of the greed and instruments of power which were established by the Dark Hats in order to gain power over whole countries and their peoples. Manipulation of currencies has successfully brought several countries to their knees in recent times. It is not a well-known lesson in economics, since what you know as “economics” is in fact the justification for Reptilian power-building.

Currency trading itself should be unacceptable in any form. There is no good reason in the real world for currencies to be bought and sold; in doing so it makes it possible to buy and sell whole countries. Trading real goods and services does not require currency trading, and no transaction need be made involving money where no real work or product is involved. This change alone would restore the power of the merchant class – traditionally the homegrown middle class – to replace the bankers who can manipulate whole industries, and eventually the entire global economy, from afar.

I did not intend to lump Lightworkers who are investing in dinars with the greed mongers of the past. I only wished to point out that it is reasonable to be cautious, because in using the currency trading tools of the Dark Hats, one must be very careful to understand that this is just that – a ploy in which we use the Dark methods against their originators. It is not to be thought of as a fix for anything other than the short-term poverty those Dark Ones caused. I want to emphasize that it would be a trap for the unsuspecting Lightworker to be caught up in the idea, once again, that money is a necessary and effective fix for the problems in their lives. It is not. Now that the Reptilians are gone, manifesting what you need will be far easier than it was just a short time ago, and many of you will be in the position of giving and receiving, which is the true cure for the old problems.

It is with great pleasure that I am able to report to you that the years of hard work we all endured have paid off handsomely, now that we have the latitude to operate on the open playing field where the Reptilians once held sway. We have already made enormous progress – and remember, it is only now 6 weeks since their departure. The reeducation of those in power will take a bit more time, but as they lose in influence, and as their actions are made transparent for the first time, the rewards for manipulation, deceit and greed are ever slimmer. Hold fast to your Love and Light, Dear Ones. The power of your high vibrational energy will literally move mountains. This is what makes our forward progress so swift and sure. This very week you will begin to feel the ground shifting under your feet, and the skies will truly smile on all of you.

I send you endless Love. I am your servant always, the one you have known as St. Germain.

Via Kathryn May

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Jelaila’s Weekly Message – ‘Breaking thru the Darkness: Releasin g Entities…’ October 7, 2013

First off, I want to say thanks to all who responded to last week’s message, “Breaking through the Darkness.” You showed me that I had no need to be concerned about whether it would be appropriately received.

There was much more to that dream than I first thought, and I feel strongly that I am to share that info with you. Due to the amount, I’m breaking it down into pieces that I hope will be easy to understand.

Today I’ll go further and explain more about the dark cloud, the realm of darkness, the entities and how I used the steps and answers (9 questions/steps) of the Formula of Compassion (Formula) to get out.

The Dark Cloud/Layer

As I wrote last week, when I moved up and out of my body, I hit this layer energy that was like a cloud. The cloud was thick in some areas and thin in others. It had multiple interwoven layers that reminded me of Baklava. But the texture was much different; instead of being light, flaky and sweet, they were rubbery, like a balloon, and mucky.

I got the distinct impression that this dark cloud is not the same as the 3D Veil, and how it is connected, I am not sure. It exists in this dark realm that I sense may be the astral plane. I clearly remember that this plane had a bottom and a top, both cloud like, and was maybe 100 feet in height. It was dimly lit with the light coming from the light above the clouds on top.

Back to the dark cloud…

I got the sense that the cloud was something that we each personally create. Each time we feel anger, fear, sadness or hopelessness, (any negative feeling), and we stuff that feeling; it doesn’t disappear. The feeling is shunted from the physical body into the emotional field through a corresponding chakra where it attaches to the dark cloud.

Emotional Clearing, DNA Recoding and the Dark Cloud

It didn’t occur to me until after last week’s message that the dark cloud is connected to the emotional blocks I speak of in DNA Recoding.

DNA Recoding overview link: []

When I received that info back in 1996, I saw the blocks as separate little onions. Now I realize they are all connected and make up this cloud I was seeing. It also explains the part of seeing that the layers are thick in some areas and thin in others. The thick areas are blocks that simply have more layers. The thin areas are the areas that stretch between and connect the blocks. In short, when we do emotional clearing we are essentially working on removing layers from the many interconnected blocks (onions) in this cloud. Compassion permanently removes the layers.

I remember seeing that my cloud was one of many, in fact, the clouds stretched out in front of me for miles into the distance in all directions. I intuitively know, without having to see, that there was a human beneath each of the clouds.

The smell or odor of this place was another thing that I remembered after writing last week’s message. The smell (actually, it was more like a stench) was very strong and disgusting. Each feeling or emotion had a specific odor. Anger smelled like burnt tar and bitterness smelled like green bile. Fear, now that was something else! It was pungent and reminded me of the unsavory orders emanating from my brothers’ dirty clothes basket when it was filled with week-old dirty socks, underwear and sweaty gym clothes.

The final thing about the smells is that they had a strong unbalancing effect. Terror was the most destabilizing.

The Entities

The entities that I saw quietly moving from cloud to cloud harvesting the energies, were your run of the mill variety. They seemed frightening at first but my perspective changed as I took them through the Formula of Compassion.

For those not familiar with the Formula, it is a series of 9 questions that lead a person out of being the disempowered victim, and into being the empowered full responsible creator of an event. This occurs because the answers can only be obtained through the application of higher beliefs. I call them “God Conscious” beliefs. These are the fully integrated beliefs of a creator god/goddess. These God conscious beliefs enable us to activate the endocrine system at the multidimensional level. The most important function at that level is that of the thymus: it produces the hormone of compassion.
Formula link []

It was when I reached the point in the *Formula* where I felt compassion, that the slit opened in the cloud allowing me to get through.

Another thing that occurred during the dream was my personal experience with the entities. One of them had attached to me. It had attached in order to feed off the rich energies of sadness and despair that I had been carrying since my brother’s sudden death two years before. (Each time I felt those feelings, they flowed like dark ink into my emotional field.)

As I wrote in previous message, my brother’s death shattered me and brought on depression. Though I had moved through a lot of it, there was still lingering grief. I had asked for help in releasing the remainder. This dream was the answer. What was holding me back was this entity–that I was not aware of. So when I saw it in the dream, I knew I had to release it. In doing so I learned something very valuable. Below is my Formula that I worked to release the entity.

The 9 questions/answers of the Formula of Compassion

1. What is the lesson?
The lesson was to understand how entities serve the Light, along with how compassion not only released the entity, it freed us both from the dark cloud.

2. What is the contract?
The contract was for the entity to attach for as long as I needed it to.

3. What is the role?
The role the entity was playing was to show me how I drain myself by choosing to feel sadness and despair when I know that not only does it hurt me, it does nothing to help my brother who lives on and is trying to heal on the “other side.”

4. What is the aspect of myself being reflected?
Entities attach and drain energy. I had allowed the grief and sadness over my brother’s death to turn to depression which is extremely draining. So the entity was mirroring to me how I have behaved like an entity to myself.

5. What is the gift?
There was more than one gift. First, the gift of being able to release the entity. Secondly, it was recognizing how far I had gone in allowing the depression to take hold affecting my health, and life in general. Thirdly, realizing that the way to release an entity is acceptance if it’s purpose for existence, rather than rejection and condemnation, as I was taught as a child.

6. Can I accept responsiblity?
Yes, I can accept responsibility for this entity having been in my life since I am the one that made the contract.

7. Can I allow myself to let go?
Yes, I can allow myself to let go of fear and anger I felt towards entities.

8. Can I release to release blame?
Yes, I can release them from blame. After all, the one that was with me showed up per my agreement that we made before I was born.

9. Can I be kind now, and if so, how?
Yes, I can be kind. The way I will show it is to help others understand the role of entities, as well as, how to release these tortured souls so that they can go home.

Final thoughts on the Entities

When the entity detached from my shoulders it transformed from a faceless being with dark and icky energy, into a soul. This Soul seemed to be confused as though it had just remembered who it really was. I felt such strong emotions…of wonder at what I was witnessing, of heartache for all the pain it had suffered. I thought of all the people this soul had loved and how they must have missed him/her. I wondered what had happened to cause him/her to end up here.

Suddenly, the Soul saw the light and moved towards it, disappearing from view. I realized then that my choice to feel compassion had released it from its prison in this dark realm, allowing it to finally go home. I sensed others excitedly waiting for him/her on the other side.

I looked into the distance and observing the other entities wondered who they were. It never occurred to me that many were lost souls. And they awaited their release.

In closing, there is still more to this dream, a part about soul matrices, and I’ll cover that in another weekly message. I hope that what I have shared this week is as helpful to you as it was to me.

Big hugs and joyous blessings,
Jelaila Starr
The Nibiruan Council
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The Nubiriuan Council Ascension Tools: ‘An Overview of the DNA R ecoding Process…’ by Jelaila Starr

Medical science has established that we have 2 strands of DNA and 10 strands of “junk” DNA, but they have not understood the purpose of that “junk” DNA. The Nibiruans have chosen to reveal to us its higher purpose; supporting a multidimensional consciousness, our natural state. Realigning, reconnecting and activating our 10 strands of junk DNA (aka the DNA Recoding or RRA Process) is the process by which we attain that state. When we are multidimensional, our physic abilities are reawakened and we have developed a second neural network at the etheric level. This second neural network is what allows us to live in multiple dimensions at once. We can hear, see and communicate with others in these dimensions.

There are 9 levels in the DNA Recoding process and each required emotional clearing at the level that activates the thymus to change the coding sequence of our DNA. Recoding in this instance means switching on the 44 DNA codes that were previously switched off. You could liken it to remodeling your body at the cellular level while still living in it.

The DNA Recoding process works at the etheric—some call it the light body—level. At this level your 10 strands of junk DNA along with your 2 connected strands are realigned above your crown. Because DNA is holographic, it can be simultaneously realigned, reconnected and activated. This means that your 10 junk DNA strands are simultaneously realigned at the top of your head (crown), reconnected into your 12 Crown Chakra crystals and reactivated so that life force energy flows through them again.

Once your 12 DNA strands are plugged back into your 12 Crown Chakra Crystals, your Genetics Engineer’s and Recoding Guide’s jobs are nearly complete. They will continue to watch over you and monitor your 12 -strand reconnection until you reach the frequency needed to fully activate the reconnection. The activation of the 12 strands happens in 3 steps:

1. Activation of the Crown Chakra Crystals. You will feel this as an itching at your Crown Chakra. Not the same as a dandruff itch.

2. Activation of the MerKaBa antenna. The MerKaBa antenna is used to receive messages from other dimensions.

3. Activation of the Hypothalamus. This is the Universal Translator and translates all messages into your chosen language. Messages are received as frequency thought-forms. Many are complete with emotions, pictures and language. Some have only one or two of these. The Hypothalamus also provides you with the identity of the sender. You will learn to identify the senders after receiving for a while. Once the hypothalamus is activated the Recoding process is complete and your DNA chart is also completed. Proof is visual (aura photos), emotional (not holding negative emotions in the body), and physical (feeling more in control of your power and hearing messages daily).

Assistance and Support Materials

Because so many people will be requesting DNA Recoding, it has been designed as a self-actuated process. You’ll receive off-world assistance from a Genetics Engineer. These are normally beings from Sirius A (see Joysia’s messages). You will also be given a DNA Recoding Guide to see you through the process. Earth-based free assistance is provided via the Nibiruan Council Forum as Yahoo Groups. It’s a very active group where recoders go to get help in moving through the process. Fee based assistance is provided by Jelaila Starr via the DNA Recoding Coaching session.

Written materials provide support techniques, processes, examples and stories, all designed to get you through DNA Recoding. They are:

DNA Booklets and DNA Chart – We continued to receive new information about the DNA Recoding Process after We are the Nibiruans was published. That information is available in the DNA Recoding Update booklet. A definition of each of the 12 strands and 7 endocrine gland combinations is available in the DNA Recoding Chart booklet. You can chart your progress through the Recoding process by using the DNA Recoding Chart. You’ll find the chart in Part 3 of We are the Nibiruans. A larger, expanded version is available for $2 from our online store. This chart is free when you purchase either the DNA Recoding Update booklet, or the DNA Recoding Chart booklet (see below).

The 7 Keys of Compassion – As mentioned above, DNA Recoding requires emotional clearing done at the level that activates the thymus. TheFormula of Compassion, due to its unique 9-steps, does just that. When used correctly it makes the thymus expand and contract orgasmically. As it does, it floods the body with the emotion of compassion. Compassion has been scientifically proven to change DNA from carbon to crystalline.

The Formula of Compassion is the first of seven higher dimensional tools known collectively as the Keys of Compassion. Together they provide the multidimensional (aka God Consciousness) techniques and processes that enable you to clear any emotional block so that you can move through the 9 levels of DNA Recoding. The 7 Keys of Compassion are available through our online store.

The Liver and Colon Cleanses – The Recoding process requires a preparation and a jump start. Both are accomplished with a Colon Cleanse and Liver Cleanse. We encourage a series of 3 steps. They are:

1. the Nibiruan Council’s recommended colon cleanse
2. Liver Cleanse
3. the Nibiruan Council’s recommended colon cleanse

A colonic before the liver cleanse will help clear the colon and make sure there is space in the colon to pass the softened stones. We have found that people get even better results using the Turkey Rhubarb Colon Cleanse in place of a colonic before the Liver cleanse because it not only removes waste product, it also eats the plaque encrusted on the colon walls leaving the colon pink and healthy. Colonics clear debris from the colon but cannot remove the plaque. They also remove beneficial bacteria and wipe out your potassium. The Turkey Rhubarb Colon Cleanse maintains your potassium levels while cleaning your colon. It will also remove any parasites that might be feeding on the plaque along the colon wall.

A colonic after the liver cleanse is highly recommended to flush any remaining stones and debris. People have reported seeing or more stones released through the colonic beyond what is released in their stools. Colon Therapists are so amazed! They order our cleanses 6 or more at a time. We feel very fortunate to have been guided to such amazing products.

The liver and gall bladder dump softened stones into the colon in the final stage of the liver/gall bladder cleanse. Some can be the size of cherry tomatoes!

In addition to clearing the liver, the liver cleanse gently removes around 4 to 6 layers from the emotional blocks in the emotional body that involve anger. Anger is the most physically powerful of the emotions and therefore, clearing its physical manifestations not only makes you feel lighter, but you feel physically better, emotionally clearer, more centered with a lot more energy. And the bonus is that your skin will look and feel softer and more radiant.

We provide both the colon and liver cleanses, along with directions, in the Liver/Colon Cleanse Package
Click here for the Liver Cleanse Package

CD/DVDs – Beyond the written material there is additional details and stories regarding the DNA Recoding Process. This information goes beyond what is covered in the book and booklets. As with all the Council’s materials, they are easy to understand, informative and entertaining. I highly recommend them. All CDS are available as a download. DVDs are hard copy only.

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Jelaila Starr
The Nibiruan Council
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GaiaPortal: ‘Fortification of All Gaia Ascension Grids Occurs at this Time…’ by ÈirePort, October 7, 2013

Fortification of all Gaia Ascension Grids occurs at this time.

Gaia Release grids are being fortified and opened to facilitate release of old-paradigm-aligned-and-outdated patterns that have ingrained into the hu-man component of Gaia whole.

Gaia Construct grids are being fortified and opened to facilitate increased resonance of hu-beings on all current consciousness levels to align with the Gaia New Paradigm. This will accelerate the “hu-being to Hue-Being” process.

Gaia Wisdom grids (as we would term such) have also been fortified to assist connection of both hu-beings and Hue-Beings to their respective Higher Wisdom channels.

Currently, Gaia Release grids and Gaia Construct grids undergo continuous fortifications and upgrades.

Wisdom grid upgrades, of necessity, take place in stages, to allow full acceptance by the hu-being component in absence of fear potential.

‘Very Important To Assist In Current Energies…’ Repost from The Galactic Free Press, October 6, 2013


The Following are recommendations as the release of all the old programming is coming up to the surface for many. Make sure you breathe, Be Patient with yourself and with others and stay focused in the Present Moment. This is going to be uncomfortable for Some as this clearing takes place. Let us Love Each Other and Support One Another



With Great UNDERSTANDING=OVERFLOWING= Grander Responsibility

IN THE FIELD OF NOW =FOREVER WE will meet you there

You will not take things personally, You will be gentle not only with Yourselves each other as well, You will not feed into fears, doubt, worry, resentment or negativity, You will ask for help, You will reinvent Yourselves daily to adjust into complete alignment with Your purpose for the Highest Good at all moments, You will discuss Your feelings instead of “Events” and when required will ask these 3 questions 1.What are you doing? 2.Is it working for you 3.If not what is the new plan……


We will hear the other person and respect their perception, however will tell the truth, because Love always calls a spade a spade, Real Love does anyway ..You will nurture each other and play well together, YOU ARE MAKING A CONSCIOUS DECISION TO BE ONE WITH CREATION

THROUGH THIS You are also committed to The Code, Heart meditation, and Personal Statements Of Gratitude and Intensions on Building a Better Planet….and bringing the Vision into existence…Join Us as we are all embarking now on the New Vision of Heaven on Earth…effortlessly through Un-conditional Love….AND TRUE COMPASSION

“Your purpose is to serve Love for the highest good at all times AND are committed to Your own spiritual growth and at the same time each others individual spiritual growth ..You will join together as ONE WITH SOURCE in one shared purpose which is to create a “Real” Love story ..That will set the example of true Un-conditional Love, Peace, Laughter, Playfulness, Joy and Harmony As being and setting the example as Lightworkers our Un-conditional Love for each other will grow producing grand manifestations of our highest visions and grand realizations of “Who YOU Truly Are” GOD….In this NOW EXPANDED consciousness where ONLY Love is…. YOU will be ASSISTING IN THE CLEAN UP AND RESTORATION of the Planet Earth=Heart .. As WE grow together the Universe will respond blossoming US into a Beautiful GLOWING Flower[ FIBONACCI….”……BLUE STAR NATION

The Code

Ten Intentions for

To have the code
work in your life, say it once a day

The First Love in
action ~ Support Life
I refrain from opposing or harming anyone. I
allow others to have their own experiences. I see life in all things and honor
it as if it were my own. I support life~

The Second Love in
Action ~ Seek Truth
I follow my inner compass and discard ALL beliefs that
are no longer serving me. I go to the source. I seek truth.THE TRUTH IS LOVE IS

The Third Love in
Action ~ Set Your Course
I begin the creative process. I give direction to my
life. I set my course~

The Fourth Love in
Action ~ Simplify
I let go so there is room for something better to come in.
I intend that I am guided, guarded, protected, and lined up with the Highest
Good at all times. I trust and remain open to receive from both expected and
unexpected sources. I simplify~

The Fifth Love in
Action ~ Stay Positive
I see good, say good, and do good. I accept the gifts
from all of my experiences. I am living in grace and gratitude. I stay

The Sixth Love in
Action ~ Synchronize
After intending and surrendering, I take action by
following the opportunities that are presented to me. I am in the flow where
Great Mystery and Miracles abide, fulfilling my MISSION and BEING what I came
here to BE, LOVE EVERYWHERE PRESENT. I synchronize~

The Seventh Love in
Action~ Serve Others
I AM Love in Action. I always have enough to share. I am
available to help those who need it. I serve others~

The Eighth Love in
Action~ Shine Your Light
I am a Magnificent Being, Awakening to my highest
potential. I express myself with joy, smiling easily and laughing often. I shine
my light~

The Ninth Love in

THROUGH BEING CONSCIOUSNESS IN ACTION and telling others about it. I share
my vision.

The Tenth Love in
Action ~ Synergize
I see Humanity as One. I enjoy gathering with
light-hearted people regularly. When we come together, we set the stage for
Great Oneness to reveal itself. We synergize.

Love The Earth

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‘What Do You Resonate With…’ by Jennifer Hoffman, October 7, 2013

During a commercial advertising a new movie, I heard the announcer say ‘Everyone will resonate with this film.” That really got my attention, not because I think the film is good but because they used the word ‘resonate’. It means to be aligned with, at the same frequency of, sharing a vibration, and is a term that has defines our new ways of connecting with each other. Resonance is our way of determining how we connect with people and situations and what we can connect with because now, more than ever, if there is no resonance there is no possibility or potential for connection.

When everyone was at more or less the same energetic level and frequency we didn’t think about resonance and there was really no reason to. There were people and situations we naturally gravitated towards and others we avoided, things that made us feel good or bad, and that we liked or disliked. But because we now know ourselves as energetic beings our awareness of different frequencies and vibrations is much stronger. The gift of our enhanced energetic awareness is a heightened sensitivity to the differences between frequencies, as well the unlimited supply of frequencies we can choose from. And this new focus makes it difficult, if not impossible, to resonate with what doesn’t match our own energetic frequency. This takes all connections down to the level of frequency and vibration, and it’s where we choose who we can and cannot connect with, based on what we resonate with.

For some this may be a sad realization that we have transcended our 3D blissful ignorance of everything but how we ‘felt’ about someone or something or how we would previously take action based on our commitments, responsibilities, or obligations. Now it’s about resonance and energy and every connection we make will be in response to one of two questions:

1. Do I resonate with this (person, place or thing)?

2. Can this (person, place or thing) be aligned with my energy and is there a place for them/it within my energy field or energetic space?

Once upon a time we would hold energetic space for those with different energy frequencies, giving them a chance to ‘catch up’ to us or achieve a similar level. We can no longer do that because the energetic differences are too big and the burden is on each of us individually to choose our frequency and what we resonate with. While giving someone the gift of holding energetic space for them was something we chose to do as part of our healing path with them, it’s something we can no longer do because it interferes with their path and ours too.

We are now deep within a transition that only has forward motion. There is no turning back and there is no ‘back’ to turn to. The most dense aspects of the 3D paradigms are gone and more of them are falling away every moment. They’re being replaced by a new array of lighter and higher frequency paradigms that are available for us to investigate and choose what matches our energy and what we resonate with. This is why we can no longer hold energetic space for others because then they cannot choose what resonates with them, they will choose what resonates with the person who is holding space for them. And it’s something they cannot sustain, has no value or meaning for them, and doesn’t resonate with them, their life path, energy, or life purpose.

Resonance is an aspect of multi-dimensionality that we must learn to use. It’s part of our new earth paradigm and it is the point from which we will create everything in our life from this point forward. It will be increasingly difficult for us to be aware of, choose, and connect with something we do not resonate with. When we use resonance to make our choices we remember that everything is energetic and making choices based on resonance keeps us within the scope of our intention so that everything we manifest is an aspect of our most powerful, heartfelt intentions for ourselves and our life.

Jennifer Hoffman


Copyright (c) 2013 by Jennifer Hoffman. All rights reserved. You may quote, copy, translate and link to this article, in its entirety, on free, non-donation based websites only, as long as you include the author name and a working link back to this website. All other users are strictly prohibited.

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