Sirius Movie release today! April 22, 2013

 Sirius the Movie
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Blossom Goodchild with the Galactic Federation of Light, April 17, 2013


Good morning! Well I have certainly found my mind to be in some miserable places lately … yet today FEELS so much better , so I thought it best to pop in for a chat whilst the going’s good. Someone asked if we would have integration with you within our life time … (don’t know if they were 75 or 15 … guess that could make a difference) yet you surely get the gist ?

Welcome to you and your more chirpy persona. We would answer your question with a definite ‘yes’. Over these next few years the changes that you are all to encounter will be widespread and phenomenal. The more the soul merges with the Higher vibrations the more quickly ‘plans’ can come about.

Yet … do we not have to wait for a certain percentage of ‘man’ to wake up? So many feel that they are being held back because of this.

Yet as the energies rise and remain … so many more WILL wake up. There are many more now that have chosen to. Especially since the month of Dec last year. They FEEL an urge to express themselves differently and matters that were once ‘off the radar’ are beginning to interest them and each in their own time shall ‘come around’.

What one must accept is the duality pull. It is in its heightened position at this stage and hence many are feeling so ‘pulled apart’ … so out of sorts. We would suggest ‘going with the flow’. Neither fight it or deny it … just accept it. Keep within your soulself the Knowledge that this is part of the plan. We would also suggest that there are matters that concern all regarding the cementing of certain ways into their BEING.

What ways do you speak of?

Ways of mastery. Ways of diligence. Ways of taking back control. The more you assist yourselves in harbouring within your Being the ways that are of LIGHT … the ways of TRUTH … the ways that MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD … the ways THAT MAKE YOU KNOW YOU ARE ON TRACK … then the stronger your SELF becomes and in these NEW TIMES … these NEW ENERGIES … you will find by doing so … that you are reaching stars that felt so out of reach.

As you learn and accept the integration of the Higher energies of yourself ‘moving in’ … you will certainly be astounded at ‘WHO YOU HAVE BECOME’.

I understand what you are saying.  At the moment I am very aware that what I am ‘putting myself through’ is all for a reason and that when I come out the other side … I will have become the soul that I am creating through these experiences. There is such a KNOWING that we are moving up … yet the signs seem to be pointing in the other direction … on the surface.

And that is exactly right Blossom. All that you are experiencing … all that many of you are experiencing … is TRULY only surface stuff.

 Really? … Try telling my face that!  For that which I have been experiencing of late seems really deep … some ‘dark night of the soul’ stuff going on … it doesn’t FEEL at all like it is surface.

We would suggest that it has ‘come’ from deep within and is having its final display of ‘holding on’.

Yet it has a pretty deep grasp!

Not at all.  Because of where it comes from … your mindset FEELS as if it is of the deepest networking.

Networking? Not sure I get the use of that word.

Because dearest soul …

THIS IS A TIME WHEN YOU ARE RELEASING ALL THAT NO LONGER SERVES. Is it not so that much has accumulated over time regarding issues and feelings and put downs that have deeply scarred?

I guess so. Yet I feel, as do many … that we have dealt with much of these ‘traumas’…for want of a better word.

And you have! Let us put it this way. You may have dealt with them on a deep level and they removed themselves from the deepest place within … to the outer rim if you like . They ‘play around’ now and then … and it can take you by surprise … for you thought you had let them go.

This is what we mean by networking. For it is as if each of ones ‘misdemeanours’  … each ‘trait’ or experience that left a scar to be dealt with … is now on the surface and hanging on for dear life. It is as if they are ‘networking’ amongst themselves in order to ‘gather strength’ for they know they are on their way out … for good.

This is why so many of you are FEELING as you do. The Higher energies that are entering your atmosphere and indeed your BEINGS is STRICTLY making it quite clear they have ‘served their purpose’ and that it is now time to leave. It is up to the individual as to how long they desire the ‘splitting of ways’ to prolong.

What suggestions do you have to speed the process up?

As we stated earlier. 


You not only came to this planet to be of service to the planet … but to be of service to yourselves


You can FEEL inside of you THE CHANGE … and as with ALL CHANGE … there is an interim period. It is full of swirling whirlwinds and one knows not … once caught up in it … where one is going to be put down.

All we ask is that you hang on to the KNOWING that lies within you. That KNOWING … that although can sometimes confuse ‘the surface stuff’ … on the other hand … fits like a glove!

As time passes … you will ‘see for yourselves’ the changes. They will become apparent/transparent. It will not be as it is now.


Understand what?

Where you are. Where you are going. Where you have come from.

Dearest souls you have come so very far already. If you could only have the means as humans to ‘look back’ and see how far you have come.

Yet I wonder if we could … would we … as a consciousness … not be totally ashamed?

No. For you would UNDERSTAND the why’s.

The whys of war and famine and hatred? Only today a bomb exploded in America … one could think ‘Ascension … yeah right!’

Yes … you would understand the ‘why’s’ of these things. You would see the journey you have travelled (and you shall ) … as the bigger picture. There is nothing that takes place that does not have a purpose.

That’s a bit hard to comprehend.

And yet it is so … one season following another. Each action has consequence which leads onto another action. Where that takes you … as each action adds on to each consequence … is how you learn to BECOME WHO YOU ARE.

We speak again … that ‘ALL IS AS SHOULD BE ‘ … and ‘ALL IS NOT AS IT SEEMS.’ 

I accept this … yet could you … in order to assist … give us a prime example?

We are showing you a spinning top. When it is motionless … it ‘appears’ to you to be ‘one thing’. Yet set that same top into motion and it ‘appears to be’ another. It’s the same thing , yet appearing as two totally different things depending on its action .

 How would one KNOW which is the TRUTH of it . Which ‘appearance’ is the one it is not ?

Neither .

Here we go! Where’s the valium??

You see … it is appearing to be both … for it is both … the issue is … which ‘action’ is the one that takes precedence. A spinning top is KNOWN to spin … that is its function … yet when motionless it is still KNOWN as a spinning top.

Sorry … but I have no idea what you are talking about . It doesn’t really make a ‘good example’ of the question I asked.

Oh yes it does.

Then please can you explain to me … for I can’t see it.

Precisely.  You can’t see it … all is not as it ‘see- ms’.

To be honest …  I might have to leave that there … maybe other people reading may get your analogy … but the more I pursue it the more I am losing the link … as my confusion is blurring the lines. I have learned to do this over the years … otherwise nothing comes through and then I get frustrated.

We shall leave that ‘article’ there then as you suggest … yet we KNOW it makes sence.

Jolly good . May be the penny will drop for me later.

Dearest souls … do not lose sight of your goals. There is despondency in the air … yet it is you that can dissipate it . You that can release yourselves from it.





For when you do … as you do … your strength, knowledge and understanding returns.


We offer you encouragement …

Speak to us in your hours of all moods. Connect with us. In years gone by on your planet … one could not have conceived of communication by a telephone … look how far that has advanced for you can now speak face to face via a screen .  So … KNOW that it is not long now before we can connect in whichever way is most suitable to start with … and we would say this is by telepathy … for now .

Many are so keen to speak with us and receive information … do not get despondent … Again we say ALL IS AS SHOULD BE … and ALL IS NOT AS IT SEEMS.

Best not pick that little puppy up again today!



End of session I feel. Thanks guys. It’s good to keep in touch through these times … however bumpy!



Website: Blossom Goodchild

Sheldan Nidle’s Update for the Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy, April 16, 2013


13 Cib, 4 Kank’in, 9 Eb

Selamat Jarin! We return! Let us begin today by reviewing what has transpired so far. As you know, our Earth allies have set up the basis for a new monetary and financial system and the Agarthans have used their diplomatic skills to establish the nucleus of the new governance that is to be run by a coalition under the auspices of your Ascended Masters. The Ascended Masters under the guidance of Quan Yin in the East and Count Saint Germaine in the West have ensured that a new system of banking and monetary policy is emerging. These changes are intrinsic to the sacred decrees which are preparing this world for our mass landing. These divine directives are guiding us as we establish a way to set up the new reality for surface humanity. Freedom is a necessary condition for all that is planned and your realm is on an accelerated path to creating those prerequisites for your return to full consciousness. Our many liaison teams are monitoring everything and meeting every day with those who are to forge your new governance. As of now, these many programs have put all the necessary elements in place.

Our personnel are overseeing the schedule of projects which are to produce the results we have long discussed with you. Meanwhile, our Galactic Federation medical teams are continuing to collect the data needed to update your individual Light chambers. When called upon these Light chambers will be the means for returning you to full consciousness. At present, all of you possess certain key blocks, both emotional and physiological, that prevent you from returning naturally and under your own steam to full consciousness, and it is for this reason that throughout the millennia various methods have been attempted to bring about this wonderful state of Being. However, the results of these complex technologies were haphazard at best, which is why we have been permitted to create a simpler means of achieving this goal. At the right time, each of you can access your individual Light chamber waiting for you in Agartha, and during three days of slumber be returned to your original state of full consciousness as physical Angels.

Once you have secured your glorious new state of consciousness you will be eligible to rejoin the Galactic Federation by re-creating your former star-nation. In this the Agarthans will be your main guides together with your various Ascended Masters. Your first challenge after returning to full consciousness will be to set up your own galactic society, and part of this includes relocating those whose life contracts provide for this to the reconstituted worlds of Mars and Venus, and also the reconstructed planet of Pax (aka Maldek), which now lies in fragments between Mars and Jupiter. Your new star-nation is to become a herald of change for the former Anchara Alliance as these many new star-nations need a template for expanding their consciousness to its fullest levels. In accordance with this, you will be assisting many Galactic Federation members who are fully conscious versions of the multitudes of Dinosaurians, Reptilians, and Amphibians who now deeply desire to develop full-consciousness Light bodies. Heaven has mandated that this become your first mission as you begin to spread Light throughout the galaxy.

These first tasks which you will be carrying out as physical Angels are fundamentally vital as they will make the galactic peace permanent. It is a sacred task which will prepare you to be a most welcome addition at Federation conferences. We fully expect your new star-nation to provide the core of many Space & Exploration fleets which are to explore the far reaches of this sector of physicality. In this capacity you will carry out many of the mission objectives that are part of first contact. In effect, you will be doing what we are now doing to accelerate your transition into the wonders of full consciousness. In fact, we see you shortly becoming masters of a first-contact mission, and all that that implies. In this way, what we are accomplishing here with you will be reciprocated by you many times over. The primitive 3D realm you now occupy is shortly to be transformed into one that allows you to return to the stars, and this fulfillment of your divine destiny will bless you in ways that are well beyond your present abilities to envision!

Blessings, dear Ones! We are your Ascended Masters! Many wonderful events are ready to happen. Gaia is prepared to step up the energies that she daily disburses among all her living creatures and ecosystems. These additional energies, which further accelerate your consciousness shift, could be seen as divine proof that you are being blessed by Heaven! Your sacred world has long been hidden within an especially manipulated shadow realm controlled by the dark cabal. Now, however, these new energies are ready to push you out of this dark dwelling space and into the Light. We are very pleased and Heaven is continuing to use her blessings to move you ever closer to the Light and toward your new more-conscious reality. Know that these shifts are inevitable! A series of events is upon you which will move you to the brink of a new reality. These events are celestial in nature and are harbingers of truly amazing circumstances! They are to bring you prosperity and freedom!

The Agarthans are assisting us to prepare a way for us to be introduced to you. These introductory announcements will be made by the secret sacred societies and many vital Truths will also be elucidated at that time. The dark has long packed your minds and your societies with half-truths as well as outright lies, and these need to be corrected. You will shortly be in the company of those who have long known about your true origins and your real history. The divine plan requires that you be apprised of these facts and that you learn how you became reduced over time, and no longer able to easily converse with Heaven. This broken connection of yours requires our immediate attention. You are in a transitional stage and our purpose now is to use our abilities to shift you easily into a new reality. Your reality is scheduled to be swiftly upgraded by the introduction of a vast range of Truths which you are required to assimilate. The time has come to do so!

Each day Heaven sends us great blessings. These ‘blessings’ are intended to make us more aware of where we are going and how quickly the divine plan intends to get us there. We are jubilant and wish to say that all of you have the innate ability to shift swiftly to higher states of consciousness. We are just waiting for Heaven’s ‘go’ signal. The final series of events is ready to happen and bring us into a new Light. This Light will unleash an unending prosperity and bring a raft of new responsibilities for us all. Societies do not tend to change rapidly unless a new set of beliefs is taken up and readily espoused by a group of dedicated and passionate Beings. Our mission with you is to guide you, at the right divine moment, to the point where this passion, combined with sacred Truth, forges your new world. We would remind you, peace and Truth lie within. Be Aware. Be Wise. Be Love.

Today we reviewed the progress being made on your world. We ask you to continue to be ready to accept the new manifestations as they come slowly, yet ever more swiftly, into being. Amazing things are ready to happen. Despite its power, the dark is to lose. It will lose because of your great collective Love! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be it! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!
Website: Planetary Activation Organization